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30 years of Linx small character inkjet at De Koningh

For over 30 years, De Koningh has been a proud partner of Linx in the Netherlands. Throughout these years, with its knowledge and experience in small character inkjet, De Koningh has become one of the largest suppliers o..

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Circular use of plastic food packaging

07 February 2022

Coalition Food2Food 2.0 consists of more than 30 chain partners committed to the circular use of plastic. The focus is on an industrial test of CurvCode, a Dutch innovation for separating plastics from waste streams.&nbs...

French gardeners opt for innovative FreshSAFE

18 January 2022

Breton gardeners were looking for a reliable packaging concept for their white beans: "Cocos de Paimpol". It is a semi-dry product, which changes extremely quickly after harvest, but had to remain fresh, tasty and have a...

FNLI wants clear introduction date for Nutri-Score

17 January 2022

In 2019, Nutri-Score was selected by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport as the best available food choice logo. All parties involved agreed at the time that Nutri-Score would be introduced in the Netherlands in mi...

Ecological coating for fruit and vegetables

11 January 2022

Empa and Lidl Switzerland have jointly developed a cellulose protective coating for fruit and vegetables. The novel coating is made from so-called pomace – squeezed fruit and vegetable peels. The innovative project can r...

Production of plant-based raw materials

20 December 2021

Chemical technology company Avantium gives the green light for the construction of a bioplastic plant in Delfzijl. The construction is made possible by a consortium of Dutch banks, including ING, InvestNL and regional in...

Meat sector wants to start with CO2 footprint soon

09 December 2021

The Dutch meat sector wants to start labelling the CO2 footprint of meat soon, so consumers can make a choice for meat or alternatives based on objective criteria.  In a round table meeting with EU Commissioner F...

Bond Seafood delivers first tray with CurvCode

07 December 2021

Newly designed recyclable fish packaging from Bond Seafood with CurvCode is on the shelves at Jumbo Supermarkets. CurvCode is a Dutch innovation for the digital coding of plastic. It works like Braille and enables waste ...

65% of plastic packaging from supermarket can't be recycled

17 November 2021

Research by Natuur & Milieu has shown that the majority (two-thirds) of supermarket packaging is either not recyclable or only marginally recyclable. More than half of the packaging that is not recyclable can be so w...

More uptime and less costs at Sea Fresh Retail

15 November 2021

It's like the Champions League, delivering to retail. After all: flexibility and speed are crucial. In order to optimise the availability of the machines, Sea Fresh Retail concluded a maintenance contract. And that works...

Five-star remodelling at Huhtamaki

15 November 2021

At Huhtamaki they know that the future of packaging lies in paper. That's why they're investing heavily in a new factory and why parties who can supply high-quality applications are involved in the renovation. The fact t...

UK food allergy labelling laws tightened

21 October 2021

Since 1 October, the UK Food Information Amendment, better known as Natasha's Law, has been in force, requiring the labelling of pre-packaged food for immediate sale to include a full list of ingredients with the 14 most...

CBL ambitions 'Sustainable Packaging' in detail

12 October 2021

In 2025, twenty percent less packaging material in the supermarkets than in 2020 and 95 percent of the packaging material is recyclable. How are the members of the CBL going to achieve these ambitious targets drawn up in...

The New Plant opts for sustainability: MULTIVAC

12 October 2021

The New Plant operates two packaging lines, equipped with robots and a labelling and marking system. MULTIVAC's two smart thermoformers are able to produce effectively: "By using robots, the production process is less la...

Packaging contributes to customer service

11 October 2021

Belgian company DECO Frites delivers potatoes peeled and cut into chips to its own region, and to a part of the southern Netherlands. Service and quality are of paramount importance. A new packaging machine helps to keep...

Soft fruit from BerryWorld safely into the world

11 October 2021

Success often depends on being able to respond to changing demand. This also applies to BerryWorld. The fruit company supplies tons of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries to the retail sector every we...