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Bouw & Verbouw | Koelen & Vriezen 2021

Wie wil (ver)bouwen in de food krijgt te maken met vele wensen en nog meer eisen; van opdrachtgevers en overheden via wet- en regelgeving; rondom energiebesparing, duurzaamheid en voedselveiligheid. Wat zijn de trends, wat is er veranderd, wat zijn de knelpunten en valkuilen en hoe zit het met de toekomst?...

Food Safety 2021

Consumers must be able to trust that the food on their plates is safe. But managing food safety is b...

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Ingredients 2021

Attention to a healthy lifestyle is sometimes called 'the forgotten corona'. Fortunately, there are ...

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Packing & Packaging 2021

In this edition, the frontrunners in the packaging sector show that food labels can be clearer and f...

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Foodprocessing 2021

There are numerous proposals to redirect the current system of food production and consumption towar...

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Cleaning and disinfection 2020

Cleaning is not a cost, but an investment. Essential for a food-safe production process. It takes ti...

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Smart Industry: Automation, Digitisation and Robotics 2020

What are your wishes, desires and dreams for the future? Where do you see yourself and your company ...

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Meat substitutes and protein sources 2020

The food industry is at the start of a whole new journey of discovery: the search for 'new proteins'...

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Construction and Renovation | Cooling and freezing 2020

While some companies could hardly keep up with the new situation and consumer demand, others were vi...

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