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Ondernemers sociëteit voedingsindustrie
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The Ondernemers Sociëteit Voedingsindustrie (OSV) is a network for entrepreneurs working in the food industry. With several meetings a year, the OSV offers the opportunity to meet each other in a relaxed way, and we create opportunities for functional knowledge transfer and the establishment of (new) contacts.

Networkorganisation OSV

We are the only Dutch publisher in food with our own network organisation: Ondernemers Sociëteit Voedingsindustrie (OSV).

The OSV was founded in 1993 and we’re proud of its 25 years existence. Our network has approximately 300 members: primarily comprising decisionmakers in the food industry. The members come together at
workshops, lectures, company visits, and the Winter and Summer barbecues. 

For vakblad Voedingsindustrie the way to gather information at the source.

Especially in this digital age it is important to continue to keep meeting each other in person, this creates trust and ensures a higher level of respect.

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