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Increasingly positive interest in cultured meat

Cultured meat is in full swing and receiving positive attention from consumers, according to research by ABN AMRO. However, there are still major obstacles to be overcome before cultured meat really finds its way to the ..

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Durable and hygienic

10 May 2021

Jackit is a well-known renovation company in the food industry. Together with Sealwise Nederland they offer sustainable hygienic solutions. They replace kit seams and use Sealwise WCB panels to replace damaged walls and ...

Flowpack for meat contributes to sustainability

10 May 2021

Packaging fresh meat in a flow pack instead of a dish fits in well with the sustainability targets the Dutch meat industry wants to achieve: 30% energy savings in 2030 compared to 2010.  Central Butcher ProMessa ...

Growth van der Meer requires new smoke cabinet

10 May 2021

The fourth generation is now at the helm of Keurslagerij Van der Meer. The three brothers have honoured the craft, but have also increased the capacity considerably. With thanks to the new smoke cabinet.  The sme...

Yellow mealworm approved for human consumption

10 May 2021

On 3 May, the 27 EU countries gave the green light to a European Commission proposal to authorise the yellow mealworm on the food market for human consumption. This novel food is intended to be used as a whole, dried ins...

New Green Deal wants more plant-based proteins on our plates

04 May 2021

Together with 65 partners, the Flemish Minister for the Environment kicked off the 'Green Deal Protein Shift on our Plate'. The aim is to improve the ratio of animal to vegetable proteins in the dietary pattern. Our e...

ACM to research misleading sustainability claims

04 May 2021

The Dutch Consumer & Market Authority (ACM) will investigate misleading sustainability claims in the dairy sector. The ACM has chosen this sector because in preliminary investigations it saw many potentially misleadi...

Poster potato, fruit and vegetables

04 May 2021

For years we have been distributing the poster VLEES (MEAT) and the poster VIS (FISH) through the trade journal Voedingsindustrie. Last year we were regularly asked if we could make an extra poster, as several companies ...

Utrecht province wants to strengthen regional food chains

30 April 2021

The Province of Utrecht is going to promote sustainable production of more local food. Many farmers in the region already offer the possibility to buy products directly at the farmyard. With provincial stimulation plans,...

Alpro inspires to help save the planet through food

22 April 2021

On Earth Day (22 April 2021), Alpro will launch its new "Help the planet while you eat" campaign. The goal is to inspire as many people as possible to choose vegetable products more often, because this is good for them a...

JBS S.A. acquires European company Vivera

20 April 2021

JBS, the world’s largest protein company and second-largest food producer, has entered into an agreement to purchase Vivera, Europe’s third-largest plant-based food company, for an enterprise value of €341 million. Viver...

9 startups are ready to rock the food industry

16 April 2021

Nine pioneering companies from Mexico, Chile, India, and across Europe comprise the sixth cohort of the world’s leading incubator of plant-based and cultured food startups. This latest round of the accelerator program...

Marc Laus: 'We can't sit back and relax'

12 April 2021

The potato. Known as a starch product, basic ingredient for Dutch stews, raw material for chips and crisps, source of inspiration for a world-famous painting by Vincent van Gogh. But the potato is much more than that. Ma...

Lifestyle is the future

12 April 2021

An oven croquette that splits when heated, a product that releases too much moisture during baking, reducing the salt, sugar and/or fat content, wanting better adhesion between layers in the product. The questions from t...

Sustainable and ambitious project nears completion

12 April 2021

Westfort Vleesproducten (Westfort Meat Products) is a very modern slaughterhouse, where considerable investments have been made in animal welfare, improved meat quality and sustainable energy solutions. In IJsselstein, t...

Doors make the difference

12 April 2021

Warm air supply and ice formation in the cold store gave Seacon Production headaches. It endangered the quality of the deep-frozen fish products. A new air door in combination with a high-speed door provided the desired ...