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Food sector growth 2021 in two scenarios

The corona crisis leads to great uncertainty. That's why ABN AMRO works with two scenarios: a base scenario that assumes large parts of the economy remain 'locked' until early June, and a negative scenario in which the D..

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New platform improves European cooperation on food safety

05 March 2021

Climate-neutral production, closing food cycles: the change to a circular economy requires new agreements, legislation and risk assessments to guarantee food safety. Sometimes the current European food safety system fail...

Growth EU seaweed market leads to cultivation at wind farms

04 March 2021

Europeans are eating more and more seaweed and this is leading to a strong growth of the European seaweed market. It currently accounts for €840 million, compared to a world market of €8.4 billion. By 2030, the turnover ...

Innovation platform aims to make vegetable concepts succeed

03 March 2021

Together with The Food Foundry, an organization that supports promising food start-ups with scale-up and route-to-market, HAS initiated the Innovation Platform Vegetables. Recently 2 new partners were welcomed: corporate...

Grant to improve short supply chains

03 March 2021

There are many initiatives in Gelderland that ensure that food reaches the consumer's plate with a maximum of one intermediate step. In order to further enhance the cooperation between these initiatives, the province is ...

ProVeg: consumers want more plant-based, politics lag behind

02 March 2021

With the upcoming Dutch elections all political parties have their election programs ready again. For ProVeg the perfect moment to clarify that the plans of our government could be a bit more ambitious. Because, as resea...

Arla Foods brings first climate-neutral dairy to market

01 March 2021

With the introduction of Arla organic climate neutral, Arla Foods brings the first climate neutral dairy to the Dutch market. To this end, Arla Foods is reducing greenhouse gas emissions at various points in the chain. I...

Assortment of Maaslander completely vegetarian

01 March 2021

The entire Maaslander assortment will be completely vegetarian. Maaslander has also reached another milestone: it is the first player in the cheese category to switch to fully recyclable plastic packaging, which contains...

Cutting sugar and boosting protein in ‘better-for-you’ sweet treats

25 February 2021

The drive towards healthier choices in food and beverages has become so strong that it is even relevant to treating. Taste quality is essential to confectionery, sweet bakery, ice cream and desserts, however, formulating...

An optimal food label for allergy information

23 February 2021

Walk into a random supermarket and you will be overwhelmed by the sheer diversity of products and labels. This may not be a problem for most people, but if you have to take a food allergy into account, it is. The numerou...

Micro-organisms convert organic waste into fatty acids

22 February 2021

From peanut butter and chocolate to shampoo and detergent: many products contain fatty acids and oils. Usually these are produced from non-sustainable sources such as fossil fuels or palm oil. In a new public-private pro...

ROOTS: 'high demand for offices for start-ups'

19 February 2021

ROOTS Innovation Hub, the location for start-ups on the World Food Center site, is celebrating its first anniversary. Despite the corona crisis, ROOTS has welcomed no less than 25 young companies in the past 12 months. T...

Corona creates divide in food sector

17 February 2021

The corona crisis is having a major impact on the food sector, according to ABN AMRO's Food Sector Forecasts 2021/2022. A dichotomy is visible within the sector between entrepreneurs who are benefiting from the social ch...

Dutch fisheries are becoming more sustainable

16 February 2021

Approximately 80% of the Dutch fishery participates in the MSC program for sustainable fishing. And once recognized by the MSC label, fisheries continue to work towards further sustainability. This is shown in the report...

German trust in Dutch food demands attention

12 February 2021

A majority of German consumers trust that imported food from the Netherlands is safe, according to research by ABN AMRO, conducted by Panelwizard. That confidence is lower when it comes to how sustainably these products ...

Lidl opens most sustainable supermarket in Holland

10 February 2021

Lidl opens a new, very spacious 5-star BREEAM certified store on Wednesday 10 February 2021. This new store is the first supermarket in the Netherlands with the 'outstanding' certificate and therefore the most sustainabl...