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Consumption alternative proteins is lagging behind

More and more Dutch people want to eat less meat, dairy and eggs and are more likely to opt for alternative protein sources. Yet the consumption of alternative proteins - fish, pulses, meat substitutes, seaweed and insec..

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Vegan milk from wheat bran soon possible

27 November 2020

The demand for plant-based alternatives to animal proteins is constantly increasing. Royal Koopmans will investigate, together with the Carbohydrate Competence Centre (CCC), how wheat bran can be used to produce vegetabl...

Espera contributes to consumer trust

27 November 2020

The food industry is the most critical sector with regard to product declaration. For the end user, the label on a product is the platform for all product-specific information, such as nutritional values and allergen inf...

1.2 million for research into bio-plastics from sugar

26 November 2020

Over the next three years, the University of Groningen (RUG) and various companies and knowledge institutes will conduct research into how bioplastics can be made from sugar in an efficient way, so that the price will be...

Van Loon Group starts with Pork at its Best

26 November 2020

On 1 October 2020, the new chain concept Pork at its Best was launched. Van Loon Group took the initiative for this innovative chain concept to increase pork quality and make the chain transparent, sustainable and contro...

Transition to a sustainable food system

26 November 2020

Under the name of the Dutch National Science Agenda, a broad consortium of 30 scientists from universities of applied sciences, together with a large number of companies, NGOs and innovative networks, is launching the th...

Grass Fed Standard: benchmark for quality beef

25 November 2020

Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, has introduced a national quality label for grass-fed Irish beef. This so-called Grass Fed Standard provides consumers with reliable information about the origin and living conditions of I...

Fair meat price is getting closer and closer

24 November 2020

55% of residents in the Netherlands, Germany and France are in favour of the introduction of a fair meat price, in line with the TAPP Coalition's plan whereby yields are returned directly to society through sustainabilit...

10 priorities to reduce food waste

24 November 2020

Together Against Food Waste calls for UN Food Systems Summit 2021 In order to halve food waste by 2030 - a United Nations sustainable development goal - major steps still need to be taken. Sometimes legislation or (Eu...

Food suppliers gain a stronger position in the chain

24 November 2020

Farmers, horticulturists and fishermen have a weaker negotiating position compared to large and concentrated market players in the chain. This means, for example, that they can easily be put under pressure to accept disc...

Ban on disposable plastic starting in 2021

18 November 2020

As of 3 July 2021, disposable plastic items such as straws, cutlery and plates will be banned in the EU. These are products that are most likely to end up in the environment and for which there are affordable alternative...

Unilever puts extra effort into vegan

18 November 2020

On Wednesday 18 November, Unilever announced a new annual turnover target of €1 billion for vegetable meat substitutes and dairy alternatives within the next five to seven years. This growth will be driven by the roll-ou...

More spent on sustainable food in 2019

18 November 2020

We spent 18% more on sustainable food in 2019 than the year before. Consumers are quite willing to spend more on sustainable food. The supply also grew steadily. Of the more than 56 billion euros we spent on food last ye...

‘Impact of sustainable initiatives is often too small’

16 November 2020

As Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, she already had the theme healthy food high on the agenda. Now that she is chairmen of the board of Foodvalley, Edith Schippers wants to increase the power of innovative, Dutch f...

Cleaning and disinfection: ‘It remains tailor-made’

16 November 2020

A great deal of research is being carries out into cleaning and disinfection in the food industry. This provided the necessary data; but it didn’t lead to standard protocols. Good cleaning remains tailor-made. And turns ...

From detergents to clean factory

16 November 2020

‘Food companies still have little knowledge of good and effective cleaning’, concludes Gert Visscher, director/owner of Eco2Clean. “Knowledge that exists is often quickly lost. That does not benefit ‘food safe production...