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Construct a building right the first time!

Anyone who wants to build or renovate in the food industry has to deal with many wishes and even more requirements; from clients and governments via legislation and regulations; concerning energy saving, sustainability a..

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Money for research and development of circular innovations

16 June 2021

Research and development of innovations for the circular economy will get a boost with the new TSE Industry: Circular Economy grant. The scheme focuses on new products, services and processes. The innovations must lead t...

Cod processed in one and a half minutes

15 June 2021

Sustainability right down to the last detail, exponential growth, transport with our own lorries and an extensive range of products are just a few of the characteristics of Adri & Zoon, a total fish supplier. To achi...

Schouten makes plant-based mince from residual streams

15 June 2021

Tempeh mince is the latest product from the Dutch family business Schouten Europe. The completely plant-based mince is partly made from residual flows from one of the company's production facilities. With this product, S...

Research into basis for new plant-based food concept

15 June 2021

A new concept for sustainable plant-based food has come a lot closer thanks to a grant of 7.5 million euros. Researchers can use it to create the basis for a method to 'upgrade' vegetable material until it is just as tas...

Food sector still moderate about sustainability performance

15 June 2021

A majority of Dutch food producers (53%) see themselves as 'average performers' when it comes to actual sustainability and over a quarter say that their own company is lagging behind. A sustainability approach sticks if ...

Can vegetables be kept even fresher?

15 June 2021

Hessing Supervers and Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo are going to collaborate on innovative solutions to make fresh vegetables last longer, to combat food waste and to develop new sustainable packaging materials. On ...

Maintaining and monitoring food quality

14 June 2021

With all the attention paid to the storage and transport of corona vaccines, the cold chain is once again in the spotlight. The food industry has known for decades that respecting the cold chain is crucial for monitoring...

Smilde Bakery; a complex construction

14 June 2021

In order to complete complex construction projects such as the Smilde Bakery in Edam as desired and on time, clear contractual agreements are needed. Also required: both client and contractor are aware of the agreements ...

High-rise and full mechanization at Coenen in Haps

14 June 2021

It is the middle of May 2021. There are storms and heavy rainfall on the Laarakker industrial estate in Haps. There, right next to the A73 motorway, transport company Coenen Boxmeer and its subsidiary Districenter Cuijk ...

How to choose the right industrial floor

14 June 2021

The production floor has to endure a lot. It has to be able to take a beating and meet various requirements with regard to the product and the personnel. "The food industry is the most critical place for industrial floor...

Machine builder TAP with world class reputation

14 June 2021

Tap Machinebouw has been designing, building and maintaining machines for the food industry for 55 years. With great dedication, because the machines are sold all over the world. With the move to new premises in Zoeterme...

Renovating food producing companies

14 June 2021

Stagnation means decline and downtime results in loss. That is why a renovation has to be planned as tightly as possible. Renovation specialist JacKit works 24/7 and engages in cooperation so that production can be resum...

A safe and durable building starts with concrete

14 June 2021

In recent years, Willy Naessens Nederland has built several cold stores in the food industry, including the new premises for Wilko Fruit in Breda, phases 2 and 3 of the logistics DCs for the Greenery in Barendrecht and t...

Boermarke: Plant-based cheese is booming

14 June 2021

Boermarke has guaranteed ‘dairy at its tastiest’ for more than 30 years. Both traditional milk products and high-quality plant-based alternatives find their way to the shelves in shops. Since the end of 2020, the Twente-...

Doors influence the functioning of the building

14 June 2021

Poultry slaughterhouse Remkes had a new building constructed to expand the production of cooked chicken meat products. A sustainable building with modern machinery and industrial doors that guarantee the functioning of t...