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Sustainable packaging: a joint innovation process

Bringing together people from the industry to exchange insights and share knowledge: that is the purpose of the Roundtable discussions organised by ING in cooperation with the Dutch food industry magazine Vakblad Voeding..

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Compostable plastics are allowed with VGF waste

18 February 2020

Researchers from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research have investigated how compostable plastics behave in the current VGF waste treatment process in the Netherlands. Conclusion: compostable plastics can be processed ...

Food waste consumers higher than expected

17 February 2020

Research by Monika van den Bos Verma and her colleagues at Wageningen University & Research shows that consumers are likely to waste far more food than is generally assumed.  In 2005, the Food and Agriculture...

1 million subsidy for research into the market for meat substitutes

14 February 2020

Meat and dairy production is responsible for 16.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Vegetable proteins have a much lower environmental impact. Utrecht University, Delft University of Technology and Wageningen UR will ...

Complicated packaging

10 February 2020

Packaging's great. You can set up (allergen) information, ensure food safety, seduce consumers with attractive shapes and colours, and keep cookies, soup and tomatoes together during necessary transport.  But onc...

"Choosing the right packaging is challenging"

10 February 2020

How can the food sector move towards less plastic and more recyclable and recycled packaging? There are no unambiguous answers, but there are opposing demands and interests and thus major dilemmas. We will discuss this w...

Easy snacking right off the shelf onto the table

10 February 2020

In addition to herring products, Haasnoot Food Family produces around a hundred varieties of tapas. To achieve this, Haasnoot works closely with Sismatec, among others. Vision makes you buy extra and nicely packaged snac...

Packaging analysis with concrete action points

10 February 2020

European legislation and regulations in the field of packaging and waste are changing and consumers are making more and more demands. This has consequences for all parties marketing packaging, including food producers. W...

Column Maarten Wolsing: Imagine

10 February 2020

Imagine a world without plastic waste. The world has become a garbage dump. There's rubbish everywhere. No eye-catcher or Ocean Cleanup can beat that. How are we going to pass the Earth on to future generations? Older...

On the way to recyclable food packaging

10 February 2020

As a food producer/packer, you have undoubtedly done what the Packaging Waste Fund wanted you to do in recent years: you have worked on prevention (lighter, less, thinner) and paid attention to the Essential Requirements...

Fresh fish kept four days longer in cold storage

10 February 2020

Clean air as free as possible from fungi, bacteria and viruses is essential to ensure food safety. ActivePure® technology is a unique method to achieve this. The technology, created in space technology and NASA-certified...

Visit Empack on 31 March, 1 and 2 April 2020

10 February 2020

On 31 March, 1 and 2 April 2020 Jaarbeurs Utrecht will once again be the location for Empack. With a diversity of exhibitors in the field of material, technology, machines and packaging, a knowledge and conference progra...

Actions and interventions

10 February 2020

1. Stopping the use of primary food packaging made of polystyrene (PS) by 2025 at the latest. By 2025, plastic food packaging will consist of (HD)PP, (HD)PE or PET. The potential of this measure is a maximum of 7.5 ktonn...

Holland, where's the direction?

10 February 2020

In N70, the conservation year 1970, the information on nitrogen that we are talking about now was already known. See the reports on the ageing of the Strabrechtse Heide and De Peel from 1968/1970. How weird that 'we' now...


10 February 2020

There are many challenges in the food chain. Online is advancing, links are disappearing, retail is upside down. The room is full of decision-makers from food producing companies, side by side with a few retailers. The e...

Meat for Diversifying Markets

10 February 2020

The world is changing. The digital revolution, a global focus on sustainability, concern for the environment: they also affect the food and meat industry. Themes such as ensuring food safety, preventing food waste and is...