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30 years of Linx small character inkjet at De Koningh

For over 30 years, De Koningh has been a proud partner of Linx in the Netherlands. Throughout these years, with its knowledge and experience in small character inkjet, De Koningh has become one of the largest suppliers o..

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MULTIVAC scores 2nd place in top 5 suppliers

22 March 2022

"What companies do you prefer to do business with?" That is the basic question of VMT's Partner of Choice survey, to help food technologists choose a supplier. MULTIVAC was ranked 2nd in the Machinery and Engineering cat...

Date marking related visual cues can reduce food waste

14 March 2022

A recent study from Wageningen University & Research for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, in collaboration with the Dutch Nutrition Centre, the Foundation Food Waste Free United and Too Good To G...

Column Judith Witte: Isn't there a smarter way?

07 March 2022

It is paper collection day. Next to the paper containers in the neighbourhood are large boxes, each filled with pieces of shredded cardboard from yet more boxes. It is almost inevitable. Every day, vans drive through the...

The retailer decides, the producer pays

07 March 2022

When it comes to food packaging, the top priority is sustainable use of materials. But what is the most sustainable choice? Do you have a choice as a food producer? Are the solutions feasible? And who is ultimately going...

Labelling systems enable expansion

07 March 2022

Every day, tens of thousands of exotic fruits leave Trofi Pack, most of them chilled, ripened, packaged and labelled. The enormous growth and the changing wishes of customers require flexibility and a super-fast turnover...

Column Pieter Vos: Packaging is an opportunity

07 March 2022

Imagine if crisps, biscuits and rice were on the supermarket shelf without packaging? That you would have to put your steak, veggie schnitzel or piece of cod in your shopping bag without protective foil. No way. No matte...

Proseal Case Packer CP3

07 March 2022

Proseal has expanded its product portfolio with a high-speed, fully automated case and carton packaging system. The new Proseal CP3™ is the ideal complement to Proseal's extensive range of tray sealers to provide custome...

'Involve science in solving the plastics problem'

07 March 2022

Industry and policy makers do not profit enough from the available scientific knowledge to handle plastics in a smarter way. If they were to involve scientists more, scientific knowledge could make a greater contribution...

Does sustainable packaging exist?

07 March 2022

Plastic is lightweight, has good protective properties and is therefore a widely used material for packaging in the food industry. Unfortunately, current plastic packaging is far from circular. Packaging that causes the ...

Boermarke produces vegan cheese on a large scale

01 March 2022

Due to the increasing demand for plant-based alternatives to cheese and its own ambitions, Boermarke put a completely new production line for plant-based cheeses into operation in 2021. The aim is to produce more than 10...

Edible coating for snack cucumbers

28 February 2022

These days, consumers are increasingly demanding sustainable options. For example, retailers are expected to minimise the use of plastic by looking at alternatives for packaging. This inspired Liquidseal and Rijk Zwaan t...

Albert Heijn wants deposits on all plastic juice bottles

22 February 2022

Albert Heijn will introduce a voluntary deposit on all plastic juice bottles. This is clearer for customers and ensures that more plastic bottles are properly collected and recycled. With this step, all plastic bottles o...

Origin of food often unclear

22 February 2022

The origin information on products in the supermarket leaves much to be desired. This is evident from a survey carried out by the Dutch Consumers' Association. The mandatory information is often missing or too vague. ...

Albert Heijn focuses on circular packaging

16 February 2022

Albert Heijn starts with the recycling of plastic fruit trays: by using PET from household waste for new plastic trays, the plastic gets a second life. The first containers that are reused in this way will be in the shop...

Topseal becomes more popular

07 February 2022

Topseal packaging is here to stay. They are easy to print and provide a better presentation in the supermarket. The share of plastic in the packaging has been reduced by an average of 30 percent. Because they contribute ...