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OSV-membership cost

  • OSV-membership € 415,- per calendar year
  • Registration fee € 25,-
  • Winter- and Summerbarbecue € 49,50
  • Consumption coins (10 coins) € 35,-

Membership is taken out per calendar year and includes a subscription to Vakblad Voedingsindustrie (at the value of € 80), any current subscriptions will be deducted from the membership.

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Meet us first?

Interested parties are welcome to attend a meeting without obligation. Sign up for a meeting and choose the option: "Kennismaken".

Company visits

Most company visits are free of charge.

Sporting activities

For golf or other sporting activities a fee will be charged, depending on the location.


  • For each meeting you will receive an invitation and will be asked to register. If you are unable to attend after registration, we ask you to report this in time, in principle we will not charge you any costs.
  • The costs of meal and consumption coins will be invoiced per meeting afterwards.
  • The membership is tacitly renewed annually.
  • Termination of OSV participation is only possible in writing and no later than 2 months before the end of the membership year.
  • Terminations are always confirmed by us in writing.

All prices are exclusive of VAT .