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Sismatec & Sismation – intelligent automation solutions

With the combination of Sismatec & Sismation, we are able to offer customers bespoke solutions, thanks to intelligent automation solutions. Automation is a crucial step in ensuring food safety and plays a significant..

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introduce new series cross-web labellers

07 March 2024

MULTIVAC is set to unveil its new CL 1 series cross-web labellers at Anuga FoodTec. Designed for compact thermoforming packaging machines, these labellers can be integrated into both new and existing machines. Featuring ...

EU sets strict packaging standards from 2030

07 March 2024

The European Union has recently taken a significant step in its commitment to sustainability. On Monday, March 4th, the European Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement on new regulations for packaging mat...

Online edition March 2024 | Packaging

04 March 2024

The March issue of Vakblad Voedingsindustrie focuses on packaging. What trends and developments will the food packaging industry face? Changes in legislation have a significant impact. What does the ...

Column Judith Witte: Light and life

04 March 2024

Easter is almost upon us. In the supermarkets, we're inundated with temptations. Easter bunnies, Easter eggs, Easter bread, Easter cookies, and 'everything for an elaborate Easter brunch'. A celebration of sweets, exclus...

Food packaging: New laws, new opportunities

04 March 2024

What trends and developments will the food packaging industry face? Changes in legislation have a significant impact. What does the market demand, and how do you respond to it? What will be the biggest challenge in the c...

Column Pieter Vos: Know your audience

04 March 2024

What are the key lessons for safely packaging food? You know what, I thought: I'll ask ChatGPT. Curious to see what comes out. Unsurprisingly, the chatbot cheerily knocks down a few obvious truths. "Safely packaging f...

Recycling in 2024: What does the new legislation entail?

04 March 2024

In early 2024, the European packaging and packaging waste regulation and the Dutch circular plastic standard are nearing completion. Although negotiations are still ongoing regarding their content, it is clear that both ...

Smart printing with the Zodiac thermal transfer printers

04 March 2024

Don't want to waste any unnecessary time in your production process? Zodiac thermal transfer printers are designed to require minimal maintenance and deliver maximum uptime. Cutting-edge technology enhances the productiv...

Eco-friendly packaging: To buy or just to look?

04 March 2024

What is the relevance of more environmentally-friendly packaging designs from a consumer perspective? This information is necessary to better gauge the market opportunities and risks of increasing the eco-friendliness of...

TNO research basis for reliable allergy information

04 March 2024

From January 1, 2024, the Netherlands will have a new allergen policy. Exposure standards have been set, and the rules for alerting on the label about the possible (unintended) presence of substances that can cause aller...

Empack 2024

04 March 2024

This April 9th, 10th, and 11th, Empack 2024 opens its doors at the Evenementenhal Gorinchem, promising to be another remarkable event. Serving as the leading platform for the packaging industry in the Netherlands, Empack...

Column Saskia Stender: Intelligent packaging

04 March 2024

In the food industry, we're seeing how intelligent packaging truly makes a difference. It assists in keeping food safe and indicates the origin of its contents. These technologies aren't just a minor step forward; they'r...

AH reduces packaging waste by 20 million kilo

13 February 2024

In 2023, Albert Heijn successfully achieved a reduction of 5.9 million kilograms of packaging material, surpassing its goal to reduce packaging material by 20 million kilograms compared to 2018, two years ahead of schedu...

Vivera launches plant-based mince in a bag

13 February 2024

Vivera makes an innovative move in the Dutch food industry with the launch of Plant-Based Minced Meat in a bag. As a leading producer of plant-based meat substitutes, Vivera focuses on sustainability with this bulk packa...

Mandatory blend for sustainable plastic troubles plastic processors

12 February 2024

The Dutch government is on the verge of introducing new regulations that will require plastic processors to add a certain percentage of recycled or bio-based plastic to their production process starting from 2027. While ...