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Volop interactie tijdens Empack Reconnect

De eerste online verpakkingsbeurs van de Benelux vond plaats op donderdag 17 september. De verpakkingscommunity had eindelijk de mogelijkheid om elkaar online te ontmoeten, te netwerken en zaken te doen. Circa 200 exposa..

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Declaration of Conformity for food contact materials

15 June 2020

Food products are in prolonged contact with packaging material. That is why strict legal requirements apply to ensure the safety of the packaged food. For example, a 'Declaration of Conformity' must be available for each...

The pitfalls of seduction (3)

15 June 2020

Marketing is seduction and that involves a certain exaggeration. But exaggeration is not without risks: seduction can turn into deception. And that is forbidden.  Consumer organisations have been calling for year...

MULTIVAC: All your packaging matters in one hand

25 May 2020

If you are a processor of fresh food, such as meat, fish, meat substitutes, ready meals, sliced AGF, soft fruit, cheese, sauces, spices, delicacies, we will help you with the right choice of packaging materials. All MULT...

Less packaging, longer shelf life

15 May 2020

"For us, food safe packaging means that we help to control the packaging process flawlessly," says Wesley Pieterse of Repak Superior Packaging Solutions in Emmen. "Thanks to new, high-quality techniques, we always succee...

Flexibility as a priority

01 May 2020

Globally, we see a growing demand for flexible deep-draw packaging solutions, driven by changing consumer needs. The current situation around the coronavirus reinforces the speed at which this is happening. Repak produce...

Pay per packaging, or free packing?

06 April 2020

As a Dutch manufacturer of thermoformed packaging machines, we are very involved in the crisis that befalls us all. The new circumstances call for new forms of cooperation. Yesterday's certainties have suddenly become un...

Empack postponed to June

12 March 2020

Following the postponement of several food trade fairs, the next edition of the Empack packaging trade fair will also be relocated due to the corona virus. Initially the fair would take place on 31 March, 1 and 2 April 2...

Antibacterial packaging less effective for greasier meat

12 March 2020

Researchers at Food Quality and Design discovered that the effect of antibacterial packaging depends, among other things, on the fat content in the meat. The packaging is more effective with lean minced meat than normal ...

The pitfalls of seduction

09 March 2020

Marketing is seduction and that involves a certain exaggeration. But exaggeration is not without risks: seduction can turn into deception. And that is forbidden.   Storytelling is trending in food marketing. Wher...

Wie gas verpakt, wil zekerheid

09 March 2020

Gasmengsels worden toegevoegd aan verpakkingen om producten langer houdbaar te houden. Het is essentieel dat dit goed gebeurt. “Het is waardevol om te controleren of het juiste gasmengsel in de verpakking aanwezig is en ...

Plastic-saving packaging

24 February 2020

In the dynamics of striving for plastic-saving packaging concepts, we must not lose sight of food safety and the prevention of food waste. That is why MULTIVAC is continuously innovating to further develop packaging tech...

Sustainable packaging: a joint innovation process

10 February 2020

Bringing together people from the industry to exchange insights and share knowledge: that is the purpose of the Roundtable discussions organised by ING in cooperation with the Dutch food industry magazine Vakblad Voeding...

Complicated packaging

10 February 2020

Packaging's great. You can set up (allergen) information, ensure food safety, seduce consumers with attractive shapes and colours, and keep cookies, soup and tomatoes together during necessary transport.  But onc...

"Choosing the right packaging is challenging"

10 February 2020

How can the food sector move towards less plastic and more recyclable and recycled packaging? There are no unambiguous answers, but there are opposing demands and interests and thus major dilemmas. We will discuss this w...

Packaging and labelling at Luiten Food

10 February 2020

Reliability is everything for meat supplier Luiten Food from Stompwijk. Together with ESPERA it came to a genius innovation in the field of packaging. The core: winning on speed, shelf life, quality and appearance.  V...