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New breakthrough in the taste of plant-based products

After more than two years of collaboration, research institutions and companies within the food industry under the banner of the Flavor and Texture Consortium have achieved promising results. These outcomes could signifi..

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Online edition April 2024 | Innovation

08 April 2024

The climate for innovation in the Netherlands is facing challenges. This is the primary conclusion of the Dutch Innovation Monitor 2023 and headlines a recent urgent letter sent by FME – supported by ot...

Measuring pH in food: theory and pitfalls

08 April 2024

The pH value is one of the units of measurement used to characterize a food product. Usually, this value is considered simple to measure and is added to the list of analyses to be performed. However, don't be misled: thi...

Meatable cuts cultivated meat production time in half

25 March 2024

Meatable has achieved a breakthrough in meat cultivation technology. This development promises to halve production time and reduce costs, marking a significant step forward in the commercialization of cultivated meat. ...

Wageningen University opens new Microbiome Center

26 February 2024

Wageningen microbiologists have recently established the Wageningen Microbiome Center (WMC). This initiative, led by Thijs Ettema, highlights the extensive research into micro-organisms at Wageningen University & Res...

New insights in protein production by Bacillus subtilis

22 February 2024

Dutch researchers from the University of Groningen have made significant strides in understanding the protein secretion processes of Bacillus subtilis. These findings could change the biotechnological industry, spanning ...

Fungi: the Unsung Heroes of Sustainability

12 February 2024

Fungi don't just grow on old loaves of bread; they also hold potential for large-scale sustainable applications such as construction materials, mushroom leather, and meat substitutes. Professor Arthur Ram from Leiden Uni...

Measuring Water Activity: Key points and pitfalls

05 February 2024

Water activity (aw) is a crucial parameter in determining the food safety and quality of a product. However, it is crucial to note that achieving accurate and reliable measurements is essential! In this article, we shed ...

New Rules for Genetically Modified Plants

30 January 2024

In an effort to enhance the sustainability and resilience of the food system, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have taken a stance on the Commission's proposal regarding New Genomic Techniques (NGT). The Committ...

Tastings of Cultivated Meat and Fish Soon a Reality

29 January 2024

Dutch companies engaged in the production of cultivated meat and fish now have the opportunity to submit applications for tastings through the Cellular Agriculture Netherlands Foundation (CANS). This move comes in the wa...

UV Light: Unlocking the Potential of Circular Polymers

12 December 2023

In the pursuit of a sustainable circular economy, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is delving into the ULTRADREAM project, investigating the development of biobased renewable polymers with inherent biodegradabi...

2023 Fi Innovation Awards: F&B Industry Leaders

29 November 2023

The Fi Innovation Awards are all about celebrating those who are pushing boundaries and effecting positive change in the food and beverage sector. A panel of respected industry experts, chaired by Prof. Colin Dennis, jud...

UKHSA Identifies Human Influenza A(H1N2)v Case

29 November 2023

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has identified a human case of influenza A(H1N2)v for the first time in the United Kingdom. This virus resembles the flu viruses found in pigs in the UK. Early Detection The ca...

Italy Bans Lab-Grown Meat: Food Industry Impact

28 November 2023

Italy has become the first European Union country to ban the production and sale of lab-grown meat, commonly referred to as 'cultured meat'. This decision, driven by the Italian government's commitment to public health a...

Meatable Launches New Facility in Leiden

23 November 2023

Meatable, a front-runner in the cultivated meat industry, recently inaugurated its new pilot facility in Leiden, marking a significant stride in the development of cultivated pork. Situated in the Bio Science Park, this ...

Online edition November 2023 | Hygiene, Cleaning & Disinfection

20 November 2023

The November issue of Vakblad Voedingsindustrie delves into key areas of the food industry, highlighting food safety, sustainability, and innovation. The edition underscores the significant role technol...