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Increasingly positive interest in cultured meat

Cultured meat is in full swing and receiving positive attention from consumers, according to research by ABN AMRO. However, there are still major obstacles to be overcome before cultured meat really finds its way to the ..

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Microbiological challenges plant-based alternatives

15 May 2023

Globally, the market for plant-based dairy and meat alternatives is growing. Little is known about the specific microbiological hazards for applications of plant-based ingredients in new product formulations. Predictive ...

EFSA sheds light on cell culture-derived food evaluation

15 May 2023

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is committed to ensuring the incorporation of the latest scientific advancements and risk assessment developments in establishing safety standards for the evaluation of new food ...

Meatable holds world-first cultivated meat tasting

15 May 2023

Meatable, a leading cultivated meat company, has reached a significant milestone in its journey by successfully hosting its inaugural tasting event in Singapore. This landmark occasion comes after receiving approval from...

Mosa Meat opens largest cultivated meat campus to date

10 May 2023

Mosa Meat, the leading name in the cultivated meat industry, has opened the world's largest scale-up facility for the production of beef grown directly from animal cells on Monday 8 May. The new facility, which is part o...

New method for upgrading biogas

09 May 2023

A team of researchers from the Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen (ENTEG) has developed a new method for upgrading biogas. The research aims to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by replacing natur...

New breeding techniques regulation reviewed

08 May 2023

European regulations on new breeding techniques are being reviewed by the European Commission, which is expected to come up with a legislative proposal by the end of June 2023. Currently, for example, technology falling ...

New technologies: digitizing 3D printing of food

04 May 2023

There is a growing need for innovative processing techniques that increase the efficiency of food production, reduce waste and improve food quality. Smart' food processing plays a crucial role in this. What is possible w...

Smart robots to make a salad

02 May 2023

Picking and packaging a bunch of grapes with a robot already requires a lot of technology. But it can get even more complicated: automatically preparing a ready-to-eat salad. Researchers from Wageningen University & ...

New genetic techniques for food raise doubts

17 April 2023

The Dutch are not necessarily against genetically modifying food crops, but have doubts about the effectiveness and safety of the new technologies. The Rathenau Institute has conducted extensive research into citizens' o...

Online edition April 2023: Product innovation

11 April 2023

Almost all major challenges of our time are linked to our food system; the nitrogen debate, the climate crisis, the biodiversity problem, our health, the energy transition. Things have to change, everyo...

Marjolein Brasz - CEO Foodvalley

01 April 2023

By 2050, we want healthy, affordable, and delicious food. Sustainably produced. Of course, we won't reach that destination overnight. The current system is a result of decades, centuries of built up, the change will also...

Foodvalley up to the plate

01 April 2023

The aim is to get healthy, sustainable and efficiently produced food on our plates. Our experts identify promising opportunities at an early stage, with their sights set on 2050, but with application possibilities for to...

Foodvalley Shared Facility Finder

01 April 2023

One of the important tools that Foodvalley NL uses is the Shared Facility Finder (SFF) on Foodleap. This platform allows organisations to find and share pilot and research facilities and equipment. These include kitchen ...

Health Council wants integrated view on biotechnology

23 March 2023

Developments in biotechnology are moving fast. The promises are great: biotechnology can make an important contribution to achieving the United Nations' sustainable development goals and European and national objectives ...

The relation between diet and the immune system

23 March 2023

What is the role of nutrition on the immune system? Within the grant round "Nutrition-responsiveness of the immune system: interplay between infectious diseases and diet-related metabolic diseases and the potential for f...