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2023 Fi Innovation Awards: F&B Industry Leaders

The Fi Innovation Awards are all about celebrating those who are pushing boundaries and effecting positive change in the food and beverage sector. A panel of respected industry experts, chaired by Prof. Colin Dennis, jud..

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UKHSA Identifies Human Influenza A(H1N2)v Case

29 November 2023

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has identified a human case of influenza A(H1N2)v for the first time in the United Kingdom. This virus resembles the flu viruses found in pigs in the UK. Early Detection The ca...

Italy Bans Lab-Grown Meat: Food Industry Impact

28 November 2023

Italy has become the first European Union country to ban the production and sale of lab-grown meat, commonly referred to as 'cultured meat'. This decision, driven by the Italian government's commitment to public health a...

Meatable Launches New Facility in Leiden

23 November 2023

Meatable, a front-runner in the cultivated meat industry, recently inaugurated its new pilot facility in Leiden, marking a significant stride in the development of cultivated pork. Situated in the Bio Science Park, this ...

Online edition November 2023 | Hygiene, Cleaning & Disinfection

20 November 2023

The November issue of Vakblad Voedingsindustrie delves into key areas of the food industry, highlighting food safety, sustainability, and innovation. The edition underscores the significant role technol...

10 Years Simpel Desinfecteren: a Success Story

20 November 2023

Two enthusiastic men, a hefty dose of perseverance, and above all a solid concept are the main ingredients of Simpel Desinfecteren. How do the owners look back on ten years of entrepreneurship? Ask Robert Kostrubiec (...

Meat Matters says Keynote Speaker ICoMST 2023

20 November 2023

Meat production and consumption has transgressed into a sensitive, often controversial topic of discussion. Although there is a well-founded argument concerning environmental influence that requires change from various i...

Column Judith Witte: Hygiene Protocols in Food Industry

20 November 2023

At our house, the atmosphere is buzzing with the spirit of a 'spring cleaning'. The low-lying autumn sun mercilessly reveals the Saharan sand on the windows - it's high time to clean it off. Climbing to the attic to fetc...

ICoMST: From Tradition to Green Innovation - Part II

20 November 2023

This year, over 500 scientists from 44 countries gathered to share the progress and results of meat-related research. Scientists Theo Verkleij and Sara Erasmus from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research attended the congre...

Achieving quality goals with Nutrilab

20 November 2023

Voedselveiligheid is voor ons allen van groot belang. Nutrilab stelt zich op als loyale partner in het borgen van en controleren van voedselveiligheid. Onze passie voor voedselveiligheid maakt ons tot een betrokken en be...

Food Safety Alert Consultation 2022 Report

20 November 2023

The Food Safety Alert Consultation consists of expert groups in microbiological and chemical food safety who gather and jointly interpret emerging food safety risk signals. They recently reported on the activities and si...

Food Experience moves closer to reality

16 November 2023

Ede, a city committed to growth and development, is on the brink of making significant progress with its plans for the Food Experience. The Ede municipal council has expressed its positive outlook on this new initiative,...

Lab-grown meat not yet for humans, but already for pets

16 November 2023

A significant step forward in the European food industry has been taken with the introduction of lab-grown meat into pet food. The Czech company Bene Meat has received approval from the European Union to include lab-grow...

Sustainable advancements in animal feed

14 November 2023

At their annual congress in The Hague, Nevedi unveiled an important initiative, Sustainable Animal Feed 2030. This project aims to quantify the sustainability efforts in the animal feed industry and set tangible goals fo...

Vision + Robotics: WUR's Robotica Program Enters New Phase

14 November 2023

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has embarked on an exciting new chapter with its Agro Food Robotics programme, now rebranded as "Vision + Robotics". This strategic move aligns more closely with the core missio...

Unilever shares ice cream reformulation patents

14 November 2023

In a notable move towards environmental sustainability, Unilever announced 9 November 2023 its decision to provide a free, non-exclusive license for 12 ice cream reformulation patents to the global ice cream industry. Th...