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ROOTS: 'high demand for offices for start-ups'

ROOTS Innovation Hub, the location for start-ups on the World Food Center site, is celebrating its first anniversary. Despite the corona crisis, ROOTS has welcomed no less than 25 young companies in the past 12 months. T..

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Brave New Food: "We want to connect, accelerate, innovate"

08 February 2021

The transition to more sustainable and healthier food, to minimize climate change and pressure on healthcare, must accelerate. That's what the founders of the new platform Brave New Food believe. They want to boost that ...

Structure plant protein matrices

08 February 2021

Taste perception is a complex interplay between several factors, from what your senses perceive and previous experiences. The expectation for meat substitutes is therefore high: consumers who decide to eat less meat want...

From fish waste to food

08 February 2021

The German Lipromar GmbH is an innovative initiative started in 2010. At this plant, the company extracts fish oil and protein for human consumption from fish heads, bones and trimmings. The product quality is high, clai...

New technology recycles entire cardboard beverage containers

05 February 2021

Recon Polymers BV, a sustainable startup based in Roosendaal, the Netherlands, has introduced a new technological solution for recycling all components from cardboard beverage containers. The innovative method makes it p...

Students help horticulturists with circular future

02 February 2021

Students of De Haagse Hogeschool will start a project in February 2021 with an important mission: to realize a sustainable and circular future. The Knowledge Centre Mission Zero of De Haagse Hogeschool, the municipality ...

KIDV and KVK launch Business Challenge Innovative Packaging

28 January 2021

The Sustainable Packaging Knowledge Institute (KIDV) and the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) will launch the Business Challenge Innovative Packaging on 28 January 2021. Companies can submit a packaging challenge related to pac...

Global center for food innovation comes to the Netherlands

28 January 2021

The Netherlands is going to be the center for global food innovation with the Global Coordinating Secretariat (GCS) in Wageningen. Prime Minister Rutte announced this during a digital meeting of the World Economic Forum ...

A sweet world without waste with banana sweetener

21 January 2021

Fooditive BV and Frutco AG enter into a partnership to bring the Fooditive® banana sweetener line to Europe. The banana sweetener line is a continuous fermentation plant that processes by-products from banana proces...

Schouten introduces 100% plant based tuna: TuNo

19 January 2021

Schouten Europe B.V. will introduce a fully vegetable tuna in January 2021. Under the name 'TuNo' the product will be presented to interested parties in the coming period. Vegetable tuna can play an important role in the...

Ojah: quality meat alternatives with Plenti ProFiber

15 January 2021

Dutch manufacturer Ojah BV. has launched its newest high moisture texture, Plenti ProFiber™, enabling food manufacturers to develop and produce plant-based alternatives or hybrid products with their existing machinery. ...

Moving towards a low-plastic world

12 January 2021

As a pioneer in the packaging industry, MULTIVAC has been working for years to offer its customers alternative plastic-saving packaging options. There are plenty of opportunities to meet all plastic saving and recycling ...

Protect the heat exchanger of your installation

05 January 2021

Installations such as heat exchangers pollute; leaves, pollen and insects penetrate easily, but are difficult to remove. Now there is a solution to this problem, as simple as it is groundbreaking. The Pro Safe Screen® ca...

Finnish institute makes PEF from citrus peels

05 January 2021

The shift from fossil to renewable bio-plastics requires new efficient methods. The Finnish research institute VTT has developed a new technology to use pectin-containing agricultural waste, such as citrus peelings and s...

Scoop: soup of purified rainwater

17 December 2020

After months of preparation, the first soup of purified rainwater was recently produced at Uytewaal Catering in Houten. The production of food with rainwater has never been done before, until now this is done exclusively...

First vegan cheese from Dutch soil is a fact

17 December 2020

At Boermarke they are ready to go! The first production tests have been done and Boermarke will, as previously announced, deliver the first vegetable alternatives to traditional cheese in the Netherlands as well as withi...