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Hybrid yogurt of cow's milk and plant-based dairy

Students from the Food Technology program at van hall larenstein have developed a new hybrid yogurt, consisting of a blend of cow's milk and plant-based dairy. Hilde Slaghuis, Anke Vos, and Mohammad Noman were assigned t..

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Thanks to seaweed, hybrid meat is genuinely tasty

11 September 2023

Starting with cured sausages flavored with liquor, Remko Hol, the head of Olijck Foods, took his first steps in the food industry. Upon discovering that the pigs used for his sausages consumed seaweed, it sparked a thoug...

Food Tech Event 2024

11 September 2023

The "Vakbeurs Food Technology" will continue as "Food Tech Event" in 2024. The Food Tech Event is scheduled for May 15 and 16 in the Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch. With this new name, Mikrocentrum, a platform organizat...

Influence processing on digestibility of plant proteins

04 September 2023

Ruth Boachie's recent dissertation dives deep into the world of plant proteins, particularly the effects of processing conditions such as thermal treatments and their interaction with other food components. As the core o...

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives: Back to the Drawing Board

31 August 2023

After a period of intense growth, plant-based meat alternatives now face challenges. Consumer engagement is declining, leading to reduced production and diminished offerings in supermarkets. This suggests that manufactur...

Plant-Based Pioneers: 15 Years of TOP-inside Technology

30 August 2023

The team at TOP b.v. has focused on developing innovative meat substitutes and plant-based products over the past 15 years. Their primary aim was to mimic the texture and taste of meat. From this effort, three prominent ...

Smooth seasonal change sprouts with CA technology

08 August 2023

Primeale United is introducing an innovative Controlled Atmosphere (CA) preservation technique to ensure year-round supply security of Brussels sprouts. This method extends the shelf life of Moroccan Brussels sprouts and...

Agrifirm innovates with sustainable rumen-resistant protein

21 July 2023

Agrifirm has patented a technology called Greenwave that enables climate-friendly production of rumen-resistant protein for cattle feed. This technology not only reduces nitrogen and CO2 emissions in dairy farming, but a...

Chicken reinvented: from waste to delicacy

19 July 2023

Flevo Campus and Low Food recently presented the results of the Low Food Lab Chicken 'Oranjehoen' project. This project investigated practical solutions for reducing food waste from chicken meat. The Dutch mainly eat chi...

Soybean platform as pig protein plant

11 July 2023

Moolec Science SA, a scientific food ingredients company focused on animal protein production in plants, has achieved a remarkable breakthrough in its Meat Replacements Program. The new "Piggy Sooy" soybean platform prod...

Lamb Weston opens new Innovation Center

09 June 2023

Lamb Weston EMEA opened its new Innovation Center in Bergen op Zoom on June 8, 2023. This investment in a state-of-the-art facility and pilot plant accelerates innovation at the international potato processing company. ...

New voucher scheme for startups in food

08 June 2023

FoodValley NL will soon launch a new voucher scheme aimed at supporting startups in the food industry. In this new scheme, startups can receive up to €50,000 for scaling up technological pilot productions. The official p...

ADM and Air Protein lead the way with landless protein

25 May 2023

ADM, a global leader in sustainably produced food, and Air Protein, a pioneer in landless air-based food proteins, announced on 18 May 2023 that they have entered into a strategic development agreement. This agreement en...

AR Coproducten makes liquid protein as feed for pigs

25 May 2023

AR Coproducten, in collaboration with pig farmer Erik Kroef from Bemmel, has completed the first delivery of liquid processed animal protein (VDE). VDE, also known as Processed Animal Protein (PAPs), offers many benefits...

New food technology with mushroom mycelium

24 May 2023

On May 9, 2023 a collaboration agreement between NIZO Food Research (The Netherlands) and Yaegaki Biotechnology (Japan) was signed on the joint research and development of alternative meat products using mushroom myceliu...

Online edition May 2023: Food safety

15 May 2023

There is a striking consensus when it comes to ensuring (food) safety in production areas. What is the optimal indoor climate for a production area? And how do you achieve it? In the feature story, we d...