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KIDV compares international disposal logos

The KIDV has made an initial comparison of the use of disposal logos on packaging in various European countries. KIDV published an overview of this, which makes it clear to companies which logos are used in those countri..

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Volop interactie tijdens Empack Reconnect

28 September 2020

De eerste online verpakkingsbeurs van de Benelux vond plaats op donderdag 17 september. De verpakkingscommunity had eindelijk de mogelijkheid om elkaar online te ontmoeten, te netwerken en zaken te doen. Circa 200 exposa...

ACM sets rules for sustainability claims

23 September 2020

The Consumer & Market Authority (ACM) has drawn up rules for sustainability claims that companies use when selling their products and services. The ACM aims to ensure that companies provide consumers with good and co...

KIDV launches PackForward, for sustainable packaging

23 September 2020

The Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) launched PackForward, a European knowledge base for sustainable packaging, on Thursday 17 September. The new platform connects international parties in the field o...

Ingredient lists still aren’t clear enough

22 September 2020

Many food and beverage products do not offer the clear labelling that consumers want, according to new research. In a survey of 1,000 adults in the UK and USA, commissioned by Ingredient Communications and conducted b...

French government works on eco-footprint label

21 September 2020

The new French Minister for 'ecological transition', Barbara Pompili, together with her colleagues from agriculture and finance, is launching a study on labelling the environmental footprint of food products. The aim is ...

The right machine for every operation

14 September 2020

Meat substitutes and other plant-based products (such as substitutes for cheese and other milk products) are on the rise. Sismatec process & packaging solutions sees this as an enormous growth market and can put its ...

New packaging solutions for plant-based

14 September 2020

The development, production, packaging and marketing of plant-based food is an inspiring and dynamic process. The North American company Reiser supports companies that sell their vegetable meat substitutes worldwide, say...

Innovate during a crisis: fast and smart packaging

08 September 2020

We use the crisis to innovate. Right now. Now it is important for you to package your products super fast, reliable and smart. So that you too can survive the crisis. With our ultramodern TX tray sealer we make this poss...

Empack: van hybride naar online only evenement

31 August 2020

Empack Reconnect, de vakbeurs voor verpakkingstechnologie, zal op donderdag 17 september a.s. doorgang vinden als een volledig online evenement. Dit betekent dat de fysieke vakbeurs in Jaarbeurs Utrecht niet doorgaat. On...

Dutch Consumers' Association: stop misleading packaging

28 August 2020

There is no end to the fight against misleading food packaging.  That's what the Consumers' Association found in an research into new misleading packaging. The government must finally take serious steps to stop this...

Introduction database food contact materials

05 August 2020

Both producers of packaging materials and food businesses have to comply with EU legislation on food contact materials, including packaging materials. Establishing that the packaging you use is safe is a tough job. Riskp...

KIDV launches The State of Sustainable Packaging

23 July 2020

The Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) published The State of Sustainable Packaging on 23 July 2020. In this publication, the KIDV indicates how the international packaging world can ultimately achieve ...

New offensive against packaging waste

03 July 2020

State Secretary Van Veldhoven of Infrastructure and Water Management, together with producers, is launching a new offensive against packaging waste. She wrote this to the House of Representatives on Thursday 2 July. The ...

Toekomstbestendig verpakken

30 June 2020

Bent u producent en/of verwerker van verse levensmiddelen? Innovaties op de verpakkings- en verwerkingstechnologie voor úw producten staan nog altijd hoog op onze agenda! Zoals u de afgelopen periode heeft gezien make...

Ísey Skyr is taking on Nutri-Score

17 June 2020

In July Ísey Skyr will start placing the Nutri-Score on their products. This makes the company one of the first brands in the Netherlands to use the Nutri-Score. All products from Ísey Skyr are rated A.  "By bein...