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KIDV compares international disposal logos

The KIDV has made an initial comparison of the use of disposal logos on packaging in various European countries. KIDV published an overview of this, which makes it clear to companies which logos are used in those countri..

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Grant for accelerating innovation

10 December 2020

In order to speed up innovation, the government wants SMEs to cooperate more. In order to stimulate that cooperation, there is the subsidy scheme 'MIT R&S Collaborative Projects'. The Province of Gelderland supports ...

The love-hate relationship between consumer and packaging

10 December 2020

Consumers are confronted with packaging on a daily basis, such as the plastic wrapping around the sweet bell pepper, the cardboard milk carton or the glass jar containing peas. Consumers want more sustainable packaging, ...

Plant-based cheeses from Boermarke

01 December 2020

At the beginning of 2021, Boermarke will produce 10 tons of vegetable cheese daily, for which an entirely new production line will be set up. For this high quality product, they have found a suitable partner in MULTIVAC ...

Espera contributes to consumer trust

27 November 2020

The food industry is the most critical sector with regard to product declaration. For the end user, the label on a product is the platform for all product-specific information, such as nutritional values and allergen inf...

1.2 million for research into bio-plastics from sugar

26 November 2020

Over the next three years, the University of Groningen (RUG) and various companies and knowledge institutes will conduct research into how bioplastics can be made from sugar in an efficient way, so that the price will be...

Ban on disposable plastic starting in 2021

18 November 2020

As of 3 July 2021, disposable plastic items such as straws, cutlery and plates will be banned in the EU. These are products that are most likely to end up in the environment and for which there are affordable alternative...

New concept for weighing, labelling and sorting

16 November 2020

Fish processing company Profish can easily meet the growing demand for different labels within one order with less manpower. Thanks to two new weighing and labelling lines from Espera, plus a unique adaptation of the ERP...

Package with plastic-saving gift packaging

03 November 2020

Everybody should use plastic-saving packaging materials. Do you already meet the requirements? What do you need to use? How can you switch efficiently? As a food producer, you often can't see the wood for the trees. To h...

Faster freezing in solid cardboard packaging

29 October 2020

Fresh produce is usually frozen in packaging. Independent research shows that there is a big difference between the freezing speed of products packed in closed solid cardboard and corrugated cardboard. This has an impact...

KIDV: Recycling check for paper and cardboard packaging

28 October 2020

The Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV) published a new Recycle Check for Paper and Cardboard Packaging on 20 October 2020. The Recycle Check is an aid to one of the many choices that packaging designers...

IoT in the food industry

26 October 2020

"Reducing downtime and preventing unexpected service interventions are high on the list of priorities of food manufacturers", says Dr. Marcus Korthäuer, CEO and owner of ESPERA in an interview about IoT in the food indus...

Top Ten Food Trends 2021

23 October 2020

Transparency emerges as a clear winner in the Top Ten Trends for 2021, states the annual Top Ten Trends report from Innova Market Insights. The report provides an in-depth delve into how the food and beverage industry ha...

'Invisible' innovation wins De Gouden Noot

13 October 2020

The award ceremony of the 30th edition of the packaging innovation competition De Gouden Noot took place on Thursday 8 October and was streamed live from A'DAM Tower. The Gouden Noot 2020 went to FiliGrade with its 'digi...

Security in times of turmoil

12 October 2020

Repak Superior Packaging Solutions is 35 years old and in these times of turmoil we notice that our customers have more demand for security. In the coming months new developments will be presented that will help food com...

Portioning and packing meat in one go

06 October 2020

Are you looking for an experienced partner who can offer you a complete line of fresh meat solutions in terms of conditioning, portioning, pickling, weight control and packaging?  The TVI portioning technology in...