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Maintaining and monitoring food quality

With all the attention paid to the storage and transport of corona vaccines, the cold chain is once again in the spotlight. The food industry has known for decades that respecting the cold chain is crucial for monitoring..

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Responsible packaging

27 July 2021

In the dynamics of pursuing plastic-saving packaging concepts, we must not lose sight of food safety and the prevention of food waste. This is why MULTIVAC is constantly innovating in order to further develop its packagi...

Carrefour launches Food Transition Pact at Belgian level

16 July 2021

Carrefour is launching a Food Transition Pact to bring together its national brand suppliers and seize the opportunity together to change consumer habits. More and more voices are calling for healthier and more environme...

Smart packaging results in sweeter taste

13 July 2021

For consumer acceptance, it is important that a product reduced in sugar tastes sufficiently sweet. Besides compensating the taste with sweeteners, there is another solution: through packaging features such as colour and...

Protein transition on existing production lines

08 July 2021

How can you determine whether existing production spaces, machines or lines are also suitable for processing protein-rich raw materials, manufacturing or packaging plant products. To guide the accelerating protein transi...

Automatically provide healthy product formulation

06 July 2021

Calculating the Nutri-Score is the newest tool in the FAST-Template for Food. The Nutri-Score is calculated based on your recipe and provides immediate insights during recipe creation. This allows you to change recipes i...

Poster Meat, Fish and Fruit&Vegetable

02 July 2021

Via the trade journal Voedingsindustrie we distribute the poster MEAT, FISH and  Fruit & Vegetable . Because of the great demand, we also have these posters available online. Download them here without any oblig...

Clean label: not so clean as claimed

01 July 2021

A warning to all producers who are busy making their food products 'clean label'. Food additives that have not been approved are not allowed to be sold or used in foodstuffs. The NVWA ('Dutch Food and Consumer Product Sa...

Avoid food waste using sensors during transport

28 June 2021

TNO has recently launched the IoT4AGRI project. The aim of the project is to investigate whether food wastage during transport can be prevented at an acceptable cost and to monitor quality losses so that any necessary in...

Universities take part in 'Well Packaged' project

28 June 2021

Companies make all kinds of considerations when choosing how to package their food product in a sustainable way. Over the next 2 years this choice process will be studied by HAS University together with The Hague Univers...

Wolvega Vlees chooses for higher capacity

28 June 2021

Recently, Sismatec in Almelo installed a completely overhauled Treif Waran at Wolvega Vlees. The company had been working with a Treif Twister dicer for quite some time. A great machine for cutting cubes and strips. "In ...

Cod processed in one and a half minutes

15 June 2021

Sustainability right down to the last detail, exponential growth, transport with our own lorries and an extensive range of products are just a few of the characteristics of Adri & Zoon, a total fish supplier. To achi...

Online edition Construction-Renovation | Refrigeration-Freezing June 2021

14 June 2021

Anyone wishing to build or renovate in the food industry has to deal with many wishes and even more requirements; from clients and governments via legislation and regulations; regarding energy savings, ...

Whiter than white

14 June 2021

"Don't you have homework to do?" The rattling sound of fingers flying across a keyboard can be heard from my youngest's bedroom. I don't think there is any chance that he is finally writing that biology report at lightni...

Construct a building right the first time!

14 June 2021

Anyone who wants to build or renovate in the food industry has to deal with many wishes and even more requirements; from clients and governments via legislation and regulations; concerning energy saving, sustainability a...

Digitalisation at manufacturer Autodrop

14 June 2021

Twelve million kilos of sweets roll off the conveyor belt of manufacturer Concorp, known for Autodrop. The third generation of this family business is preparing for the next phase of growth, and is focusing on innovation...