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Food industry struggles with falling production

The food industry is struggling with declining production due to several challenges. Soaring supermarket product prices have led to a decline in food demand, while supply is under pressure due to scarcer raw materials. T..

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Steam boilers equipped for the future

06 June 2023

Er is een stijgende trend in het aantal bedrijven dat kritisch kijkt naar het eigen bedrijfsproces om te zien waar, in de nabije toekomst of op de lange termijn, kan worden verduurzaamd. Dat is het juiste moment om de hu...

More monitoring and stricter rules slaughterhouses

02 June 2023

Once again, abuses have come to light in slaughterhouses. LNV minister Adema stressed that every incident where animal welfare is at stake is one too many. Therefore, the minister wants to strengthen supervision, ban ele...

Extra charges for single-use plastic packaging from 1 July

30 May 2023

New rules on the use of disposable cups and trays containing plastic will come into force on 1 July 2023. Entrepreneurs will be required to charge their customers an extra fee for pre-packaged drinks in cups and single p...

Urk establishes itself as European seafood centre

30 May 2023

Urk is a vibrant centre for the seafood sector with more than 50 companies and over 4,500 employees. Local companies have joined forces to position Urk as a future-proof centre for fishing and fish processing.  T...

High-capacity industrial food slicers

30 May 2023

As the world leader in food cutting technology, Urschel is the #1 best-selling supplier of industrial food cutting machines in the world. Urschel designs, manufactures and markets precision high-capacity industrial slici...

Printing several colours at once, is that possible?

25 May 2023

In the vast majority of printing applications in the food industry, we notice that information, such as best-before dates and barcodes, is printed in a single colour. Often in black. The information is often printed on a...

Dawsongroup now also supplies PolarStore refrigerated containers

23 May 2023

Dawsongroup Benelux has recently expanded its fleet by purchasing brand new reefer containers, reinforcing its taken position within the conditioned supply chain. Meet the PolarStore!  Dawsongroup now offers reef...

Traysealing even more compact with the new TX 6 series

23 May 2023

The new TX 6-series traysealers deliver outstanding performance and make efficient use of available production space. With the compact TX 6 series traysealers, you increase your output in the smallest spaces - all based ...

Online edition May 2023: Food safety

15 May 2023

There is a striking consensus when it comes to ensuring (food) safety in production areas. What is the optimal indoor climate for a production area? And how do you achieve it? In the feature story, we d...

The best leak detection for flowpack packaging

15 May 2023

Flow packaging is on the rise, as it allows a 70% reduction in plastic. Meat is increasingly sold in this packaging. In cooperation with several meat processors, De Koningh has now extensively tested its leak detection m...

Packaging your products with our Belca flowpackers

15 May 2023

Sismatec is responsible for, and distributor of, Belca in the Benelux countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Belca is headquartered in Spain. Sismatec helps you with advice on your desired packaging request. The Be...

Interpack delights the global processing and packaging industry

11 May 2023

Interpack 2023, the world's largest packaging trade fair, was held in Düsseldorf from May 4-10, 2023, under the slogan "Welcome Home." The fair exceeded expectations, with 2,807 exhibitors showcasing the latest packaging...

De voordelen van stoom voor de voedingsindustrie

09 May 2023

Bij het ontwikkelen van een voedingsproduct komt vaak stoom voor in het productieproces, of het nu gaat om het bereiden van soepen en sauzen in kookketels, het roken van worsten in rookkasten, het bakken van brood in ove...

Smart robots to make a salad

02 May 2023

Picking and packaging a bunch of grapes with a robot already requires a lot of technology. But it can get even more complicated: automatically preparing a ready-to-eat salad. Researchers from Wageningen University & ...

Skal reviews labels on organic legislation

02 May 2023

In the coming period, Skal will carry out unannounced label checks at retail stores. Checks are carried out to see if the labels comply with organic legislation. Labelling of organic products European organic and g...