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GEA's first mobile test centre for New Food

Do you want to generate proof-of-concept without investing in your own pilot plant? This is now possible with the complete, mobile and modular industrial test units from GEA. For testing various products in cultivation a..

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New flowpacking solution by Multivac

17 May 2022

MULTIVAC launches a universal flowpacking solution. The W 500 offers a high degree of flexibility for packaging a wide range of food products. Designed for a wide range of applications and products, the new flowpacker su...

Recyclable barrier packaging now a reality

16 May 2022

The food chain is facing major packaging challenges and is looking for more sustainable solutions. For example, for a new material with the same good properties as laminated versions, but which is recyclable.  Wh...

Fully automated meat processing and packaging

28 April 2022

Do you want to process and pack fresh meat, poultry, sliced products, ready-made meals or plant-based products? In carton, mono foil or vacuum bags? With full-wrap labelling and weigh price marking? Fully automated at hi...

Foil coding more than 100 types of candy at Matthijs

14 April 2022

Each year, the Matthijs confectionery factory in Hoogerheide produces approximately 9.5 million kilos of candy. It started with the famous Manneke Pis liquorice and has now grown into an international player with product...

Labelling agreements for sunflower oil shortage

13 April 2022

The food industry is facing a shortage of sunflower oil. Sunflower oil in certain foods will have to be (partly) replaced by other vegetable oils, such as rapeseed oil and soya oil. Unfortunately, it is not possible to a...

Tailored packing machine for Luiten Food

11 April 2022

Luiten Food has over 75 years of experience in the import and distribution of game and poultry. The new Variovac Primus Skin thermoformer has recently significantly increased the packaging capacity of the family business...

Extra certainty due to automation of control process

11 April 2022

Production volumes in the food industry are often high. As a producer, you want to avoid having to recall a batch because, for example, the barcodes are unreadable. The consequences of a recall are not only financially d...

De Kroes is standing out with a C-label

11 April 2022

Meals and meat products specialist De Kroes wants to distinguish itself with products that are honest, tasty and look good. Thanks to a new weighing and labelling line, the presentation of the products is clean on all si...

Volautomatisch, flexibel en compact verpakken

07 April 2022

Maak kennis met de nieuwste telg van MULTIVAC: de compacte en volautomatische traysealer T 305. Deze traysealer is ontwikkeld om aantrekkelijke MAP- en vacuüm skinverpakkingen te produceren in kleine tot middelgrote batc...

AH introduces packaging-free shopping

06 April 2022

Albert Heijn is launching a new concept that allows customers to do a large part of their daily shopping in a more sustainable way: AH Packaging-free. It works very easily: customers fill a reusable bag or jar with a pro...

Latest portioning technology for small meat batches

31 March 2022

Finest quality, high flexibility and maximum yield even with smaller batches of meat. This is possible with MULTIVAC's new entry-level model: the universal portioning machine TVI GMS 400. This machine will be launched at...

Ban on disposable plastic starting in 2024

30 March 2022

By 2024, disposable plastic cups and containers will not be allowed when eating or drinking in restaurants, festivals or offices. Reusable plates and cups will then be the standard in order to prevent environmental pollu...

NVWA publishes Handbook Nutrition and Health Claims

23 March 2022

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has published a Handbook on Nutrition and Health Claims. Claims can be found on food labels, but also in leaflets, on websites and in (social) media. Claims, in...

MULTIVAC scores 2nd place in top 5 suppliers

22 March 2022

"What companies do you prefer to do business with?" That is the basic question of VMT's Partner of Choice survey, to help food technologists choose a supplier. MULTIVAC was ranked 2nd in the Machinery and Engineering cat...

Date marking related visual cues can reduce food waste

14 March 2022

A recent study from Wageningen University & Research for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, in collaboration with the Dutch Nutrition Centre, the Foundation Food Waste Free United and Too Good To G...