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Regulation on deforestation-free products effective end of 2024

On December 30, 2024, the new EU regulation on deforestation-free products will come into effect. This regulation replaces the existing EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). The main goal is to prevent deforestation and forest de..

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Supermarkets aim for sustainable cashews

19 July 2024

Dutch supermarkets, united under the Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelenhandel (CBL), have taken an ambitious step towards making their product range more sustainable. The goal is to have all private label cashew snack nuts s...

Vision report | Digital and sustainable transformation

18 July 2024

How advanced are Food & Beverage companies in their digital transformation concerning sustainability? In this report, we discuss the progress and challenges of this transformation with 8 professionals. The Food &a...

Mars and FrieslandCampina reduce greenhouse gas emissions

18 July 2024

Mars and FrieslandCampina have initiated a new collaboration focused on accelerating the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in dairy production for Mars. This partnership offers additional rewards for member dairy far...

Ancient wheat holds promise for future generations

16 July 2024

Ancient wheat varieties are essential for developing new strains that are more resilient to climate change. A century ago, British plant scientist Arthur Watkins collected wheat samples from around the world. His collect...

Nomad Foods advocates for lower freezer temperatures

16 July 2024

Nomad Foods, known for brands like Birds Eye and iglo, presents the results of a new study on frozen food storage temperatures. Together with Campden BRI, the company investigated whether increasing the storage temperatu...

Strategies for scaling up alternatieve protein sector

12 July 2024

Despite growth to €10 billion by 2030, alternative protein startups face scaling issues. Foodvalley NL and Invest-NL have identified challenges and made recommendations for developing a Dutch ecosystem for alternative pr...

Dairy industry on track to reduce CO2 emissions

05 July 2024

The Dutch dairy industry is committed to significantly reducing its CO2 emissions by 2030. A recent report by KWA bedrijfsadviseurs indicates that the sector is well on its way to meeting its reduction targets. The findi...

Fruit and Vegetable waste Monitor launched

05 July 2024

Fruit and vegetables are essential for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Due to their limited shelf life, efficient logistics are crucial. However, products often go to waste due to oversupply or weather conditions. G...

Heemskerk fresh & easy and Fruity Pack join forces

05 July 2024

Heemskerk fresh & easy and Fruity Pack have announced that they will collaborate from July 1, 2024. This partnership strengthens their market position by focusing on their core activities. The collaboration allows them t...

Health effects of organic food on pigs

04 July 2024

Scientists from Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Utrecht University (UU), and the Louis Bolk Institute (LBI) have initiated a large-scale study to investigate the effects of organic food on pig health. This re...

Regenerative agriculture by Unilever, Jumbo, Agrifirm, Ardo

04 July 2024

Unilever, Jumbo, Agrifirm, and Ardo are joining forces to secure the future of Dutch agriculture by implementing regenerative farming practices. This collaboration is crucial to restore soil health and promote sustainabl...

Boermarke expands plant-based range to Foodservice

03 July 2024

Boermarke, known for its dairy products, made a significant shift in mid-2023 by fully transitioning to plant-based alternatives. This decision has proven successful, with their plant-based yogurt, cheese, and ice cream ...

Crisp sets new standard with B Corp certification

03 July 2024

Crisp has reached a milestone by becoming the first supermarket in the Netherlands to achieve B Corp certification. This certification, awarded by the independent non-profit organization B Lab, confirms Crisp's commitmen...

Potato sector focuses on water reduction and sustainability

02 July 2024

Agristo, Aviko, Duynie, Lamb Weston, and Peka Kroef are joining forces in a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at sustainability. These companies are focusing on implementing techniques that reduce water consumption in t...

Insects as chicken feed: Innovation in the poultry sector

02 July 2024

Breeding insects on by-products from the food industry offers a sustainable solution for feed production in the poultry sector, concludes the InsectFeed project led by Wageningen University & Research. The research s...