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EU bans greenwashing and boosts product guarantees

The EU Parliament has struck a provisional agreement on updated rules aimed at eliminating misleading advertisements and supplying consumers with improved information on product longevity. This understanding seeks to ..

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Water at risk: global concerns for 2030

20 September 2023

Without proactive leadership in water management, we risk a parched future. According to the World Resources Institute, the Earth may face a staggering 56% water shortfall by 2030. This dire water situation doesn't just ...

PBL: 2030 climate goal within reach for the first time

20 September 2023

The latest Climate and Energy Exploration (KEV) delivers encouraging news for the Dutch food industry and the nation as a whole. Predictions indicate that the Netherlands' greenhouse gas emissions could decrease by 46 to...

6 key considerations when purchasing a steam boiler

19 September 2023

Is your company in need of a new steam system? Making an informed decision regarding the purchase of a steam installation is crucial. Steam boilers are an investment meant to fit your needs for a long period. 1. Deter...

How packaging can prevent food waste

18 September 2023

The Dutch food industry plays a pivotal role in the pursuit of sustainability and innovation. Food waste has been a long-standing concern, with confusion surrounding expiration labels such as 'to be used by' (TGT) and 'b...

Increase in sustainable food expenditure

13 September 2023

According to the Sustainable Food Monitor 2022, compiled by Wageningen Economic Research, expenditures on sustainable food increased by 13% in 2022, reaching €10.8 billion. This is notable given the shift in consumer pur...

Reduced food waste in Dutch hospitality sector

12 September 2023

A recent report reveals that the hospitality sector in the Netherlands has wasted 9.2% less food compared to 2019. Despite this reduction, the wasted quantity still represents a staggering €647 million, an increase from ...

Column Judith Witte: Changing (food) patterns

11 September 2023

Is it due to climate change? Was the wind a tad different this year? Or is it just sheer coincidence? This late summer, there’s an unusual number of grasshoppers in our garden. And it’s not just there; they’re just as co...

'Eating insects? The world can't wait!'

11 September 2023

"Such a white mealworm has just moulted, deliciously soft. Try it," says Star Food CEO Wim Soetendaal. In addition to countless insects for animal feed, he now grows mealworms for human food. "The protein transition is u...

Plantbased the standard, meat the exception

11 September 2023

'The hype of meat substitutes seems to be over,' Rabobank reported in a report published in June 2023. 'Get ready for boredom' the bank warned further on in the report. Is that true? What does the market itself think abo...

Used equipment immediately available

11 September 2023

A smaller producer or an entire dairy factory; for auctioning equipment, you must go to Troostwijk Auctions. On behalf of the municipality of Land van Cuijk, all the equipment of a dairy factory on the Maas was auctioned...

ILT warns waste foundation for not meeting target

11 September 2023

The Netherlands' Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT) has issued an official warning to the Packaging Waste Foundation (Stichting Afvalfonds Verpakkingen) for failing to meet the statutory collection target for p...

Waste-free week 2023 started

11 September 2023

From September 11th to 17th, the Waste-Free Week is taking place, organized by the foundation Together Against Food Waste. This week is dedicated to informing consumers about the importance of smart food storage to preve...

Mosa Meat earns B Corp Certification

07 September 2023

Mosa Meat, driven by its mission to better the world, proudly announces its B Corp certification. This isn't just an accolade; it's a pledge to adhere to superior ethical and environmental standards. This certification u...

Microalgae as tomorrow's food: Phycom gets financial boost

07 September 2023

Phycom recently received an investment of €9 million to secure the production of top-quality microalgae on an industrial scale. This Dutch microalgae producer in Veenendaal sees this funding as recognition of the role of...

Ingredients for a sustainable food deal

06 September 2023

On Sustainable Tuesday (September 5th, 2023), the government received the sustainable briefcase filled with initiatives for a greener future. Ruud Zanders, co-founder of both poultry company Kipster and the Caring Farmer...