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Eiwitboeren and HAK form partnership

Aiming for a sustainable future for Dutch plant-based proteins, the producer organization Eiwitboeren van Nederland (Protein Farmers of the Netherlands) and HAK, known for their vegetables and legumes, have aligned in a ..

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Bionext and AH nudge customers towards organic

12 April 2024

Bionext has launched a new campaign in 90 Albert Heijn stores to promote organic products. Over a twelve-week period, customers are encouraged through shelf tags to opt for organic choices. This nudging technique, part o...

Dutch food industry vulnerable to climate change

09 April 2024

The Dutch food industry, with an annual procurement exceeding thirty billion euros in agricultural raw materials, faces considerable challenges due to global climate change. This global purchasing exposes companies in th...

Arnold Burger: ‘The market is ready for hybrid products’

08 April 2024

Enkco, a subsidiary of Van Loon Group, in collaboration with Olijck Foods, will supply products that are partly made of meat and partly of plant-based ingredients, with seaweed playing a major role. Arnold Burger, Commer...

To renovate is to innovate: Henri van de Bilt renews

08 April 2024

The desire was to professionalize the work environment. The result is a renovated production location, now antibacterial and hygienic. A smart renovation approach has turned dreams into reality for the meat processing co...

Column Ceel Elemans: Embracing responsibility

08 April 2024

After years of work by the European Commission, the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) is almost a reality. Recently, the EU member states, following initial resistance, reached an agreement. The di...

Food Tech Event 2024 with 21 OSV Members

08 April 2024

You might have noticed: at the Food Tech Event in the Brabanthallen, ’s-Hertogenbosch, we are present alongside 21 OSV members, occupying a quarter of the exhibition floor. We are quite pleased with this accomplishment. ...

Dutch consumer opts for more sustainable products

04 April 2024

Increasingly, people are opting for products with more sustainable certification. This trend is highlighted in the annual Monitor Keurmerken Retail by Circana, showing significant growth in the sale of foods with sustain...

Record participation in the Meat & Dairy-Free Week

04 April 2024

An impressive 20% of the Dutch population participated in the seventh edition of the National Meat & Dairy-Free Week, which took place in 2024 from March 4th to 10th. With a record number of 2.8 million participants,...

Most read articles March 2024

03 April 2024

March 2024 witnessed dynamic shifts and intriguing trends in the food and recycling industries, and we've compiled a list of the ten most read articles for you. These range from significant changes in recycling legislati...

Spectacular relocation cooling system at Ameco

03 April 2024

On Friday, March 29th 2024 vakblad Voedingsindustrie had the unique opportunity to witness a remarkable event at Ameco BV in Apeldoorn: the relocation of their new sustainable cooling system. This marked a critical momen...

Jumbo sells peppers and cucumbers without plastic packaging

02 April 2024

Jumbo Supermarkets has announced that they will now sell red bell peppers, cucumbers, and soon spring onions from Dutch soil without plastic packaging in their over 700 stores and on their online platform. This initiativ...

Healthier and more sustainable food within reach

27 March 2024

Dutch residents have the opportunity to change their eating habits without incurring additional costs. This is the conclusion of Reina Vellinga's doctoral research at the RIVM. Her findings indicate that even minor dieta...

Utrecht embraces local and sustainable food

25 March 2024

In Utrecht, seventeen organizations have signed the covenant ‘Together we make the province of Utrecht more beautiful through food’. With this, they commit to promoting local and sustainable food supply. This initiative,...

ING: Food companies need to step up in fair production chains

25 March 2024

The EU member states have recently agreed to the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD). This directive demands greater attention to human rights and environmental issues in production and supply chains...

New dairy trend: Kerry launches hybrid dairy-oat range

22 March 2024

Kerry Dairy Consumer Foods is bringing a fresh impulse to the dairy market with the introduction of Smug Dairy, a new chilled brand line that combines dairy and oats. This move is seen as a first in its category in the U...