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Online edition June 2024: Construnction | Cooling and freezing

Once you decide to start a construction or renovation project, questions arise. What materials will you choose? Are they sustainable? What does that mean for fire safety? Where will you get your power f..

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No joint price agreements for plastic packaging

26 June 2023

The Consumer & Market Authority (ACM) has indicated in an informal assessment that there is no need for joint price agreements between supermarkets regarding plastic packaging. This follows a review of an initiative ...

Resource saving with Top Wrap and Top Close

22 June 2023

MULTIVAC offers two new labeling solutions for trays of fresh produce: Top Wrap and Top Close. Ideal for fresh produce that does not require a protective atmosphere or vacuum packaging. With Top Wrap, a label is applied ...

Differences between Dutch and European labeling

19 June 2023

Recently, the Dutch Parliament found that Dutch laws and regulations regarding information on labels are significantly stricter than European regulations. In fact, European directives establish a broader language guideli...

Germany introduces labelling system for livestock farming

16 June 2023

The German Bundestag has approved Federal Minister Özdemir's bill for a national, mandatory labeling system for livestock farming. This initiative aims to provide transparency and clarity on how animals are kept, and ena...

Extra charges for single-use plastic packaging from 1 July

30 May 2023

New rules on the use of disposable cups and trays containing plastic will come into force on 1 July 2023. Entrepreneurs will be required to charge their customers an extra fee for pre-packaged drinks in cups and single p...

Printing several colours at once, is that possible?

25 May 2023

In the vast majority of printing applications in the food industry, we notice that information, such as best-before dates and barcodes, is printed in a single colour. Often in black. The information is often printed on a...

Traysealing even more compact with the new TX 6 series

23 May 2023

The new TX 6-series traysealers deliver outstanding performance and make efficient use of available production space. With the compact TX 6 series traysealers, you increase your output in the smallest spaces - all based ...

The best leak detection for flowpack packaging

15 May 2023

Flow packaging is on the rise, as it allows a 70% reduction in plastic. Meat is increasingly sold in this packaging. In cooperation with several meat processors, De Koningh has now extensively tested its leak detection m...

Packaging your products with our Belca flowpackers

15 May 2023

Sismatec is responsible for, and distributor of, Belca in the Benelux countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Belca is headquartered in Spain. Sismatec helps you with advice on your desired packaging request. The Be...

Interpack 2023

11 May 2023

Interpack 2023, the world's largest packaging trade fair, was held in Düsseldorf from May 4-10, 2023, under the slogan "Welcome Home." The fair exceeded expectations, with 2,807 exhibitors showcasing the latest packaging...

Smart robots to make a salad

02 May 2023

Picking and packaging a bunch of grapes with a robot already requires a lot of technology. But it can get even more complicated: automatically preparing a ready-to-eat salad. Researchers from Wageningen University & ...

Skal reviews labels on organic legislation

02 May 2023

In the coming period, Skal will carry out unannounced label checks at retail stores. Checks are carried out to see if the labels comply with organic legislation. Labelling of organic products European organic and g...

Nutri-Score is the new food choice logo in the Netherlands

28 April 2023

Nutri-Score has been legally designated as the new food choice logo in the Netherlands. The logo may be officially used from 1 January 2024. Supermarkets and food manufacturers are expected to take until mid-2024 to put ...

New trading standards for agri-food products

25 April 2023

On Friday 21 April 2023, the Commission proposed a revision of trading standards for a number of agri-food products, such as fruit and vegetables, fruit juices and jams, honey, poultry or eggs. This should help consumers...

Peka Kroef is ready for the future

25 April 2023

In MULTIVAC's new TX 820, Peka Kroef has found a packaging machine that never misses its mark, where the supply of aluminium trays goes on continuously and labelling is part of the packaging process. With more flexibilit...