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‘True innovation is a collaborative effort’

The innovation climate in the Netherlands is under pressure. This is the main conclusion of the Dutch Innovation Monitor 2023 and the headline of a recent urgent appeal sent to the House of Representatives by FME, with s..

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Sopraco's innovative ERP transformation

16 April 2024

The Sopraco Group, a leading company in the European meat industry, has taken a significant step in transforming its business operations through the implementation of an advanced ERP system, developed by CSB-System. This...

'Technology feeds the future of food industry'

11 April 2024

Digital developments are rapid and bring efficiency. But what technological innovations do food companies need to confidently face the future? How do they know which solution fits their company best and can also ensure p...

Innovation in chocolate decoration at Mona Lisa Studio

08 April 2024

At the Belgian company Mona Lisa Studio, a subsidiary of Barry Callebaut, a wide variety of chocolate decorations are sent out daily. While the company provides custom-made products, there was an internal need for standa...

Food Tech Event 2024 with 21 OSV Members

08 April 2024

You might have noticed: at the Food Tech Event in the Brabanthallen, ’s-Hertogenbosch, we are present alongside 21 OSV members, occupying a quarter of the exhibition floor. We are quite pleased with this accomplishment. ...

Discover the FAST-Solution for Food

28 March 2024

Monitoring Nutri-Score, managing use-by dates, and reducing waste: your food business is fully engaged in these activities. To further digitalize and optimize, you rely on a robust ERP that forms the blueprint of your bu...

TopCLOSE: Innovation in packaging

21 March 2024

MULTIVAC introduces an innovative solution for sealing trays, specifically designed for packaging berries, showcased at Anuga FoodTec. This new method, TopCLOSE™, employs self-adhesive labels to seal trays in a simple, s...

Successful financing for FlevoTrade thanks to Leasecontrol

04 March 2024

In mid-2023, FlevoTrade Grading & Packaging, based in Dronten, commissioned two new onion weighing and packaging lines. Additionally, a number of trucks needed replacing. Leasecontrol, a finance broker specializing i...

RBK Group at Anuga FoodTec 2024

04 March 2024

RBK Group is proud to announce its participation in Anuga FoodTec 2024, the international platform for innovations in the food industry. "From 19th to 22nd March, we will showcase in Cologne how our comprehensive approac...

Smart printing with the Zodiac thermal transfer printers

04 March 2024

Don't want to waste any unnecessary time in your production process? Zodiac thermal transfer printers are designed to require minimal maintenance and deliver maximum uptime. Cutting-edge technology enhances the productiv...

Too Good To Go’s AI stops food waste in supermarkets

12 February 2024

Too Good To Go, the world's largest marketplace for food surplus, has launched the Too Good To Go Platform, an innovative solution in the fight against food waste. This AI-driven platform enables food retailers, from sup...

Food machinery upgrade as a strategic move

08 February 2024

In September 2023, the Dutch manufacturing industry experienced a 10.3% decline, marking the ninth consecutive month of decrease. The food industry was not exempt, facing a 4.4% downturn. The rise in interest rates parti...

Next green step at Van Loon Group: A new cooking system

05 February 2024

The meat products from Van Loon Group find their way onto eight million Dutch plates every day. Contrary to the perception that sustainability might take a back seat in such a large meat-producing company, the reality is...

Construction: The Benefits of an Integrated Approach

05 February 2024

The food industry faces substantial challenges in 2024. Economic conditions and climate change compel companies to undergo transformation. The key to saving resources, energy, and money lies in sustainable, efficient bui...

A Glimpse inside the Packaging Facility of Vereijken Kwekerijen

05 February 2024

In the mid-90s, a modest greenhouse in Southeast Brabant formed the basis for the delicious Tasty Tom vine tomatoes by Vereijken. Over time, the small greenhouse has evolved into eight cultivation sites, with continuous ...

'Technology fuels the future of the food industry'

05 February 2024

Curious about what's happening in the food industry? And which technological innovations will shape the future? Four suppliers to the food processing and manufacturing industry share insights into the smart technical sol...