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Number of pesticides on strawberries increased

In a survey of pesticides in strawberries from supermarkets 2022, the average number of substances found per sample and the average content have increased slightly compared to 2021. Despite all the sustainability program..

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Bewerkt vlees verhoogd risico op dikkedarmkanker

13 July 2022

Er bestaat een verband tussen de blootstelling aan nitraat en nitriet, onder meer door het eten van bewerkt vlees, en het risico op dikkedarmkanker. Dat blijkt uit een advies van het Franse gezondheidsagentschap Anses. D...

80% of meat and dairy products contain microplastics

11 July 2022

Almost 80 percent of the meat and dairy products from farm animals tested by scientists contain microplastics, according to a new study by the University of Amsterdam. The possible cause could be the feed of cows and pig...

VAT reduction on fruit and vegetables in 2024

06 July 2022

The government aims to introduce a VAT reduction on fruit and vegetables in 2024. A feasibility study must be completed by early 2023. At the moment, there is no definition of fruit and vegetables for VAT purposes. Befor...

Blog: Food and machine safety go hand in hand

04 July 2022

The combination of food safety and machine safety is a difficult balancing act for many food producers and machine builders. One wants a machine that is easily accessible and cleanable, while the other prefers a machine ...

New warning label for poultry meat

30 June 2022

Consumers do not always maintain the optimal kitchen hygiene when storing, preparing and consuming poultry meat. To give consumers clearer information on proper hygiene, the obligatory warning phrase has been changed to ...

Give Listeria no chance

23 June 2022

This small bacterium enters many companies every day uninvited. It then knows how to hide itself very well. Unfortunately, you only notice this when lots of new Listeria strains are born. They can be found on wheels of c...

Changes to best before date legislation as of 1 July 2022

21 June 2022

On 1 July, the legislation for stating a best-before date will change in the Netherlands. This can have consequences for the best before date information on your products. In the Netherlands, the legislation for indic...

Saving money by using an automated washing line

21 June 2022

At Jungpflanzen Lüske, in the north of Germany, LETS has delivered and installed a new automated washing line. According to the manager, Martin Lubbe, the previous washing system did not meet the current requirements....

Nutrilab has a passion for food safety

20 June 2022

Nutrilab acts as a loyal partner in guaranteeing and monitoring food safety. Our customers must be able to rely on us at all times. Even in these turbulent times. We therefore continue to offer all facilities you are acc...

FAVV: Residues on fruit and vegetables not harmful

16 June 2022

Residues from plant protection products on fruit and vegetables do not constitute a danger to our health, according to the FAVV (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain). This conclusion follows from an analysis ...

WUR: Revision of dietary guidelines necessary

16 June 2022

Dietary guidelines issued by national governments aim to set a roadmap for healthy living. But a new international study published in Lancet Planetary Health challenges national dietary guidelines assessments to include ...

Fermentation: the road to global health

15 June 2022

Fermented foods and beverages have a long history in human nutrition with evidence of fermentation dating back thousands of years. They are currently experiencing a clear resurgence generated by demands for traditional, ...

Smart biosensor detects bacteria

15 June 2022

How do you ensure that the risk of contamination of your smoothie is as minimal as possible? This was one of the reasons for startup Alberts to participate in research into the development of a biosensor with which food ...

NAPV information campaign starts: 'Every step counts'.

07 June 2022

On 28 June 2022, during a digital meeting, State Secretary Van Ooijen will give the go-ahead for an information campaign about the National Product Improvement Approach (NAPV), under the motto: 'Every step counts. Togeth...

NVWA introduces food safety checkpoint

07 June 2022

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) works together with private inspection agencies that apply a monitoring system to companies that supply food to consumers. These agencies do not replace NVWA su...