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Construction: Important considerations for food entrepreneurs

You want to expand or renovate. So, you decide to build! Once you’ve made that decision, questions start arising. What materials will you choose? Are they sustainable? How does this choice affect fire safety? What about ..

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Online edition June 2024: Construnction | Cooling and freezing

17 June 2024

Once you decide to start a construction or renovation project, questions arise. What materials will you choose? Are they sustainable? What does that mean for fire safety? Where will you get your power f...

Column Judith Witte: On silencing voices and speaking up

17 June 2024

"I’m really going there, huh…!" I hear a slight panic in my middle child’s voice. She should sound excited now that she’s booked her first sun holiday - without parents - but the collapsed roof terrace of the Medusa Club...

Market Food Group demands the utmost from lubricants

17 June 2024

Above our heads, four conveyor belts carry pre-baked Cheese Onion Rolls as they cool. Soon, these will be frozen to -80°C, to be baked on the market. Amidst all the steam, heat, and cold, everything needs to run smoothly...

Rapid renovation: from bank to butcher shop 't Landleven

17 June 2024

Although Marcel Hamers owns multiple butcher shops, he considers himself more of an entrepreneur than a butcher. This past spring, he opened his third store. The extensive renovation preceding this opening had to be comp...

Famalco House: a home for the logistics sector

17 June 2024

Heilaar-Noord in Prinsenbeek now features a new landmark: an iconic warehouse with a modern and contemporary look, Famalco House, constructed by Willy Naessens Netherlands. This project fulfills a long-held dream of the ...

Increasing electrification drives innovations

17 June 2024

Production processes need to become more sustainable and should no longer depend on gas only. Both European and national regulations are increasingly pushing for emission-free operations. What are the biggest challenges ...

Column Saskia Stender: Charged up

17 June 2024

Summer is just around the corner, bringing high temperatures and vacation time. While everyone enjoys the sun and days off, the food industry faces additional challenges. How do you keep your production facility in top c...

Optimization of cold chains can halve food waste

03 June 2024

Almost a third of the food produced globally each year is wasted, while around 800 million people suffer from hunger, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). A new study from the U...

Quadcore fire demonstration

07 May 2024

Today, I had the opportunity to attend an informative presentation that provided insights into the fire reaction and fire resistance of sandwich panels. This event was organized by KIM Nederland B.V. and Isocab ...

Spectacular relocation cooling system at Ameco

03 April 2024

On Friday, March 29th 2024 vakblad Voedingsindustrie had the unique opportunity to witness a remarkable event at Ameco BV in Apeldoorn: the relocation of their new sustainable cooling system. This marked a critical momen...

A glimpse into the animal kitchen at Amersfoort Zoo

04 March 2024

Anyone curious about what a baboon or a ring-tailed lemur's menu looks like can now visit the new Animal Kitchen at Amersfoort Zoo. During construction, they focused on transparency and sustainability. 400 apples, 130...

How 3°C can change the global food chain

07 December 2023

Recent research conducted by an international team of scientists reveals a simple yet impactful solution to enhance the sustainability of the global food chain. By increasing the temperature of frozen food by a mere 3°C,...

DenDoor: Robust Industrial Door Solutions

20 November 2023

DenDoor-GTS, a supplier and producer of industrial doors, excels in providing advanced access solutions for the food processing and refrigeration/freezing industries. Whether it's high-speed, sliding, or swinging doors, ...

Unilever shares ice cream reformulation patents

14 November 2023

In a notable move towards environmental sustainability, Unilever announced 9 November 2023 its decision to provide a free, non-exclusive license for 12 ice cream reformulation patents to the global ice cream industry. Th...

Ruys Group Official Partner of Polysto

02 November 2023

The Ruys Group has recently made a significant move in the field of hygienic wall protection. They are now the official Dutch representative for PolySto's high-quality prefab impact bands and wall protection. It's a powe...