Shocking images on meat don’t make an impact
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Shocking images on meat don’t make an impact

  • 04 April 2024

Various animal rights organizations are advocating for the use of shocking images on meat packaging in supermarkets. However, a recent poll conducted by Radar indicates that 75% of respondents would not buy less supermarket meat because of these shocking images.

Public divided over effectiveness

The survey, which had 4,285 participants, reveals that 17% would indeed buy less meat, while 8% remain undecided. These results suggest a minimal impact of shocking images on meat consumption. One participant commented, "These images don't really discourage me." Another drew parallels with smoking: "Like with smokers, the images don't have a major effect."

Patronization and price awareness

Many respondents perceive the potential measure as patronizing. They emphasize the importance of freedom of choice and the rejection of imposed beliefs by interest groups. Price also plays a significant role in the choice of meat. A participant stated: "People with lower incomes pay more attention to price than packaging."

Alternative purchasing habits and awareness

Some participants mentioned that they do not buy supermarket meat, preferring quality meat from the butcher instead. Others view shocking images as a means to confront consumers with the reality of meat production. A respondent noted, "An image helps with awareness at the time of purchase." Nonetheless, there is doubt about the effectiveness of such measures on the wider public, given the limited impact in other sectors.

Source: Radar