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Hygiëne, reiniging & desinfectie 2022

Before use, a machine in the food industry must obviously be clean. Cleaning is therefore part of the general management measures within the HACCP plan. Nevertheless, things occasionally go wrong. ...

Special Foodvalley 2022

A typical journey with Foodvalley starts with preparatory work so that innovations can land. We iden...

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Smart Food Manufacturing 2022

Where do the raw materials come from? How much energy does that machine consume? Could production be...

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Vlees-, vis- en zuivelvervangers 2022

De eiwittransitie is in volle gang. Productontwikkelaars en voedingstechnologen ontwikkelen innovati...

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Construction and renovation | Cooling and freezing 2022

In the food industry, there is always a need for expansion and renovation. Food safety and sustainab...

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Food safety 2022

Food producers are expected to do everything reasonably possible to prevent people from getting sick...

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Product innovation 2022

Change is not easy, innovation is always a challenge. It's far from easy. Yet that is precisely the ...

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Packing & Packaging 2022

When it comes to food packaging, the top priority is sustainable use of materials. But what is the m...

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Sustainable production lines 2022

Preventing food waste, the protein and energy transition, a nitrogen crisis: there are major challen...

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