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Ingredients 2019

Less sugar, salt and fat – more natural products and ingredients. Less meat and other animal proteins – more vegetal alternatives. Fewer pesticides and CO2 emission – more attention to nature and the climate. All in all, this chess game of ingredients and ‘reformulation’ causes the industry a lot of headaches. ...

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New build and renovation 2019

The Dutch construction sector is doing well, and the food sector is not lagging behind. New legislat...

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Food Safety 2019

Every year, King's Day is an opportunity to remind the Netherlands of the facts (and of hamburgers a...

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Foodprocessing 2019

It is the same song every single day. After a hard day's work 'to put food on the table', there lite...

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IFFA Special 2019

A new exhibition hall, a larger exhibition area and all market leaders on board: Under the motto "Me...

Pack(ag)ing 2019

Consumers, supermarkets, civil society organisations and governments are exerting increasing pressur...

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Empack Special 2019

Recycling plastic is a hot topic in the Dutch packaging industry. This main theme will be discussed ...

Circular economy and sustainable enterprise 2019

Start a conversation about sustainability, and you know you've got it; a discussion. It's all about ...

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Robotics & Digitization 2018

Automation, digitisation and robotisation provide very useful tools and solutions, also for the food...

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