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Unbreakable, CIP-resistant inline pH sensor

The new Mettler Toledo InPro X1 is the very first unbreakable, "food-safe", and CIP-resistant pH sensor for inline measurements. The X-chip, the core of the sensor, is virtually unbreakable and is made of high-tech co..

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2023 Fi Innovation Awards: F&B Industry Leaders

29 November 2023

The Fi Innovation Awards are all about celebrating those who are pushing boundaries and effecting positive change in the food and beverage sector. A panel of respected industry experts, chaired by Prof. Colin Dennis, jud...

UKHSA Identifies Human Influenza A(H1N2)v Case

29 November 2023

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has identified a human case of influenza A(H1N2)v for the first time in the United Kingdom. This virus resembles the flu viruses found in pigs in the UK. Early Detection The ca...

Cloetta's New Electric Factory Sparks Debate

29 November 2023

In the town of Roosendaal, Netherlands, Cloetta, a well-known confectionery manufacturer, has stirred a bit of controversy with its recent decision to fully electrify its new factory. This factory, associated with popula...

Sustainable Floor Solutions at JIMMY's with DR Flexjoint

28 November 2023

How reassuring it is to rely on a durable, elastic transition between different floor sections. A permanent joint that you can effortlessly drive over, resistant to molds and bacteria, and even adheres to a concrete floo...

Italy Bans Lab-Grown Meat: Food Industry Impact

28 November 2023

Italy has become the first European Union country to ban the production and sale of lab-grown meat, commonly referred to as 'cultured meat'. This decision, driven by the Italian government's commitment to public health a...

CBL's Response to TLB Study: Impacts and Solutions

28 November 2023

Supermarkets have long felt the limitations imposed by TSCs on free purchasing within the EU. This leads to higher prices for everyday groceries in the Netherlands compared to other EU countries. Consequently, some produ...

Not 'Human OR machine' but 'Human AND machine’

28 November 2023

Recruiting new and retaining existing production workers is becoming increasingly difficult. In some cases, retaining them is even impossible. Workers retire, fall ill for extended periods, or move away. If they do leave...

RBK: Integrated Hygiene in Food Industry

27 November 2023

"Today, there are wonderful hygienically designed machines, equipment, and solutions available on the market. But that's not the end of it... That's just the beginning!" says Rinke Kortenbach from RBK. He explains where ...

Sea Fresh Retail: More certainty, less disinfectant

27 November 2023

Those who supply to retail must have their business in excellent order: sustainability certifications, the ability to deliver quickly, and perfect hygiene. Sea Fresh Retail meets all these criteria with flying colours. ...

Danish Crown takes action after a difficult year.

27 November 2023

Danish Crown, a key player in the meat industry, has recently unveiled its annual report, shedding light on the company's performance and strategic decisions over the past year. In a year that proved particularly challen...

Dalco Food Relocates from Oss to Oosterhout

25 November 2023

Dalco Food is set to move its operations from Oss to a facility in Oosterhout. This decision has sparked concerns among the workforce in Oss, where over 50 employees are faced with significant changes. The Oss production...

Marel rejects proposal from JBT Cooperation

24 November 2023

The Board of Directors of Marel has carefully evaluated JBT Corporation’s unsolicited non-binding initial proposal disclosed on 24 November 2023. The Board unanimously agreed that the proposal is not in the best int...

Van Rooi Meat Expands with Tomassen Vlees Acquisition

24 November 2023

Van Rooi Meat, renowned for its diverse range of meat products, has recently expanded its beef processing activities through the acquisition of Tomassen Vlees. This strategic move enables the company to exercise complete...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at MULTIVAC

23 November 2023

Exciting offers on Black Friday 2023 from MULTIVAC! We're showcasing four brand-new, state-of-the-art MULTIVAC showroom packaging machines at significantly reduced prices. Along with these deals, enjoy additional benefit...

Meatable Launches New Facility in Leiden

23 November 2023

Meatable, a front-runner in the cultivated meat industry, recently inaugurated its new pilot facility in Leiden, marking a significant stride in the development of cultivated pork. Situated in the Bio Science Park, this ...