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Van Geloven: Lots of cheese, good crust, little dust

A tasty snack is partly characterized by a nice crispy crust. But applying a good, even breadcrumb layer while limiting dust formation and waste is no easy task. Van Geloven Cuijk therefore purchased the latest CrumbMast..

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Fungi For Future Wins Lineage's Hackathon

22 September 2023

On September 21, Lineage, a leading business in cold chain logistics, announced the winner of their hackathon 'Tackling Food Waste for a Sustainable Future' held in Amsterdam. After two days of intensive collaboration an...

EU bans greenwashing and boosts product guarantees

22 September 2023

The EU Parliament has struck a provisional agreement on updated rules aimed at eliminating misleading advertisements and supplying consumers with improved information on product longevity. This understanding seeks to ...

Glufosinate detected in organic products

21 September 2023

Recent studies have discovered glufosinate in various organic goods. Glufosinate, an herbicide similar to glyphosate, is strictly prohibited in organic farming. This revelation casts a shadow of doubt over the authentici...

First chickens vaccinated against avian influenza virus

21 September 2023

In the Netherlands, the first step has been taken in the fight against avian influenza: 1,800 day-old chicks have been vaccinated against highly pathogenic avian influenza. This field trial, initiated by the Ministry of ...

Contamination risks evaporators severely underestimated

21 September 2023

In most refrigeration, freezing and production rooms, evaporators are installed on the ceiling. These might look clean and hygienic on the exterior, but are heavily contaminated on the inside. The result: contamination r...

Water at risk: global concerns for 2030

20 September 2023

Without proactive leadership in water management, we risk a parched future. According to the World Resources Institute, the Earth may face a staggering 56% water shortfall by 2030. This dire water situation doesn't just ...

Hybrid yogurt of cow's milk and plant-based dairy

20 September 2023

Students from the Food Technology program at van hall larenstein have developed a new hybrid yogurt, consisting of a blend of cow's milk and plant-based dairy. Hilde Slaghuis, Anke Vos, and Mohammad Noman were assigned t...

Dutch spend record amount on out of home

20 September 2023

This year, Dutch consumers' spending on restaurants and cafes has reached an unprecedented high, according to the FoodService Institute Netherlands (FSIN). The forecast suggests that the turnover of the Out of Home secto...

PBL: 2030 climate goal within reach for the first time

20 September 2023

The latest Climate and Energy Exploration (KEV) delivers encouraging news for the Dutch food industry and the nation as a whole. Predictions indicate that the Netherlands' greenhouse gas emissions could decrease by 46 to...

Carrefour pressures suppliers with price tags

19 September 2023

Carrefour, the French supermarket chain, has affixed price warnings on certain products, pressuring major suppliers such as Nestle, PepsiCo, and Unilever to combat inflation. This move comes ahead of crucial contract neg...

Boermarke fully transitions to plant-based

19 September 2023

The Enschede-based company, Boermarke, is transitioning step by step to plant-based dairy alternatives. They are handing over their traditional dairy operations to competitor, Zuivelhoeve. Reynier and Alexander Varvik...

Striking turnaround in food sector price increases

19 September 2023

July 2023 stands out as a pivotal month for the food industry. While the sector started the year with a staggering 18.3% price hike, that trend has since tapered off, settling at a modest 1.8% compared to the previous Ju...

6 key considerations when purchasing a steam boiler

19 September 2023

Is your company in need of a new steam system? Making an informed decision regarding the purchase of a steam installation is crucial. Steam boilers are an investment meant to fit your needs for a long period. 1. Deter...

30 years of Linx small character inkjet at De Koningh

19 September 2023

For over 30 years, De Koningh has been a proud partner of Linx in the Netherlands. Throughout these years, with its knowledge and experience in small character inkjet, De Koningh has become one of the largest suppliers o...

The risks of BPA: a silent crisis in Europe?

18 September 2023

New research uncovers alarming data: the majority of Europeans are exposed to Bisphenol A (BPA) levels that could be detrimental to health. Found in many everyday items – from food packaging to drinking water pipes – BPA...