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LEGISLATION and ingredients

The growing demand for plant-based products, alternative protein sources and a more sustainable food system inevitably goes hand in hand with new and adapted legislation, also with regard to food labelling. In this artic..

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Food additives and their functionality

12 April 2021

Food products have a structure, colour, taste, smell and a certain shelf life. To make and/or improve these aspects, functional additives such as emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners and modified starches are used. Howev...

NVWA checks on additives in meat preparations and products

12 April 2021

Meat processing companies must adjust the recipes and labels of the meat preparations they sell, so that they comply with the European rules for the use of additives (E-numbers) in meat preparations and meat products. Th...

FNLI in protest against high energy tax in food sector

30 March 2021

Food companies subscribe to the need for sustainability like no other. To realise the energy transition in the food industry, a fairer system of energy taxes and subsidies is needed. The food industry is one of the indus...

KIDV publishes fact sheet on environmental claims

22 March 2021

Packaging regularly states that it is '100% recyclable' or 'fully compostable'. When can one use such a claim and when is it false and potentially misleading for consumers? The Sustainable Packaging Knowledge Institute p...

NVWA publishes handbook nutrition and health claims

19 March 2021

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has published a Manual of Nutrition and Health Claims. Claims can appear on food labels, but also in leaflets, on websites and in (social) media. Claims, includ...

An optimal food label for allergy information

08 March 2021

Communication experts from the Faculty of Humanities, experts from the UMC Utrecht and TNO researchers developed a proposal for an optimal food label where people with an allergy or intolerance can easily find the releva...

Many webshops are not familiar with new EU rules

08 March 2021

On July 1, 2021 the new EU VAT rules on e-commerce will enter into force. This legislation applies to Dutch webshops with an annual turnover of € 10,000 or more from sales to individuals in EU countries outside the Nethe...

End of cold calls in sight

19 February 2021

Without explicit permission, you will soon be prohibited from calling natural persons and therefore also from calling sole proprietors, partnerships and corporations. On February 9, 2021, the Senate approved "this bill t...

Earlier retirement in meat sector

11 February 2021

COV, FNV and CNV have agreed for years that for employees in a production function ('Meat in the hands') continuing to work until the retirement age is (too) difficult. The social partners are pleased that the terms of t...

UK wants health certificate for dairy imports

11 February 2021

Dutch dairy products must carry a health certificate to be allowed into the UK from 1 April. Active enforcement and monitoring on the British side of the border starts from 1 July.  Waiting days The veterinary...

Explosive material in the food industry

09 February 2021

Homemade explosives are a common weapon for terrorists and other criminals. This is due to the relatively free availability of many raw materials. The availability of these substances is limited by EU regulation 2019/114...

Mandatory European food choice logo? Not before 2023

09 February 2021

The European Commission has asked the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) to provide scientific advice to support the development of a future EU-wide system of mandatory nutrition labeling on packaging. They are al...

ProVeg in action against plant-based dairy censorship

25 January 2021

The European Union wants to censor plant-based alternatives to dairy. Even the word 'dairy-free' may soon be prohibited. ProVeg takes action against Amendment 171. ProVeg launched a petition, calling on the European C...

Takeover of Johma salads

23 December 2020

IK Investment Partners (“IK”) is pleased to announce that the IK VII Fund has reached an agreement to sell Signature Foods (“the Company”) to Pamplona Capital Management (“Pamplona”). Financial terms of the transaction a...

Major step forward for cultured meat industry

03 December 2020

Singapore has become the first country on Earth to approve cultured meat for commercial sale. On Wednesday, December 2nd, the Singapore Food Agency said that the cultured chicken produced by San Francisco-based start-up ...