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CSRD affects more and more food companies

New European directives force large companies to compile and publish their sustainability reports even more sharply. Are these in line with the Paris climate accords and will companies' implementation agendas achieve the..

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99.6 per cent slaughterhouses comply with regulations

21 September 2022

"In 2021, the NVWA carried out as many as 88,000 inspections at Dutch slaughterhouses. The NVWA's new Compliance Monitor shows that no less than 99.6% of the companies complied with laws and regulations. The companies an...

Butchers closures due to high energy prices

20 September 2022

Almost 75% of Koninklijke Nederlandse Slagers (KNS) member butchers are suffering from extremely high energy prices, a member survey shows. Healthy butchers' businesses can hardly continue their operations as a result. T...

FWS wants a broad sugar tax as soon as possible

26 August 2022

The fresh drinks sector (FWS) is calling on the Cabinet and the House of Representatives not to implement the doubling of the consumption tax on soft drinks before 2023, but instead to introduce a smart soft drinks tax a...

Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) postponed again

22 August 2022

The Brexit Adjustment Reserve (BAR) has been postponed again. The exact details and terms of the BAR are still to follow. The purpose of this scheme is to support businesses affected by the Brexit in finding new sales ma...

Record number of company closures in food industry

16 August 2022

In the first half of this year, 310 companies in the food industry closed their doors. The number of closures has never been so high since Statistics Netherlands started measuring the number of company closures in 2007. ...

Fisheries to shrink by 10 to 15 per cent until 2030

16 August 2022

The trawler fisheries is in dire straits. After two difficult coronary years, in which the fishery was hit by falling prices and turnover, high fuel costs are causing problems in many cases. About a third of fishermen ex...

UPDATE: Sustainable labour in meat sector

15 August 2022

In the summer of 2021, various talks were held with the then Ministers of LNV and SZW, trade unions and the Animal Protection Society about the position of employees in the meat sector. These talks led to an initiative b...

KIDV compares international disposal logos

03 August 2022

The KIDV has made an initial comparison of the use of disposal logos on packaging in various European countries. KIDV published an overview of this, which makes it clear to companies which logos are used in those countri...

KIDV makes packaging guidelines clear

25 July 2022

The corporate world faces many challenges in the area of packaging legislation and policy. The Sustainable Packaging Knowledge Institute (KIDV) has published a timeline in which many of these aspects are listed. The curr...

Companies fail to comply with EU sustainability rules

25 July 2022

Despite the fact that large listed companies with more than 500 employees must provide insight into the impact of their activities on people, the environment and society in their annual reports from 2024 onwards, this ye...

Changes to best before date legislation as of 1 July 2022

21 June 2022

On 1 July, the legislation for stating a best-before date will change in the Netherlands. This can have consequences for the best before date information on your products. In the Netherlands, the legislation for indic...

Construction and renovation: Safety first

20 June 2022

In the food industry, there is always a need for expansion and renovation. Food safety and sustainability requirements become stricter, legislation changes. When you discuss construction and renovation, you cannot avoid ...

Two-year contract deal for Dutch meat sector

30 May 2022

The Central Organisation for the Meat Sector (COV) has reached an agreement with the trade unions for a two-year collective labour agreement for the approximately 10,000 employees in the Dutch meat sector. Wages will ris...

Many companies do not comply with allergen requirements

25 May 2022

Most companies in retail, trade and catering do not properly inform customers about which allergens are contained in the food or dish. This is shown by data from the NVWA. In 2021, the NVWA inspected more than 5,000 busi...

Inflation blocks sustainability in food sector

24 May 2022

In the coming years, food companies must do more to improve working conditions in international supply chains and to limit environmental damage, due to legislation. At the same time, there is a lot of pressure from custo...