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Van Geloven: Lots of cheese, good crust, little dust

A tasty snack is partly characterized by a nice crispy crust. But applying a good, even breadcrumb layer while limiting dust formation and waste is no easy task. Van Geloven Cuijk therefore purchased the latest CrumbMast..

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Record number of companies in the food industry

08 August 2023

The food industry had a record number of 7,650 companies at the beginning of the third quarter of this year. Never before have so many companies been active in this sector. Compared with the same time in the previous yea...

Climate neutrality in the food sector: all hands on deck

08 August 2023

Food companies play a crucial role in achieving Dutch climate goals. According to the FNLI, climate and energy are the biggest challenges. Green power alone is insufficient to achieve climate neutrality.  Besides...

88% of all packaging recycled and reused

08 August 2023

The Netherlands is once again proving its commitment to sustainability, with a remarkable increase in recycled and reused packaging from 80% in 2021 to 88% in 2022, according to the latest report from the Dutch Waste Fun...

Agrico, Nedato & Leo de Kock launch PotatoNext

07 August 2023

Agrico, Nedato and Leo de Kock announced on August 7, 2023 their joint, independent cooperative of common consumption potatoes called PotatoNext. This new cooperative represents an essential milestone within the potato i...

Reward score for farmers launched in France

07 August 2023

The French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty has launched a pilot of the "Remunera score," a new score that reflects the remuneration of agricultural producers on products. The pilot was set up for a five-year...

Brigade Electronics launches AI detection cameras

04 August 2023

Brigade Electronics, known for their vehicle safety systems, recently launched a new product: AI Intelligent Detection Cameras. This new safety tool uses artificial intelligence to identify pedestrians in a predetermined...

Economic pressure shifts market trends

02 August 2023

Circana, a leading advisor on consumer complexity, has published a new comprehensive study titled 'Race for Resilience: Innovation Pacesetters.' The report uncovers declining product innovations across Europe's six large...

EU adopts new Sustainability Reporting Standards

02 August 2023

The European Commission has announced the adoption of the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), a comprehensive framework to guide large companies and listed entities, excluding micro-enterprises, in report...

China imports 13 percent more pork

02 August 2023

In the first half of 2023, China imported 13 percent more pork than in the same period of 2022, amounting to 1.54 million tons, an increase of 180,000 tons. Spain retains the title of main supplier. Spending on import...

Supermarket focuses deals more on meat

01 August 2023

Despite growth in recent years, the number of vegan deals in supermarkets has not increased since 2021, according to Wakker Dier's leaflet monitor. At the same time, the number of meat promotions has increased by nine pe...

System integration for robots in greenhouses

01 August 2023

TNO is working with partners to develop a semantic explanation and navigation system (SENS) that improves communication and information exchange between robots and operators in greenhouses. With the growth of greenhouses...

Ultra-processed foods are not necessarily unhealthy

01 August 2023

A new research project is challenging the idea that heavily processed foods can't be part of a healthy diet. This study aims to develop a diet plan that gets 80% of its calories from heavily processed foods, while still ...

Dutch choose to eat meat more often

01 August 2023

the percentage of Dutch people who consciously choose not to eat meat or fish at least a few days a week has declined from 40% in 2022 to 32% in 2023. Moreover, the acceptance of meat substitutes has declined over the pa...

Exhibition shows dilemmas related to protein transition

31 July 2023

The exhibition 'Digestible,' which sheds light on the issue of protein transition, is on display for the coming period at art gallery Artphy in Wessinghuizen, Groningen. The central theme of the exhibition is the current...

New technology for innovative precision fertilization

31 July 2023

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) announced the development of an innovative new technology that combines biosensor test strips and satellite-based remote sensing data to revolutionize fertilization practices in a...