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Van Geloven: Lots of cheese, good crust, little dust

A tasty snack is partly characterized by a nice crispy crust. But applying a good, even breadcrumb layer while limiting dust formation and waste is no easy task. Van Geloven Cuijk therefore purchased the latest CrumbMast..

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Food sector defies Dutch economic contraction

07 September 2023

The Dutch economy is showing signs of recession, shrinking 0.3 percent in the second quarter, following a 0.4 percent decline in the previous quarter. However, Rabobank predicts the impact will be less dramatic than the ...

Mosa Meat earns B Corp Certification

07 September 2023

Mosa Meat, driven by its mission to better the world, proudly announces its B Corp certification. This isn't just an accolade; it's a pledge to adhere to superior ethical and environmental standards. This certification u...

Microalgae as tomorrow's food: Phycom gets financial boost

07 September 2023

Phycom recently received an investment of €9 million to secure the production of top-quality microalgae on an industrial scale. This Dutch microalgae producer in Veenendaal sees this funding as recognition of the role of...

Ingredients for a sustainable food deal

06 September 2023

On Sustainable Tuesday (September 5th, 2023), the government received the sustainable briefcase filled with initiatives for a greener future. Ruud Zanders, co-founder of both poultry company Kipster and the Caring Farmer...

Are meat substitutes healthier than comparable meat

06 September 2023

Meat substitutes generally have a healthier nutritional profile compared to their animal counterparts, according to a recent study by ProVeg Netherlands (Dutch). The study analyzed the nutritional value of 130 plant-base...

ZERO Food Waste Challenge van HAS green academy

05 September 2023

De Verspillingsvrije Week (11 t/m 17 september 2023) markeert de start van de landelijke ZERO Food Waste Challenge, georganiseerd door HAS green academy in Den Bosch. De challenge heeft als doel hbo-studenten te sensibil...

Belgian citric acid squeezed by China

05 September 2023

In Tienen, Belgium, sugar molasses, a by-product of sugar beet production, is fermented into citric acid. This acid is used in a variety of products such as shampoo, yogurt, soda, and dishwasher tablets. Belgium is uniqu...

The added value of using robotics

05 September 2023

The first automata operated on water, steam and radar mechanisms. They were mainly used for entertainment; moving puppets, self-playing instruments or walking animals. Leonardo Da Vinci even built a complete mechanical k...

King No Crab plantaardige variant King Crab

04 September 2023

Vegan Zeastar, a Rijswijk-based company specializing in plant-based fish alternatives, has launched King No Crab: the first vegan alternative to king crab, a species threatened with extinction due to climate change and o...

Influence processing on digestibility of plant proteins

04 September 2023

Ruth Boachie's recent dissertation dives deep into the world of plant proteins, particularly the effects of processing conditions such as thermal treatments and their interaction with other food components. As the core o...

100 impact makers in agrifood 2023

01 September 2023

For the seventh time, Food100 has announced the most influential people in the Dutch food sector. These 100 people are pushing for a more sustainable and equitable food system in the Netherlands to address climate and fo...

E-Piim, Royal A-ware and Interfood Group: First Cheddar produced in Estonia

01 September 2023

The brand-new dairy factory in Estonia has produced its first Cheddar cheese after an extensive process of planning, design, and construction. This project is the outcome of a collaboration between E-Piim, Royal A-ware, ...

Plant-Based Meat Alternatives: Back to the Drawing Board

31 August 2023

After a period of intense growth, plant-based meat alternatives now face challenges. Consumer engagement is declining, leading to reduced production and diminished offerings in supermarkets. This suggests that manufactur...

Plant-Based Pioneers: 15 Years of TOP-inside Technology

30 August 2023

The team at TOP b.v. has focused on developing innovative meat substitutes and plant-based products over the past 15 years. Their primary aim was to mimic the texture and taste of meat. From this effort, three prominent ...

The Volkswagen currywurst is back

30 August 2023

Volkswagen, renowned for its cars, has an unusually popular product in its factory canteen in Wolfsburg: the VW currywurst. Ironically, over the past years, the company sold more of these curry sausages than cars, with a...