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Over 20 algae species admitted to European market

The Dutch food industry is poised for a significant shift, following the recent addition of over 20 algae species to the EU Novel Food Catalogue. This decision by the European Commission, in collaboration with the compet..

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Facing Every Renovation Head-On; Jackit is Ready

05 February 2024

Renovation and construction specialist, Jackit, is renowned as a flexible partner for the food industry, with CEO Jack Pluim being someone who tackles challenges head-on. With a new impact-resistant wall material, he exp...

'Technology fuels the future of the food industry'

05 February 2024

Curious about what's happening in the food industry? And which technological innovations will shape the future? Four suppliers to the food processing and manufacturing industry share insights into the smart technical sol...

Measuring Water Activity: Key points and pitfalls

05 February 2024

Water activity (aw) is a crucial parameter in determining the food safety and quality of a product. However, it is crucial to note that achieving accurate and reliable measurements is essential! In this article, we shed ...

Column Saskia Stender: New year, new opportunities

05 February 2024

We've kicked off the new year on a high note! Our winter barbecue was a success – a great time of catching up, laughing, and, of course, delicious food. This is just the beginning of what promises to be another fantastic...

Most Sustainable Dutch Bakery Opens Its Doors

05 February 2024

Master bakers Reindert Hameeteman and Mark Plaating unveiled the most sustainable bakery school in the Netherlands today in Eindhoven. The bakery, a part of Summa Brood & Banket, stands out for its commitment to sust...

Postma Vleeswaren and De Kroes Join Forces

05 February 2024

Postma Vleeswaren from Haarlem and De Kroes from Almere announce their strategic partnership, uniting to uphold a shared commitment to artisanal quality. This alliance promises to continue the tradition of expertise, kno...

NVWA: Entrepreneurs Fail to Provide Allergen Information

02 February 2024

Entrepreneurs lag behind in providing allergen information in food, warns the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). In 2023, the NVWA checked 6,548 companies to see if they complied with the legal rule...

BMEL Wants Mandatory Origin Labeling in Europe

02 February 2024

In an era where consumers increasingly prioritize knowing the origin of their food, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is advocating for mandatory origin labeling at the European level. This call reflect...

Turning Point Achieved: Going Plant-Based Pays Off

01 February 2024

It appears that times have changed in supermarkets, and this time in favor of the price-conscious consumer. Recent research by the think tank Questionmark, commissioned by ProVeg, reveals that filling your shopping baske...

Gain insight into what truly happens in your factory

01 February 2024

With real-time production data, you can make informed decisions instantly and optimize your processes more efficiently. Explore how Industry 4.0 solutions for the food and beverage sector can help your business grow. ...

Decline in Fish and Shrimp Landings to a New Low

01 February 2024

The fishing sector has faced a challenging year, marked by a significant restructuring and, on top of that, dramatic shrimp catches, resulting in red landing figures. The turnover at the remaining fish auctions dropped s...

Food industry in transition: from energy to AI

01 February 2024

As we still grapple with the aftershocks of last year's inflation, a new landscape unfolds in the 2024 food market. Rising prices seem an inevitable path, but it's the strategic course that producers, retailers, and hosp...

FAVV Analyses on PFAS in 2023: Reassuring Results

31 January 2024

The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FAVV) analyzed 370 samples of various food items for PFAS in 2023. Only 4 samples were found to be non-compliant with the harmonized European standards that came into ...

Winners Revealed for the FoodmanShip Awards 2024

30 January 2024

On January 30th, HAS green academy unveiled the promising winners of the FoodmanShip Awards 2024 during the annual HAS Food Experience. Now in its 16th edition, the event serves as a platform for six projects by driven s...

New Rules for Genetically Modified Plants

30 January 2024

In an effort to enhance the sustainability and resilience of the food system, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have taken a stance on the Commission's proposal regarding New Genomic Techniques (NGT). The Committ...