Sopraco's innovative ERP transformation
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Sopraco's innovative ERP transfor­mation

  • 16 April 2024

The Sopraco Group, a leading company in the European meat industry, has taken a significant step in transforming its business operations through the implementation of an advanced ERP system, developed by CSB-System. This system integrates all business processes from Sopraco's subsidiaries, from livestock farming to distribution, enhancing efficiency, structure, and transparency in their extensive production and distribution chain.

Previously, Sopraco faced inefficiencies due to outdated IT systems, which hindered rapid responses to market developments and consumer trends. These challenges are critical in the dynamic meat industry. With the new ERP system, Sopraco can now integrate all operational aspects in real-time, enabling holistic management of business processes and providing Sopraco a considerable competitive edge.

The company manages a complex production chain, from livestock and feed production to slaughtering, distribution, processing, and logistics. This is supported by specialized subsidiaries such as Bepro for livestock feed production and Vilatca for raising calves and cattle. With facilities in Belgium and recent expansions in France, Sopraco is one of the largest meat suppliers in Europe.

The advantages of the CSB system are significant. It not only improves efficiency and transparency by eliminating manual processes and uniting data streams, but it also offers real-time access to product and process information. This enhances decision-making and ensures the traceability of products from farm to fork. Additionally, the system is scalable and future-proof, designed to grow with the company and adapt to new market demands or regulations.

The implementation and support by CSB consultants, who have extensive knowledge of the meat industry and Sopraco's specific challenges, provide additional expertise and confidence. This partnership between Sopraco and CSB represents a progressive approach in the meat processing sector, where Sopraco not only strengthens its position as a market leader but also sets a new standard for operational excellence.

This strategic move positions Sopraco on a solid foundation for future growth and innovation, ensuring the company is well-prepared to face future challenges and opportunities. With this advanced ERP system, Sopraco takes a significant step forward in promoting efficiency and transparency in the meat industry, serving as a model for other players in the sector.

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Source: CSB-System Benelux