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Over 20 algae species admitted to European market

The Dutch food industry is poised for a significant shift, following the recent addition of over 20 algae species to the EU Novel Food Catalogue. This decision by the European Commission, in collaboration with the compet..

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Energy Transition in the Food Industry: How?

29 January 2024

The food industry is faced with the challenge of embracing the energy transition amid limited electricity infrastructure and increasing government pressure to phase out natural gas. How can producers strategically addres...

Get a head start in 2024 with food industry insights

29 January 2024

How do you set the tone for the year 2024 in the food and beverage industry? What are the key insights and developments that will impact the food industry this year? In the dynamic world of the food and beverage indus...

First KitKat with fully traceable cocoa

29 January 2024

Nestlé, a global leader in the food and beverage industry, has recently launched the first KitKat made with cocoa sourced from the Nestlé Income Accelerator program. This initiative, introduced in January 2022, focuses o...

Tastings of Cultivated Meat and Fish Soon a Reality

29 January 2024

Dutch companies engaged in the production of cultivated meat and fish now have the opportunity to submit applications for tastings through the Cellular Agriculture Netherlands Foundation (CANS). This move comes in the wa...

New Drug Law Also Bans Sweetener Aspartame

29 January 2024

Recent research reveals that the proposed law to prohibit designer drugs unintentionally affects everyday and harmless substances. Interestingly, the popular sweetener aspartame tops the list of banned substances, alongs...

Marel rejects proposal from JBT Cooperation

26 January 2024

Machinery manufacturer Marel received a third proposal for acquisition by US multinational JBT on 19 January 2024, with a number of conditions still to be met. The value of Marel is estimated to be around EUR 3.5 billion...

How can food packaging become more sustainable?

26 January 2024

The food industry grapples with the imperative to transform food packaging. How can companies make their packaging more sustainable without compromising consumer preferences? The DLG's groundbreaking study, ‘Sustainable ...

Many Vegetables and Fruits Medium Risk in the UK

26 January 2024

The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) of the United Kingdom recently announced that a substantial number of vegetables and fruits could potentially be classified as 'medium risk.' This disclosur...

Certification Requirement for Organic Products Unworkable

25 January 2024

The certification obligation for "organic" products, stemming from European regulations, proves practically unfeasible for certain entrepreneurs. The strictness of these rules can result in excessively high compliance co...

BOON Shifts Focus to Beans

25 January 2024

In a surprising turn of events, BOON has announced its decision to cease the sale of their popular meat substitutes in retail outlets. The company has decided to shift their focus to beans. BOON believes that the chal...

Rising food industry sales and business growth in 2023

25 January 2024

In 2023, the revenue of the food industry increased by 3 percent, primarily due to a growth in selling prices of approximately 6 percent. The number of companies in the sector grew last year, while the number of bankrupt...

Van Loon Group expands: Acquisition of Conveni Landgraaf

24 January 2024

Van Loon Group has recently acquired the production and sales activities of fresh pasta sauces from Conveni Landgraaf. This strategic move aims to strengthen the convenience offering for customers in the retail and foods...

TNO Develops Method for Biochar Production

24 January 2024

In the ongoing quest for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, TNO has pioneered an innovative method for large-scale production of clean biochar. The EnerChar method, based on biomass gasification, not only allows f...

COV: Labor Migration Crucial for Food Security

24 January 2024

The discussion regarding the scale of migration to the Netherlands calls for careful consideration, emphasizing the significance of labor migration. The State Commission on Demographic Developments 2050 advocates for res...

Sustainability and food waste in the fishing industry

23 January 2024

A recent conference hosted by the Visfederatie in Wassenaar tackled crucial issues surrounding food consumption and waste. The complexity of environmental, population, and health challenges demands a reevaluation of our ...