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Unbreakable, CIP-resistant inline pH sensor

The new Mettler Toledo InPro X1 is the very first unbreakable, "food-safe", and CIP-resistant pH sensor for inline measurements. The X-chip, the core of the sensor, is virtually unbreakable and is made of high-tech co..

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Jimmy's Unveils New Head Office in Ridderkerk

14 November 2023

Jimmy Products BV, the producer behind the renowned Jimmy’s® Popcorn, Nachos, and Dips, has announced a significant step in its growth trajectory. The company has disclosed plans for constructing a new main office at the...

Sustainable advancements in animal feed

14 November 2023

At their annual congress in The Hague, Nevedi unveiled an important initiative, Sustainable Animal Feed 2030. This project aims to quantify the sustainability efforts in the animal feed industry and set tangible goals fo...

Vision + Robotics: WUR's Robotica Program Enters New Phase

14 November 2023

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) has embarked on an exciting new chapter with its Agro Food Robotics programme, now rebranded as "Vision + Robotics". This strategic move aligns more closely with the core missio...

Unilever shares ice cream reformulation patents

14 November 2023

In a notable move towards environmental sustainability, Unilever announced 9 November 2023 its decision to provide a free, non-exclusive license for 12 ice cream reformulation patents to the global ice cream industry. Th...

Magic Box model gives food products a second chance

14 November 2023

In a significant stride towards combating food waste, Too Good To Go, the world’s largest marketplace for surplus food, has made a notable impact in the Netherlands. Within less than a year, the company has successfully ...

Allergen Labelling: Challenges and Developments

13 November 2023

Allergen labelling in the food industry is a critical issue, impacting consumer safety and informed decision-making. Despite clear regulations, challenges persist, particularly in compliance and keeping up with evolving ...

Timo Hoogeboom named Food Manager of the Year

13 November 2023

At the National Food Congress, held at the Kurhaus in Scheveningen, Timo Hoogeboom, the former CEO of Hak, was honored as the 'Food Manager of the Year'. This accolade, an initiative by FoodPersonality, has been awarded ...

Normec Foodcare and AKSV Join Forces

10 November 2023

In recent news, Normec Foodcare and the industry association AKSV have joined forces to enhance food safety and quality in the convenience food industry. This collaboration is in response to the growing popularity of con...

Consumer behaviour lab: bridging the gap between intention and action

08 November 2023

Bamboo Brands and HAS green academy are proud to announce the launch of the Consumer Behaviour Lab (CBL), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at developing reliable methods for predicting actual food choice behaviours rath...

Ikea Retracts Eco Claims for Veggie Balls

07 November 2023

"A little ball with a big impact! The new Swedish veggie ball has the same taste and texture as our iconic meatball, but the production of the plant-based version has 25 times less environmental impact." Is this claim fr...

Improve hygiene in cold storage areas with UVC Light

07 November 2023

Evaporators in the cooling, freezing, and production areas of the food industry pose an underestimated contamination risk. These systems, which cool and circulate air, may appear clean from the outside but are often cont...

Robotics Days 2023 - Stäubli & Partners

07 November 2023

On November 22 & 23, Stäubli will host the fifth edition of Robotics Days in Mechelen, in collaboration with 19 technology partners. Partner Qing Forward Engineering from Arnhem will offer visitors a unique look into...

Market Disrupted by Chicken Import Surge

06 November 2023

Gert-Jan Oplaat, president of Nepluvi, is sounding the alarm over the massive influx of cheap chicken meat from Ukraine that fails to meet European environmental and animal welfare standards. “While we try to support Ukr...

Protix and Tyson: Sustainability through Insects

06 November 2023

Tyson Foods and Protix, two major players in the food industry, have decided to join forces to produce more sustainable proteins. In an era where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, this partnership marks ...

Beyond Meat: Facing Challenges in 2023

06 November 2023

Beyond Meat, the American manufacturer of meat alternatives, finds itself in a challenging situation for the year 2023. With a recent reduction in their revenue expectations and a disappointing third quarter, they are co...