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New allergen policy, stricter regulations

Effective January 1, 2026, a new allergen policy will be implemented in the Netherlands. "Our goal was to establish clarity; we aimed to reach agreements that everyone could support," says Yvonne Huigen, Coordinating Spe..

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Food producers cut back on expensive ingredients

24 April 2024

Food producers in the Netherlands are reducing the use of costly ingredients in their food products. Despite these cutbacks, the price of many products remains the same or even increases. This is highlighted in a recent ...

The understated benefits of MES

23 April 2024

In industries where efficiency and quality control are key to success, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides numerous advantages. While the more common benefits are well-recognized, such as optimizing productio...

Availability of vegetables and fruit pressured by EU regulations

22 April 2024

The European Parliament is about to vote on significant new legislation affecting the agricultural sector, particularly in the area of seeds and plant materials. This could have major implications for the availability of...

EFSA: Many farmed fish species free of parasites

22 April 2024

On April 18th, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published a scientific report on parasites in farmed fish within EU and EFTA countries. The report indicates that many popular fish species, such as Atlantic salmo...

Foodwatch launches plan for better eating in Europe

22 April 2024

Foodwatch has unveiled a new five-point plan in the lead-up to the European Parliament elections on June 6. This plan underscores the need to prioritize consumer interests over those of the food industry within EU food p...

Bird flu control requires strict monitoring post-vaccination

22 April 2024

Post-vaccination monitoring is crucial for the timely detection of bird flu outbreaks and ensuring the safe movement of birds. This is according to a recent scientific opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFS...

Protein research revolutionizes Dutch baking wheat

22 April 2024

The quality of Dutch baking wheat could see significant improvement due to recent research by Wageningen University & Research. Twan America, a researcher at the institute, explains how the composition of proteins in...

Meatable hosts first EU cultivated meat tasting

19 April 2024

Meatable recently achieved a significant milestone by organizing the first legally approved tasting event for cultivated meat in the European Union. This event took place at their new headquarters in Leiden, where invite...

Greenyard acquires Crème de la Crème

19 April 2024

On April 18th, Greenyard announced its acquisition of the Belgian company Crème de la Crème. This company specializes in the development, production, and sale of gelato and frozen desserts, with a focus on products made ...

Robotics in Fish Packaging at Seafood Expo

18 April 2024

MULTIVAC will present the latest robotics handling and packaging solutions for fish, crustacean, and shellfish processing at the 2024 Seafood Expo. The company highlights its focus on vacuum skin packaging and hygienic p...

As of 2026, stricter monitoring of 'green' claims in EU

18 April 2024

Consumers in Europe will soon have greater certainty about the sustainability claims manufacturers make. From mid-2026, new EU regulations will come into effect to counter misleading information. The European Commission ...

Millions more in subsidies for meat and dairy advertising

18 April 2024

The subsidies for advertising campaigns within the European food sector reveal a notable shift towards animal products, as shown by the most recent funding round of the European Union. Nearly half of the total budget of ...

Albert Heijn reduces CO2e emissions with new meat range

17 April 2024

Albert Heijn is taking a new step towards making its meat products more sustainable. The supermarket chain is introducing a range of meats that significantly reduce CO2e emissions. The selection includes combinations of ...

Increasing number of Dutch citizens in food poverty

17 April 2024

According to recent research by Ipsos I&O, the Netherlands is grappling with a serious yet often invisible issue: hidden food poverty. The Red Cross reports that over 450,000 individuals are not receiving sufficient ...

Ladessa continues under The Spreadmaker’s wings

16 April 2024

Following financial difficulties and market challenges, Ladessa, renowned for its filet américain and spreads, is set to embark on a new chapter under the aegis of The Spreadmaker. Continuity assured The restart wa...