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Spirulinazia is still to come

A plate full of algae is not on the menu yet, spirulinazie is still some time away. However, algae are gaining little popularity as an alternative source of protein. It is expected that algae will become an indispensable..

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MKB innovatie top 100

10 July 2017

De provincie Noord-Holland en de sector industrie zijn sterk vertegenwoordigd in de MKB Innovatie Top 100, een lijst met de meest innovatieve bedrijven uit het Nederlandse midden- en kleinbedrijf. Dat maakt de Kamer van ...

Dutch Discovery Schools

02 May 2017

Discovery Schools are 21st-century schools focused on the society and economy of tomorrow. As the world around you changes, you will need to adapt too. Has your job become surplus to requirements, or is your whole profes...

Industrial manufacturing of plant-based steak

11 April 2017

To pave the way for a new generation of meat substitutes – that’s the aim of the four-year public-private partnership (PPP) called ‘Plant Meat Matters’ which is getting underway this spring. At its heart is the innovativ...

From edible paper to marketing tool

11 April 2017

The Dutch village of Oostzaan is home to the world’s only factory that produces edible wafer paper in both sheet and roll form. The product is sold all over the world under the name of Primus Wafer Paper. Thanks to moder...

Innovating to stay ahead

11 April 2017

Aalt Dijkhuizen has been a figurehead for the Dutch agri-food sector at home and abroad for many years. He has been chair of the Top Team Agri & Food since 2014, and on 1 April of this year the Top Team also named hi...

Presentations, demos and workshops

11 April 2017

Are you interested in attending an interesting day about surface finishing and metalworking? And seeing demonstrations of some of the most innovative and robotised machines around? Or perhaps you’re keen to learn about t...

Slicers and grinders for food products

11 April 2017

Virtually all companies in the food processing industry use one or more URSCHEL machines for slicing or grinding/pureeing their products, such as meat, cheese, dried fruit, nuts, bread, potato flakes, and of course fr...

Multivac presenteert Multifresh skinverpakken

11 April 2017

De MULTIVAC R105 MF is een instapmodel dieptrekverpakkingsmachine voor skinverpakken voor kleine tot middelgrote capaciteiten. MultiFresh is het ‘next generation’ skinverpakken; hogere producten, kleinere verpakkingen...

Water Innovator of the Year 2017

06 March 2017

The company Pathema based in Tilburg, The Netherlands, has been named Water Innovator of the Year 2017 at the Watervisie Congres 2017 conference in Rotterdam, beating off competition from other innovators such as Willy V...

Evides industriewater, uw waterpartner

06 March 2017

Water is een essentieel onderdeel van veel producten en processen. Evides Industriewater maakt betrouwbaar proceswater voor de voedingsindustrie. Of het nu gaat om water dat wordt gebruikt voor het wassen en transportere...

Het beste uit uw productieproces

06 March 2017

De FastBack transport systemen maken gebruik van horizontale beweging om producten op een zeer delicate wijze te transporteren, hierdoor wordt productbreuk en afzetting voorkomen. Ideaal geschikt om een multihead weger m...

Join the challenge against climate change

06 March 2017

During Biofach – Europe’s largest trade show dedicated to organic food – Wessanen launched the ‘Organic food against climate change’ challenge. Aimed at having a positive impact on the global food system and climate chan...

Food preservation methods

06 March 2017

The discovery that food could be preserved for long periods of time was truly revolutionary! It enabled humans to travel and to survive harsh winters and food shortages. Heating, freezing, drying, pickling, fermenting an...

Need for flexibility and durable quality

06 March 2017

Thanks to the economic upswing, suppliers of packaging and labelling machines for the Dutch food processing industry have the wind at their back. However, that doesn’t mean that customers are so eager to spend money that...

‘In-line printing is really taking off'

06 March 2017

Five years ago, Dick de Koning and Johan Glaser founded PACKZ. The duo regularly attend packaging-related trade fairs and conferences around the world. They enjoy sharing the knowledge they have acquired – by organising ...