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Spirulinazia is still to come

A plate full of algae is not on the menu yet, spirulinazie is still some time away. However, algae are gaining little popularity as an alternative source of protein. It is expected that algae will become an indispensable..

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Chicken protein without chicken!

27 August 2019

A vegetable-based chicken protein based on a fungus can make the use of eggs in the food industry unnecessary. Within a few years FunGeneX, a subsidiary of BioscienZ, wants to launch the product on the market.  C...

ASN Bank World Award seeks smart ideas

21 August 2019

A dream, brilliant idea or concrete business plan? Starting entrepreneurs, with a smart idea for a better world, can sign up for the competition for sustainable start-ups in the Netherlands as of this week. The ASN Bank ...

Poster Meatindustry

16 August 2019

Every year, the professional magazine 'Voedingsindustrie' publishes a poster (A1) with the structure of the Dutch meat, meat products and convenience food industry. So much is changing in the Netherlands over the course ...

New method for blue energy

15 August 2019

Recently, researchers at Stanford University in America have developed a battery that can generate energy using freshwater and saltwater streams. This makes the research team the first to use a battery to generate 'blue ...

Tomorrow's food: Pills, powders and insects

15 August 2019

On Wednesday 10 July, De Studio, the new location of the NEMO Science Museum at Marineterrein Amsterdam, opened with the exhibition 'Voedsel van morgen' (Tomorrow's food). In this exhibition, NEMO, in collaboration with ...

&samhoud food makes vegan hot dog

07 August 2019

As of Monday 5 August, the vegetable hot dog will be available at HEMA. This icon of the future was developed by 2-Michelin-star chef Moshik Roth of vegetable-innovator &samhoud food. With this, HEMA is taking an imp...

Jellyfish: Disgusting? They are useful!

05 August 2019

Global climate change and the human impact on marine ecosystems result in decreasing the number of fish in the ocean. Since overfishing decreases the numbers of jellyfish competitors, their blooms are in rise. They are r...

Roosterz&Co retail precooked chicken

30 July 2019

The product range of Roosterz&Co has been expanded with a 'Ready for Meals' series especially for the retail sector. In this way, Roosterz&Co serves consumers not only with the existing chicken bites but also wit...

Biosolar panels: from CO2 to protein

29 July 2019

In London, scientists are testing the "BioSolar Leaf," which uses carbon-hungry organisms to help clean the air better than trees can - all while providing an excellent source of protein. On the new campus of Imperial...

Launch of ScaleUpFood

26 July 2019

The Netherlands: ScaleUpNation, Foodvalley NL and Rabobank announced the launch of ScaleUpFood: a comprehensive support program dedicated to scaling entrepreneurial ventures in food and agriculture. “Climate change, g...

Protein from processed air

22 July 2019

Protein from processed air, it sounds too good to be true. Yet the Finnish engineer Pasi Vainikka indicates that this is possible. Together with five like-minded technicians he founded Solar Foods. The protein is made fr...

Schouten supplies to Australia

17 July 2019

After Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East, the Dutch family business Schouten Europe BV will now also supply vegetarian products to Australia. From this summer onwards, Schouten will be supplying its products...

Companies benefit well from the WSBO

15 July 2019

In 2018, more than 20,000 Dutch companies - 97% of which are SMEs - benefited from the WBSO innovation and research scheme to the tune of € 1.1 billion. The scheme encourages entrepreneurs to carry out more research (R&a...

Nominees FNLI Award announced

08 July 2019

The three nominees for the FNLI Award 2019 are known. Kees den Uijl (Euroma), Ad Jansen (Suiker Unie) and the Lipton team (Unilever) have been selected as potential winners of the FNLI Award and thus have a chance to win...

Stixfresh: longer shelf life for fruit

01 July 2019

StixFresh produces stickers that protect fruit against fungal infections. The natural components in the sticker create a protective layer around apples, pears, mangos and other citrus fruits. The American company sets up...