Innovative projects for plastic recycling launched
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Innovative projects for plastic recycling launched

  • 02 May 2024

Plastic recycling in the Netherlands has been given a boost with the approval of four innovative projects by RVO. These projects, funded under the Circular Plastics NL programme, aim to fully close the loop on plastic usage and to reuse waste streams at a high level of quality.

These four projects bring together entrepreneurs and research institutions. They have jointly applied for grants to showcase their innovations in plastic recycling. The projects focus on improving the quality of recycled plastics, making them suitable for high-quality applications.

Techniques for better sorting

The 'Monitoring Quality in Plastic Recycling' project is notable for its multidisciplinary approach. The National Testing Centre for Circular Plastics coordinates this research along with partners such as Maastricht University, TNO, and major industrial players like LyondellBasell and Danone. Together, they are developing techniques to more accurately characterize and sort plastic waste streams, which will enhance the quality of the recycled material.

Innovations in film and textiles

The SKILLS project is exploring the reusability of stretch film, with Trioworld working alongside Grolsch Brewery and other partners to determine if used films can serve as new raw materials. This project highlights the practical application of circular principles in the business-to-business market, particularly in the packaging of goods for transportation.

Additionally, there are three showcases focused on improving the recycling process for specific material streams. A notable project within these is TEXPOWER, led by the Dutch Polymer Institute. This project concentrates on recycling textiles made from cotton and polyester, involving the entire chain from sorting techniques to spinning new textile fibers.

Source: RVO