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Hybrid yogurt of cow's milk and plant-based dairy

Students from the Food Technology program at van hall larenstein have developed a new hybrid yogurt, consisting of a blend of cow's milk and plant-based dairy. Hilde Slaghuis, Anke Vos, and Mohammad Noman were assigned t..

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Interpack 2023

11 May 2023

Interpack 2023, the world's largest packaging trade fair, was held in Düsseldorf from May 4-10, 2023, under the slogan "Welcome Home." The fair exceeded expectations, with 2,807 exhibitors showcasing the latest packaging...

Mosa Meat opens largest cultivated meat campus to date

10 May 2023

Mosa Meat, the leading name in the cultivated meat industry, has opened the world's largest scale-up facility for the production of beef grown directly from animal cells on Monday 8 May. The new facility, which is part o...

Veos converts animal blood into drinkable water

10 May 2023

Veos, producer of animal proteins for the food industry, is investing 2 million euros in a new water treatment plant that will filter up to 150 cubic meters of animal blood daily into drinkable water. This investment is ...

New technologies: digitizing 3D printing of food

04 May 2023

There is a growing need for innovative processing techniques that increase the efficiency of food production, reduce waste and improve food quality. Smart' food processing plays a crucial role in this. What is possible w...

Smart robots to make a salad

02 May 2023

Picking and packaging a bunch of grapes with a robot already requires a lot of technology. But it can get even more complicated: automatically preparing a ready-to-eat salad. Researchers from Wageningen University & ...

Nice to Meat makes a strong brand out of meat

19 April 2023

Nice to Meat has been supplying meat to the catering industry for 128 years. In the 1990s, Mikel Pouw took over the company. With success. Mainly thanks to his conclusion that little top-quality meat was being sold in th...

Innovating for food transition: 'We could step it up a notch'

18 April 2023

Almost all major challenges of our time are linked to our food system; the nitrogen debate, the climate crisis, the biodiversity problem, our health, the energy transition. Things have to change, everyone agrees. That ca...

High food prices call for sharper management

18 April 2023

Companies in the food chain are facing rising costs due to inflation. Food price inflation rose to a record high of 18.4% in March 2023, while general inflation stood at 4.4%.  This is caused by delayed pass-thro...

Jan Zandbergen Group opens new innovation centre

11 April 2023

30 March 2023 Jan Zandbergen Group celebrated the opening of their Food Innovation Centre in exclusive company during the event: 'The Taste of Innovation'. Invited guests could listen to lectures by Rabobank and Wagening...

Online edition April 2023: Product innovation

11 April 2023

Almost all major challenges of our time are linked to our food system; the nitrogen debate, the climate crisis, the biodiversity problem, our health, the energy transition. Things have to change, everyo...

Peter Klosse: 'It will have to be pretty delicious!'

11 April 2023

Fact: coffee tastes different from a sandwich or an apple. "Tastes differ, but taste by itself is what it is. It exists, even if you haven't tasted it yet." Scientifically speaking, the phenomenon of 'taste' is still in ...

Column Pieter Vos: A real foothold for innovation

11 April 2023

The BBB made a huge gain in the provincial elections. Numerous analyses followed in the media: what caused this monster victory? Whether you agree with them or not; I think above all they listened very carefully to the p...

Renewable proteins and energy from seaweed

11 April 2023

We know seaweed mainly from sushi, and perhaps from chips. But it can also be made into paper, fabric, leather and bioplastic. "In a country like Korea, 30% of what they eat is based on seaweed. We are not ready for that...

Roy Meenderink: The key for innovation

11 April 2023

"Are you that old already?" a customer asked me when I recently told them that I have been in the food industry for 38 years. But no, I simply started early. In all that time, I have seen a lot of product innovations pas...

Schouten Europe introduces plant-based egg protein

04 April 2023

Schouten Europe announced on 4 April 2023 the launch of its latest innovation: a plant-based egg protein that looks and tastes like animal-based chicken egg protein. The plant-based egg protein offers the same nutritiona...