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Spirulinazia is still to come

A plate full of algae is not on the menu yet, spirulinazie is still some time away. However, algae are gaining little popularity as an alternative source of protein. It is expected that algae will become an indispensable..

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Fabriek voor eiwit uit eendenkroos geopend

10 March 2020

Eiwitten uit waterlinzen (eendenkroos) vormen een goed alternatief voor dierlijke eiwitten. In Raalte opende op 5 maart de proeffabriek van Rubisco Foods (voorheen ABC Kroos) waar ze hoogwaardig eiwit uit eendenkroos win...

Sustainable ambitions of Van Oers United

09 March 2020

Cees van Diest, Facility and HSE manager at Van Oers United wants to work smarter. So does Ronnie Schiltmans, director and owner of Prodoor in Apeldoorn. Together, they are already well on their way when it comes to the ...

Yeast-based vegetable proteins

09 March 2020

Vegetable proteins are a holy grail. The search for alternative sources of protein is in full swing worldwide, demand from the food industry is increasing. Scientists from all over the world are studying the 'plant-based...

Duplaco: 1000 to 1500 tonnes of micro-algae per year

09 March 2020

Microalgae are on the right side of the health spectrum. After all: the single-celled plant without roots and leaves has a complete nutrient profile and multiplies every eight hours. Green fast food.  According t...

HAS Food Experience 2020; Young Talent

09 March 2020

At the 12th HAS Food Experience 230 up-and-coming food professionals presented their projects in the theme 'Today's Food Challenges'. The event has grown into a vibrant platform that helps students with promising concept...

Durable dreams come true in Haps

09 March 2020

In Cuijk, Danone Nutricia has been producing high-quality baby food for over 100 years. Six kilometres away, at Bedrijvenpark Laarakker in Haps, Danone Nutricia built a new ultramodern and sustainable factory on 8.4 hect...

12e editie HAS Food Experience

04 February 2020

Het project Redhotintercrop – agroforestry chilli heeft tijdens de HAS Food Experience bij HAS Hogeschool de Buitencategorie van de FoodManShip Awards gewonnen. Studenten Dirk Beerendonk, Irene Boelen, Carlo Frenquellucc...

FUMI: Half a million for natural protein substitutes

31 January 2020

All over the world a vegetable alternative to chicken egg protein has been sought for years. FUMI Ingredients, a spin-off of Wageningen University & Research, has found a natural alternative that is cheaper than regu...

Moving Mountains launches No-Pork burger

21 January 2020

Moving Mountains, known from vegetable burgers and hot dogs, is continuously developing various alternative meat products. After recently launching a sausage, the No-Pork Burger is now also available to the market. While...

Half meat and half vegetable in the meat shelf

08 January 2020

New for consumers who want to eat less meat but don't want to compromise on healthy properties and delicious taste, who are looking for the balance between enjoyment, responsible living and sustainability. FiftyFifty is ...

Unilever opens Foods Innovation Centre on Wageningen campus

10 December 2019

On 6 December his Majesty the King of the Netherlands opened Unilever’s new global Foods Innovation Centre on the campus of Wageningen University, the leading global agri-food research hub. Unilever has invested €85m ...

American company acquires interest in Evolution Meats

05 December 2019

The American investment company Unovis Partners has taken an interest in Evolution Meats, a Dutch startup from Roermond that develops vegan meat substitutes and snack products. Evolution Meats (formerly Green Meat Produc...

More sustainable food sector through DNA testing

21 October 2019

In the Biosintrum in Friesland, the closing night of the very first Rabo Food Forward Track took place on Thursday 17 October. On this evening the two previously nominated cases were presented to the jury. The winning...

Suiker Unie will produce protein from leaves

16 October 2019

Suiker Unie officially took its Green Protein Demo Plant into use on 10 October. It started producing protein from beet leaves. This is done using a unique, pioneering method, the exclusive licence of which has been obta...

Vegan raw minced meat

15 October 2019

The technology for developing meat substitutes is improving. More and more alternatives are coming onto the market. For example, Nestlé is introducing the Garden Gourmet Incredible Minced Meat; vegan raw minced meat that...