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Nijsen and Insect Engineers join Insect Valley Europe

Nijsen and Insect Engineers, leading players in insect farming and protein transition, have joined Insect Valley Europe (IVE). This initiative, supported by Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, the Province of Limburg, an..

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Consumer behaviour lab: bridging the gap between intention and action

08 November 2023

Bamboo Brands and HAS green academy are proud to announce the launch of the Consumer Behaviour Lab (CBL), a groundbreaking initiative aimed at developing reliable methods for predicting actual food choice behaviours rath...

The 10 most-read stories of October 2023

02 November 2023

 In October, our website was again frequently visited. To ensure that you don't miss the highlights, we have compiled a list of the most-read stories and news articles of October for you. EU wants to turn packaging wo...

Circu-Sleeve: Award-Winning Innovation OPACKGROUP

31 October 2023

In a world where sustainability is increasingly becoming the norm, innovative ideas like OPACKGROUP's Circu-Sleeve play a pivotal role. This recent recipient of the Runner Up Award in the Non-Food Sustainability category...

Infrared Technology: The Future of Fruit Inspection

30 October 2023

In a world where technology and agriculture are increasingly intertwined, there's a groundbreaking development that's set to change the way we perceive fruit. Researchers from Wageningen University & Research have re...

Bas Haring: "Artificial Intelligence isn't scary!"

16 October 2023

Bas Haring studied artificial intelligence. Since this field was categorized under the philosophy department back in 1988, people started calling him a ‘pilosopher’. However, he prefers to describe himself as a ‘professo...

Innovation in food Industry: time to reap the digital benefits

16 October 2023

Internationally, the Netherlands is considered to be an excellent hub for technological innovations. According to the Digital Transformation Scoreboard, one in three Dutch businesses is highly digitalized. In the field o...

Food-safe production with the 3D printer

16 October 2023

A gripper designed to move a pretzel is not necessarily suitable for picking up a cookie. Therefore, at PWR, different grippers need to be designed for each pick & place machine. 3D printing technology provides a sol...

Column Saskia Stender: Trade fair for the food industry

16 October 2023

Remember the Industrial Meat & Food Fair, commonly known as IMEFA? We introduced this trade fair for machinery for the entire food industry about 20 years ago. It was our answer to a gap that emerged due to the downsizin...

AI in Food Production Unveiled! – November 9th

16 October 2023

Discover how AI is shaping the future of food production, at the free event ‘Retail meets Food Industry’ in Woerden. Delve into the power of AI and get inspired by experts Bas Haring, John Wallbrink, and Robert Doornbos....

Westfort expands with pre-packaged meat

11 October 2023

Westfort Meat Products has announced that starting from early next year, they will expand their range with the launch of pre-packaged pork and beef products, specifically targeting the consumer market. In light of this e...

SIMBA™: The next step in intestinal insight

05 October 2023

The gut microbiome, the universe within our bellies, is central to our health, influencing everything from immunity to brain function. Yet, much of its depth remains uncharted, a mystery that scientists are racing to dec...

Innovations in Zeeland: deep-sea wine and a sea-based protein

03 October 2023

On October 3, 2023, the Provincial Executive made an exciting announcement: four projects in Zeeland received a significant financial boost through the 'Zeeland in Acceleration' program. Together, they share a staggering...

Umiami secures €32.5 million for plant-based meat innovation

03 October 2023

Umiami, a French foodtech startup specializing in plant-based meat with a taste and texture nearly indistinguishable from real meat, has announced a remarkable funding round of €32.5 million. This brings their total fina...

Een bezoek aan de innovatiebrouwerij van Heineken

03 October 2023

Op 29 september 2023 bezocht ik samen met een selecte groep van 25 ondernemers uit de foodindustrie, het kloppend hart van bierinnovatie: de innovatiebrouwerij van Heineken in 's-Hertogenbosch. Deze bijzondere brouwerij,...

Cargill opens a new European Protein Innovation Hub

02 October 2023

Cargill marks an exciting chapter in food innovation by launching its first European Protein Innovation Hub in Saint-Cyr en Val, France. This state-of-the-art hub is not just a response to growing customer demands but a ...