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Reverse design: the future of food production

How do you bring a food product to the market that tantalizes the taste buds while also being sustainable, healthy, and affordable? Experts from Wageningen offer an answer with an innovative approach: reverse design. ..

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Meatable reveals sausage made of cultured pork

21 July 2022

Meatable revealed images of its pork sausage for the first time. The cultivated sausage is the first product of Meatable which aims to create real meat that can serve the planet’s growing appetite without harming the env...

Flexcraft speeds up robotics deployment in food industry

18 July 2022

Picking up a bag of crisps or a slippery chicken breast is a real challenge for a robot. An ambitious, multidisciplinary research team is working on versatile robots for the agricultural and food industries that can cope...

Givaudan, Bühler and Cargill open Food Innovation Lab

18 July 2022

Three global companies, Givaudan, Bühler, and Cargill, have formed a consortium in collaboration with the FoodTech HUB Latam and ITAL, Food Technology Institute, to build a food innovation centre in the city of Campinas,...

Grant to upscale seaweed production and application

30 June 2022

Researchers at Wageningen Economic Research are part of a consortium that has been awarded a prestigious €9 million Horizon Europe grant to upscale seaweed production and market applications across Europe. The consort...

Smart biosensor detects bacteria

15 June 2022

How do you ensure that the risk of contamination of your smoothie is as minimal as possible? This was one of the reasons for startup Alberts to participate in research into the development of a biosensor with which food ...

Espera wins FT Meat Technology Award 2022

14 June 2022

At IFFA 2022 Espera won the Meat Technology Award in the Digitalisation/Process Control category with its digital machine platform 'THINK4INDUSTRY CARE'. This unique digital platform enables a production team to overs...

NoPalm Ingredients wins Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award 2022

20 May 2022

This year's Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award (RDI) 2022 in the food transition category went to NoPalm Ingredients, a sustainable alternative to palm oil. Rabobank rewarded the winner with a EUR 20,000 prize and partici...

Recyclable barrier packaging now a reality

16 May 2022

The food chain is facing major packaging challenges and is looking for more sustainable solutions. For example, for a new material with the same good properties as laminated versions, but which is recyclable.  Wh...

BEAT 'M All Slicer by Sleegers Technique starts a revolution

16 May 2022

The Beatle, the car with rounded shapes is known worldwide. Will the new Beat 'm All Slicer achieve the same fame? That is the aim of inventor Huub Sleegers. A road that took ten years, but became truth at LaBoucherie an...

DP&S is 'Futureproof' in every aspect

21 April 2022

Dutch Protein & Services (DP&S) is all set for the sustainable market of the future. The Dutch family business has been a reliable name in the food industry for more than 50 years, as a supplier of total solution...

Government sets aside 60 million euros for cultured meat and dairy

19 April 2022

The Dutch government has announced that it will reserve 60 million euros for education, research and upscaling in the field of cultured meat and dairy (cellular agriculture). The aim is to further develop the Dutch cultu...

Hanneke Faber: 'Without robotics, we can't feed the world'

11 April 2022

Unilever's Foods Innovation Centre in Wageningen 'Hive', opened its doors at the end of 2019. As Hive strives for openness and transparency, the idea was to host many stakeholders and interested parties from the start, b...

The challenges of product innovation

11 April 2022

Change is not easy, innovation is always a challenge. It's far from easy. Yet that is precisely the world that food technologists and food designers dive into every day. The demands are great: food has to be more sustain...

Column Pieter Vos: Incorrect vision in Lean Management?

11 April 2022

In product improvement, you add value to your product. You focus on what your customers consider really important. That is the exact thing you are going to realise. You improve and control, because you strive for perfect...

3D food printing comes of age

11 April 2022

Experiments with 3D food printing have been going on for years in the catering and food industries. This is paying off. The technique finally seems to fulfil its promise. However, the development of suitable pastes and i...