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‘True innovation is a collaborative effort’

The innovation climate in the Netherlands is under pressure. This is the main conclusion of the Dutch Innovation Monitor 2023 and the headline of a recent urgent appeal sent to the House of Representatives by FME, with s..

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New centre for microbial teamwork

09 February 2022

Mankind has used micro-organisms since time immemorial. To make beer or cheese, for example. In biotechnology, this discipline has been elevated to an art form. But this often involves one type of bacteria or fungus that...

The IFFA Contactor industry search engine goes live

09 February 2022

The exhibitor search of the leading trade show IFFA is transforming into a permanent industry search engine for technologies related to the processing and packaging of meat and alternative proteins. Starting with IFFA 20...

Expansion of largest food-grade pilot plant in EU

07 February 2022

Many start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs in the food sector are developing new products and innovative techniques for extracting proteins from raw materials on a laboratory scale. NIZO helps them bring these innovations to the...

Internet of Food

07 February 2022

Preventing food waste, the protein and energy transition, a nitrogen crisis: there are major challenges ahead for the food sector. Digitalisation can help face these challenges and speed up innovations. But it is also a ...

Esbro exploits every change in temperature

07 February 2022

Innovation and quality are leading for Esbro, 'Brand new' is an important spearhead. Littel technical installations (Lti) from Lopik helps Esbro - with the latest technology in refrigeration - to take big steps towards s...

Carl Siegert: It's about sustainability and innovation

07 February 2022

The bakery of Carl Siegert is located in Harmelen. Here, a wide variety of bread and buns are made according to traditional methods, and baked using the latest techniques. Sustainability and innovation; that is what it i...

Five innovative concepts win FoodmanShip Award

03 February 2022

Hybrid sausages that help reduce meat consumption. Meal packages for families with lower incomes and health issues. A fairtrade system for Dutch farmers. Luxury chocolate with dried coffee grounds. And a special beer as ...

StartLife invests in agrifoodtech startups

31 January 2022

In the next few years, innovative tech startups working to make our food chain more sustainable can request subordinated loans from StartLife. The loans will vary from €75,000 to €250,000. Financing is from a new fund, S...

Working together on the most groundbreaking innovations

03 January 2022

Since 2004, Foodvalley NL has been developed into the food innovation center of Europe. The Netherlands can and should play a major role in developing the food system of the future. Discover how and taste the opportuniti...

Robots extend reach in food industry

03 December 2021

Three years after ING conducted a broad investigation into 'the helping hand of robots to the food industry', what is the state of robotisation in the Dutch food industry and in Europe? ING did research again. What this ...

Innovative food products

30 November 2021

How do we ensure that we produce more sustainable, healthier and sufficient food? Everyone agrees that our food system must change. But how?  There are so many factors to consider: Rising costs and maintaining fo...

Arla develops technology to extract protein from milk

26 November 2021

Arla Foods created a technology to separate milk into its different protein components, opening the door to infinite innovation possibilities. The patented method, called milk fractionation, enables scientists, nutrition...

13 food and agribusinesses in Innovation Top 100

23 November 2021

Three quarters of the entrepreneurs in the KVK Innovation Top 100 indicate that innovation has increased the competitive position and turnover (72%). The profit and productivity at 57%. For just over half, the number of ...

Are you ready for a gasless production process?

16 November 2021

It is abundantly clear that gas is going to disappear. You may already have studied the various possibilities for making your steam plant or even your entire production process more sustainable. But how do you go about p...

GEA; strategic partner for meat substitutes

09 November 2021

Today, many consumers want to replace their meat products in a few meals or fully commit to a vegetarian or vegan diet. How can food manufacturers step into this fast-growing segment and make the most of their opportunit...