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Reverse design: the future of food production

How do you bring a food product to the market that tantalizes the taste buds while also being sustainable, healthy, and affordable? Experts from Wageningen offer an answer with an innovative approach: reverse design. ..

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Robots extend reach in food industry

03 December 2021

Three years after ING conducted a broad investigation into 'the helping hand of robots to the food industry', what is the state of robotisation in the Dutch food industry and in Europe? ING did research again. What this ...

Innovative food products

30 November 2021

How do we ensure that we produce more sustainable, healthier and sufficient food? Everyone agrees that our food system must change. But how?  There are so many factors to consider: Rising costs and maintaining fo...

Arla develops technology to extract protein from milk

26 November 2021

Arla Foods created a technology to separate milk into its different protein components, opening the door to infinite innovation possibilities. The patented method, called milk fractionation, enables scientists, nutrition...

13 food and agribusinesses in Innovation Top 100

23 November 2021

Three quarters of the entrepreneurs in the KVK Innovation Top 100 indicate that innovation has increased the competitive position and turnover (72%). The profit and productivity at 57%. For just over half, the number of ...

Are you ready for a gasless production process?

16 November 2021

It is abundantly clear that gas is going to disappear. You may already have studied the various possibilities for making your steam plant or even your entire production process more sustainable. But how do you go about p...

GEA; strategic partner for meat substitutes

09 November 2021

Today, many consumers want to replace their meat products in a few meals or fully commit to a vegetarian or vegan diet. How can food manufacturers step into this fast-growing segment and make the most of their opportunit...

Jan Zandbergen Group builds new innovation centre

01 November 2021

On Tuesday 26 October, CEO Peter-Paul Zandbergen symbolically laid the first stone of a new food development centre. Jan Zandbergen Group 'Innovation that matters' - comprising Jan Zandbergen B.V., Diviande and Future Fo...

New sensors improve the quality of fresh produce

14 October 2021

To truly improve the quality of fresh produce and reduce food waste, you need real-time access to supply conditions and product information at every stage of the supply and production chain. But how do you achieve this? ...

Arla Foods opens new Innovation Centre

12 October 2021

Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) opened a new innovation centre in Nr Vium in Denmark. The Innovation Centre aims to step change cutting edge technology and development of new solutions within a wide range of specialized dai...

Sina Salim: 'How to find your way to the market'

11 October 2021

Sina Salim is one of the six innovation brokers at the Regional Centre for Technology (RCT) Foundation in Gelderland. As regional manager for the FoodValley and Noord-Veluwe region, he helps food companies and other entr...

NIZO and StartLife join forces

07 October 2021

On 6 October, NIZO, a Contract Research Organisation in Food and Health, and StartLife, the Dutch agrifoodtech accelerator, announced that they have entered into a strategic and operational partnership to support food an...

NIZO receives grant form REACT-EU

06 October 2021

In response to the Covid pandemic, EU government leaders have decided to establish an “EU Next Generation” recovery programme. Part of this is the REACT-EU program that is being implemented for the Dutch provinces Overij...

Diviande wins Public Award Region FoodValley

01 October 2021

On Wednesday, 29 September, Diviande received the Public Award of Region FoodValley. The concept of Diviande, using leftover meat from sustainable Kipster cocks and laying hens for the production of healthy, tasty 'hybri...

K3® r100: the self-separating cup

24 September 2021

An innovative development from Greiner Packaging is revolutionizing the recyclability of cardboard-plastic combinations. Making sure that waste was sorted correctly used to be fully reliant on consumers playing their par...

Food100 Food heroes 2021 announced

21 September 2021

On 20 September, at the World Food Center in Ede, the Food Heroes of 2021 were announced: the six most progressive and promising food changers of 2021. They were selected by the jury from the Food100 because of their mer...