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Spirulinazia is still to come

A plate full of algae is not on the menu yet, spirulinazie is still some time away. However, algae are gaining little popularity as an alternative source of protein. It is expected that algae will become an indispensable..

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Stixfresh: longer shelf life for fruit

01 July 2019

StixFresh produces stickers that protect fruit against fungal infections. The natural components in the sticker create a protective layer around apples, pears, mangos and other citrus fruits. The American company sets up...

Mussel & Steam: Seafood Steam Group

17 June 2019

The Seafood Steam Group from Bruinisse introduces Mussel & Steam. A ready-made dish with fresh Zeeland Mussels, complete with all the fresh ingredients in the packaging. Thanks to the unique packaging, the dish can b...

Billions of years of innovation for free

10 June 2019

Biomimicry (biomimics - from the Greek 'bios' (life) and 'mimesis' (imitation)) is the science that stands for learning from nature. Still a relatively unknown concept in the Netherlands, but fully embraced abroad. Large...

OUTSTANDING cold store

10 June 2019

Potato processing company Aviko is realising an automated high-rise cold store next to the factory in Steenderen. They are aiming for BREEAM-NL ‘Outstanding’. During the preliminary phase, they have taken the time to ens...

Air distribution mats for containers

10 June 2019

Great temperature differences in reefer containers cause many problems for fruit importers and exporters. Due to the difference in temperature, some of the fruit can no longer be sold and exporters receive many damage cl...

Beyond Meat and Zandbergen join forces

29 May 2019

Beyond Meat, a leading producer of vegetable meat, announces today that it will expand its collaboration with Zandbergen World's Finest Meat. In a new production facility in Zoeterwoude, built by Zandbergen, innovative v...

Online against food waste

24 May 2019

On 23 May, Instock launched an online marketplace against food waste! With, Instock connects surpluses and imperfect products to the hospitality industry. The products are collected at the new food rescu...

Detecting bacteria via biosensors

24 May 2019

Maastricht University, KULeuven and Hasselt University have developed a sensor technology that tests products for bacteria. New biosensors allow food products to be tested cheaply and quickly during the production proces...

Game changer is looking for supporters

09 April 2019

In November, he won the 'Purpose Award 2018': Remco Kok, CEO of Campofrio-Benelux, started a revolution at Stegeman and Imperial Meat Products. His goal: a fifty percent reduction of the amount of meat in their products ...

Attractive product presentation

31 March 2019

FlatSkin® is a vacuum/skin packaging consisting of a very thin cardboard carrier that is laminated. The cardboard can be printed in many different ways. Many possibilities for an attractive product presentation and high ...

Has Food Experience 2019

05 March 2019

More than 200 up-and-coming food professionals presented their innovative projects during the HAS Food Experience on 5th February 2019 under the theme 'Today's Food Challenges'. An inspiring exhibition, full of innovatio...

IFFA: Digitalisation for the trade

28 February 2019

At IFFA in Frankfurt am Main, butchers and meat processing professionals will be able to learn more about the way in which traditional and future practices will collaborate in their trade from 4 to 9 May. The digital rev...

Tetra Top wins Innovation Award

25 February 2019

Tetra Top®, Tetra Pak's innovative cardboard bottle, won the Packaging Innovation Award at the M.A.D.E. exhibition, France's largest retail event. Tetra Top 50cl is innovative in the packaging world because of its mod...

Multipond shows Argus innovation

25 February 2019

The Multipond Multihead weigher with patented 3D camera system, Argus, pays for itself in no time. Weighing with up to twenty to forty percent more performance, without a specialist operator. The system has been further ...

Air Products introduces innovative MAP solution

25 February 2019

The Freshline® Aroma MAP™ system allows you to add natural flavourings, such as essential oils, into the MAP gas stream during the packaging process, without the need for additional production steps. Key benefits are: im...