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Incorrect cost allocation in meat and livestock inspections

In a recent development, the Business Appeals Tribunal (CBb) ruled that some of the costs for meat and livestock inspections should not have been borne by slaughterhouses and livestock exporters. This judgment follows a ..

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Zandvliet Vleeswaren focuses on quality

11 September 2017

Quality and product innovation are two key pillars for Zandvliet Vleeswaren, a meat producer from the Dutch city of Delft. The family-owned business has a firm focus on the future – not only by responding to the latest d...

Fipronilbesmetting al in 45 landen

15 August 2017

Het fipronilschandaal grijpt steeds verder om zich heen. Inmiddels zijn in 45 landen besmette eieren of eierproducten aangetroffen sinds afgelopen zomer aan het licht kwam dat het middel in Nederland en België illegaal w...

Ede foodstad

15 August 2017

Ede kiest voor food. Food laat samenwerken en zorgt voor verbinding op vele fronten. Food geeft inspiratie en energie. En biedt kansen om Ede binnen de FoodValley regio een prachtige toekomst te geven. Ede heeft hierom e...

Dutch people believe that sugar is addictive

15 August 2017

The Netherlands is one of the top 10 countries with the highest sugar consumption. 77% of all Dutch people believe that sugar is addictive (to a greater or lesser extent), but so far consumers do not appear to be particu...

The story behind a perfect cog

10 July 2017

In collaboration with University Racing Eindhoven, Rösler Benelux has filmed the manufacturing process of a cog used in an electric car. The project is part of a sponsorship activity for the university in question and...

SELECT partnership concept

13 June 2017

“Complete, high-quality cleaning equipment is in high demand,” says Marc Rosendahl, director of Brilliant Group. “Customers are increasingly asking us to help them develop policies for cleaning and disinfecting their ...

The consequences of reformulation for food safety

13 June 2017

Less salt, less saturated fat and fewer calories (sugar and fat) in products – that is the key objective of the Dutch National Agreement to Improve Production Composition. However, reducing the salt, sugar and fat conten...

The impact of stainless steel on food safety

13 June 2017

Stainless steel, predominantly austenitic steel, is widely used in the food and beverage industry in equipment used for processing, storage, and transportation of products, because it is easy to clean and has a high corr...

Ensuring hygiene is always up to audit standards

13 June 2017

As a company, how far do you need to go in terms of working hygienically? Gert Visscher, director of Eco2Clean, regularly asks food manufacturing companies that question. There is no clear-cut answer. One thing he does k...

Aim: to win (back) trust

13 June 2017

Food manufacturing companies are responsible for the safety of the products that they source and the products that they sell. It’s no longer enough to have blind faith in the supplier’s food safety certificate. Moreover,...

Chain-oriented approach is necessary

13 June 2017

The European Parliament is calling on EU countries to reduce their food waste by 30% by 2025 and subsequently by 50% by 2030 (compared with 2014 levels). Parliament has introduced this target in draft waste legislation w...

Jan van As: Pioneer in innovation and sustainability

13 June 2017

What started more than 60 years ago as a stall on Amsterdam’s Albert Cuyp market has grown into an impressive business. The company called Versvishandel Jan van As handles over 4,000 tons of fresh fish each year. Sustain...

How can you ensure that your new product is safe?

13 June 2017

Bad news sells more newspapers than good, and that’s especially true in the case of food safety. The media have a field day when any shortcomings are discovered. In that respect, it’s better to keep your company out of t...

The impact of stainless steel on food quality

13 June 2017

Stainless steel was developed in America over a hundred years ago for use in the weapons industry. Nowadays, stainless steel – based on the combination of iron, chromium, nickel and often also molybdenum – has become an ...

High-care, high-risk and clean-room technology

09 May 2017

Customers and governments alike are imposing ever-stricter microbiological requirements on food. Therefore, although cost-intensive, it is definitely advisable to use a high-care area when working with higher-risk food p...