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Smaak & Co aims for high-risk production environment

Smaak & Co takes no risks when it comes to food safety and quality. The producer of fresh cream cheese products and tapas aims for a high-risk production environment. To achieve this, the company collaborates with re..

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Market Food Group demands the utmost from lubricants

17 June 2024

Above our heads, four conveyor belts carry pre-baked Cheese Onion Rolls as they cool. Soon, these will be frozen to -80°C, to be baked on the market. Amidst all the steam, heat, and cold, everything needs to run smoothly...

Passion for food safety at Nutrilab

17 June 2024

Food safety remains of great importance to all of us. Nutrilab acts as a loyal partner in ensuring and monitoring food safety. We think along with you wholeheartedly and know how important it is to take preventive measur...

Antibacterial and hygienic: how to create 'the perfect picture'

17 June 2024

Walls and ceilings cover most of the surface area in food companies. This means that during new construction, renovation, or refurbishment, significant attention must be paid to their finishing. With the antibacterial pa...

Ensuring Continuity with Nocotech

30 May 2024

Nocotech provides reliable protection against harmful microorganisms such as Listeria, Salmonella, and EHEC. By maintaining low infection pressure, Nocotech improves food safety and reduces product loss. This results in ...

What 33,657 inspections teach us about food safety

30 May 2024

Food safety oversight covers the entire food chain, from plant to animal. In 2023, the NVWA’s approach proved its value once again during an incident involving rodent poison. Immediate action was taken to mitigate risks....

EU revises Listeria regulations for ready-to-eat foods

24 May 2024

The European Union is amending regulations concerning Listeria monocytogenes to align with the international Codex Alimentarius. This specifically affects ready-to-eat foods that can serve as a breeding ground for this b...

New AI technology enhances crop resistance

15 May 2024

Michael Schon from Wageningen University & Research has designed an advanced AI tool. This innovation enables the analysis of non-coding RNA in plants. With his work, supported by a Veni grant, Schon is making signif...

Online edition May 2024 | Food Safety

13 May 2024

On January 1, 2026, new allergen policy will take effect in the Netherlands. The Dutch directive is the result of close consultation between the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, FNLI, CBL, NVWA ...

Column Judith Witte: Never skimp on quality

13 May 2024

Warning: This text may contain sharp observations. Do not read the column if you are allergic to critical remarks. Challenging times are ahead. The food industry is struggling with rising energy and labor costs, while...

New allergen policy, stricter regulations

13 May 2024

Effective January 1, 2026, a new allergen policy will be implemented in the Netherlands. "Our goal was to establish clarity; we aimed to reach agreements that everyone could support," says Yvonne Huigen, Coordinating Spe...

Allergen Management from A to Z

13 May 2024

"I'm glad that the excessive use of PAL (Precautionary Allergen Labelling) warnings is now recognized as a food safety issue," begins Marjan van Ravenhorst, owner of Allergenen Consultancy. "FNLI, CBL, NVWA, VWS, and pat...

Brilliant Brains elevates food safety culture

13 May 2024

One way of ensuring food safety is to clean and disinfect properly, using the right means and equipment. But that’s not enough, a good food safety culture is essential. How do you achieve such a shared mindset within you...

Column Pieter Vos: Necessary inspections

13 May 2024

Rising costs of raw materials, water, and energy, along with increasing expenses in staffing, transport, and production... These are still no easy times. How and where can you still save money to maintain your profitabil...

Vitelco merges heritage with innovative technology

13 May 2024

Bij Vitelco in Den Bosch, kalfsvleesproducent en onderdeel van de PALI Group, worden wekelijks ruim 7.500 kalveren geslacht. Met zulke aantallen, afnemers wereldwijd en de hoge hygiëne- en veiligheidseisen is een betrouw...

Cleaning ensures continuity at Mulder meat

13 May 2024

In 2022, a fire erupted at Mulder Livestock and Meat Trade in Twello. The slaughterhouse was destroyed. However, owner Daniel Clauzon was undeterred. He constructed a new slaughterhouse equipped with modern machinery and...