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Million-euro grant for research on pathogens in plant-based products

Researchers of Wageningen University & Research have received a grant of one million euros through the international platform Plant2Food. This funding is intended for a study on pathogens in plant-based products. The..

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New allergen policy, stricter regulations

13 May 2024

Effective January 1, 2026, a new allergen policy will be implemented in the Netherlands. "Our goal was to establish clarity; we aimed to reach agreements that everyone could support," says Yvonne Huigen, Coordinating Spe...

Allergen Management from A to Z

13 May 2024

"I'm glad that the excessive use of PAL (Precautionary Allergen Labelling) warnings is now recognized as a food safety issue," begins Marjan van Ravenhorst, owner of Allergenen Consultancy. "FNLI, CBL, NVWA, VWS, and pat...

Brilliant Brains elevates food safety culture

13 May 2024

One way of ensuring food safety is to clean and disinfect properly, using the right means and equipment. But that’s not enough, a good food safety culture is essential. How do you achieve such a shared mindset within you...

Column Pieter Vos: Necessary inspections

13 May 2024

Rising costs of raw materials, water, and energy, along with increasing expenses in staffing, transport, and production... These are still no easy times. How and where can you still save money to maintain your profitabil...

Vitelco merges heritage with innovative technology

13 May 2024

Bij Vitelco in Den Bosch, kalfsvleesproducent en onderdeel van de PALI Group, worden wekelijks ruim 7.500 kalveren geslacht. Met zulke aantallen, afnemers wereldwijd en de hoge hygiëne- en veiligheidseisen is een betrouw...

Cleaning ensures continuity at Mulder meat

13 May 2024

In 2022, a fire erupted at Mulder Livestock and Meat Trade in Twello. The slaughterhouse was destroyed. However, owner Daniel Clauzon was undeterred. He constructed a new slaughterhouse equipped with modern machinery and...

Vebego Cleaning Services – New Whitepaper on Food Safety

13 May 2024

Given the vast availability of food products in the Netherlands, it is often overlooked what goes into their production. Food safety is always a top priority. The hygiene experts at Vebego Cleaning Services have made foo...

Vikan: Hygiene on wheels

13 May 2024

Everyone knows them. The shadow boards on the walls of the production site, where Vikan's hygienic cleaning tools are neatly arranged and color-coded. But what happens when there’s no wall space, or if drilling isn’t per...

Multifunctional use of HIMS by Westfort Group

13 May 2024

In the food industry, maintaining hygiene quality is only achievable through daily monitoring of cleaning operations. Eco2Clean has developed the software tool HIMS to manage the complexities of cleaning. Intensive discu...

Trial and error in developing an organic antifoaming agent

13 May 2024

Foaming occurs when processing fresh vegetables and legumes. When Coroos in Kapelle started processing organic products, the company developed an organic foam inhibitor in collaboration with Van Meeuwen Additives. It was...

UV disinfection for safe water in your factory

13 May 2024

The reliability of ample clean and safe drinking water is increasingly under pressure. Water usage in the food industry requires even more stringent measures. Disinfection using UV-C light is a dependable, cost-effective...

Reusable glass packaging for food

13 May 2024

The beer industry has mainstreamed the reuse of glassware for decades. Will the future see the same for other glass-packaged products like canned vegetables, jam, and chocolate spread? Floor Stefess, a product developmen...

Column Saskia Stender: Failing healthcare

13 May 2024

Food safety and allergies pose a serious challenge within our food system, where both prevention and response are critical. General practitioners and hospitals play a key role in this. They are often the first point of c...

Ban on smoke flavours affects food industry

26 April 2024

The European Commission has decided to ban the use of smoke flavours in food products. This decision was approved by the member states on April 24. The ban extends the approval of eight smoke flavours which, after a tran...

Pesticide residues safe in 96.3% of food samples

24 April 2024

In 2022, the European Union gathered a record 110,829 food samples, marking a 25% increase from the previous year. Analysis revealed that 96.3% of these samples contained pesticide residues within legally permitted level...