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Contamination risks evaporators severely underestimated

In most refrigeration, freezing and production rooms, evaporators are installed on the ceiling. These might look clean and hygienic on the exterior, but are heavily contaminated on the inside. The result: contamination r..

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Natural variations in fatty acid composition investigated

03 July 2023

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is conducting a study this year on the fatty acid composition of twenty vegetable and animal oils and fats. This research is being commissioned by MVO and the results will be in...

Major changes in import requirements for vegetables

29 June 2023

On July 1, 2023, the new temporary implementing regulation (EU) 2023/1134 comes into force to prevent the introduction and spread of Spodoptera frugiperda in the EU. Spodoptera frugiperda, called 'fall armyworm' in Engli...

Hillco has confidence in Lets: clean is clean

22 June 2023

When you move into a new building, like Hillco Poeliersbedrijf, you want to be able to rely on an efficient, high-quality cleaning system. Good hygiene is essential for producing and delivering high-quality chicken produ...

Passion for food safety at Nutrilab

19 June 2023

Food safety remains of great importance to all of us. Nutrilab acts as a loyal partner in ensuring and monitoring food safety. We think along with you wholeheartedly and know how important it is to take preventive measur...

Get insight into lubricant quality

19 June 2023

Having your oil tested annually can save you a lot of money. Changing oil is a high expense, so you don't want to do that too often. But you don't want to do it too late either! Having your oil analyzed at an independent...

Jackit: Your answer to renovation and new construction

19 June 2023

Sooner or later the production floor needs maintenance or refurbishment. It's never really convenient. Renovation and construction specialist Jackit works as flexibly as possible to keep business processes flowing. "S...

Urker Zalmhuys uses a workable hygienic floor

19 June 2023

On Urk, the fish trade is never far away. The Urker Zalmhuys, once started as a small smokehouse, will soon open a fourth location there. From this location, the smoked salmon will be distributed. What kind of conditions...

Maintenance for Nocotech disinfection machines

19 June 2023

Although the Nocotech disinfection machines hardly need any maintenance, it is advisable to have a few things checked annually and replaced if necessary. One example is the replacement of a pump tube. This prevents malfu...

Audits: bizarre requirements, red tape and stress

19 June 2023

It's nerve-wracking when an audit is about to take place. Quickly putting together the latest risk assessments, preparing source-cause analyses and urging the management to prepare the management review themselves this t...

Want to be sure of low infection levels?

19 June 2023

If a production area is just new, the risk of infection will be low. The biofilm in which microorganisms feel comfortable has not yet been built up. But that can happen quickly. Especially once production gets going. Moi...

Gröninger hands over cleaning equipment to Kärcher

13 June 2023

Gröninger Cleaning Systems B.V. en Kärcher Nederland hebben overeenstemming bereikt over de overdracht van de B2B-activiteiten in reinigingsapparatuur. Vanaf 1 juli 2023 zullen deze activiteiten, gericht op de regio Groo...

Maximum food safety with CRC Food Processing Safe®.

13 June 2023

In de voedingsindustrie is voedselveiligheid tijdens het hele productieproces een prioriteit. Preventie van contaminatie is dan ook een belangrijke factor in het beheer van uw productie. Daarom biedt CRC een breed gamma ...

Sales of pesticides reduced in 2021

02 June 2023

Figures from CBS show that sales of pesticides in the Netherlands fell in 2021. A total of 9.4 million kilograms of active ingredient were sold, a 5 per cent drop from the previous year. Sales of fungicides in particular...

'Learn to recognise the critical points in your factory!'

30 May 2023

Roelina Dijk is author of the textbook 'Safe food - microbiological principles, chemical and physical factors', whose fourth updated edition was published recently. Sharing knowledge is her passion: "Giving theory a prac...

WHO advises against the use of non-sugar sweeteners

23 May 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released new guidelines advising against the use of non-sugar sweeteners (NSS) for weight control and reducing the risk of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Based on a systematic...