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Red Band maker Cloetta waves gelatin goodbye

Cloetta, known for brands like Red Band, Venco, and Sportlife, is taking steps toward vegan products to reduce its carbon footprint. This shift aligns with the growing demand for plant-based options and the company's sus..

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ICoMST: From Tradition to Green Innovation - Part II

20 November 2023

This year, over 500 scientists from 44 countries gathered to share the progress and results of meat-related research. Scientists Theo Verkleij and Sara Erasmus from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research attended the congre...

Lab-grown meat not yet for humans, but already for pets

16 November 2023

A significant step forward in the European food industry has been taken with the introduction of lab-grown meat into pet food. The Czech company Bene Meat has received approval from the European Union to include lab-grow...

Protix and Tyson: Sustainability through Insects

06 November 2023

Tyson Foods and Protix, two major players in the food industry, have decided to join forces to produce more sustainable proteins. In an era where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, this partnership marks ...

Beyond Meat: Facing Challenges in 2023

06 November 2023

Beyond Meat, the American manufacturer of meat alternatives, finds itself in a challenging situation for the year 2023. With a recent reduction in their revenue expectations and a disappointing third quarter, they are co...

Laurens Hoedemaker: UECBV's New President

31 October 2023

Laurens Hoedemaker, chairman of the Dutch COV and VNV, has been appointed as the new president of the UECBV. This announcement, made during the UECBV's annual Conference and General Assembly in Barcelona, Spain, holds si...

Jumbo's vision for a plant-based future

30 October 2023

Over the past few years, we've seen how the supermarket chain Jumbo has been committed to promoting a plant-based diet. With the introduction of numerous vegetarian and vegan products, the store aims for a whopping 60% o...

First Dutch circular meat substitute in the making

24 October 2023

Consumers are on the hunt for healthy and sustainable products, which is why they're increasingly opting for plant-based choices over meat. That's precisely where four Dutch companies aim to make a splash. PeelPioneers, ...

Consumer votes against 'lemonade tax' on plant-based milk

20 October 2023

As the world transitions towards more sustainable and healthier consumption, the government has recently decided to implement the so-called "lemonade tax" on plant-based milk. Yet, astonishingly, sugary milk products suc...

Denmark's blueprint for a sustainable palate

16 October 2023

Plant-based foods represent a sustainable vision for our future, with the potential to significantly reduce our climate footprint. In line with the Official Dietary Guidelines, the Danish government is championing the en...

Pieter Vos: A different ball game: getting to the deeper layers

16 October 2023

There's a trend of wanting to 'nudge' the consumer in a certain direction: preferably towards healthier, plant-based, and/or sustainable products. But it doesn't work. Not really. When push comes to shove, customers - de...

Nutri-pact: Fevia and Comeos go for healthier food choices

13 October 2023

The nutritional landscape is undergoing a transformation. Fevia and Comeos, two prominent federations from Belgium, are joining forces to pave the way for healthier food choices. In an era where obesity and overweight is...

Ancient fermentation meets modern plant-based cheese

12 October 2023

Imagine biting into a cheese that's not only delicious but also sustainable, made entirely from plants. Thanks to the innovative techniques adopted by scientists at the University of Copenhagen, this dream is becoming a ...

Tofu or certified meat: Choices of the young generation

09 October 2023

Young adults between the ages of 18 and 35 are more attuned to plant-based diets than ever before, as highlighted in the recent Agrifoodmonitor 2023. This study, conducted by Wageningen Economic Research on behalf of the...

Green promises, no actions in supermarkets

05 October 2023

Although supermarkets claim to prioritize sustainability, there appears to be a stark contrast between their aspirations and their actual deeds. The 'Green Superlist 2023', published by think-tank Questionmark in collabo...

Umiami secures €32.5 million for plant-based meat innovation

03 October 2023

Umiami, a French foodtech startup specializing in plant-based meat with a taste and texture nearly indistinguishable from real meat, has announced a remarkable funding round of €32.5 million. This brings their total fina...