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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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National Week Without Meat adds '& Dairy' in 2022

04 January 2022

From 7-13 March 2022, the fifth edition of the National Week Without Meat will take place in the Netherlands. New in 2022 is the addition of '& Dairy'. During the National Week Without Meat & Dairy 2022, particip...

Protein transition: a promising export market

20 December 2021

The protein transition aims to achieve a better balance in the consumption of animal and alternative proteins. A new report examines the ecosystem and the need for Dutch companies to do international business in this sec...

Avebe increases production of potato protein

13 December 2021

Royal Avebe is investing € 66 million in its innovation and sustainability programme this year. Most of the investments are related to the capacity of Solanic potato protein. The expansion will significantly increase pro...

53% of the Dutch eat meat substitutes monthly

02 December 2021

Every year, Markteffect conducts extensive research into the popularity and sentiment surrounding meat substitutes. As in previous surveys, a significant portion of the Dutch population indicates to have started eating l...

Arla develops technology to extract protein from milk

26 November 2021

Arla Foods created a technology to separate milk into its different protein components, opening the door to infinite innovation possibilities. The patented method, called milk fractionation, enables scientists, nutrition...

Gold is the new green

25 November 2021

Tasty food that looks good, is environmentally friendly and healthy – who wouldn’t want that? The new Chlorella algae, Duplaco Gold, helps food and beverage manufacturers to cater for all these requirements. Thanks to sp...

Sustainable soy cultivation in danger

25 November 2021

Replacing certification too quickly by tough EU legislation is counterproductive: deforestation increases. With strict import legislation, Europe will be left out of the world market, warns Nevedi director Henk Flipsen. ...

Cosun introduces vegetable protein isolate from Fava bean

25 November 2021

Cosun introduces a promising new product: a protein isolate from the Fava bean. It will be produced in a climate-friendly way, with a unique combination of properties, including a neutral taste, high solubility and good ...

How do consumers feel about homegrown plant-based proteins?

17 November 2021

To find out what the attitude and knowledge of consumers is around home-grown plant proteins, DVJ Insights conducted a consumer survey on behalf of the Protein Farmers of the Netherlands (an initiative of Foodvalley NL)....

Interview with Hugo Verkuil of The Vegetarian Butcher

15 November 2021

Unilever has a golden opportunity with The Vegetarian Butcher (De Vegetarische Slager). The FMCG group acquired the brand from founder Jaap Korteweg in late 2018 and has since been working on a powerful rollout worldwide...

Half of Europeans reduce meat consumption

11 November 2021

A European study by ProVeg International in partnership with Innova Market Insights, the University of Copenhagen and Ghent University as part of the Smart Protein project, shows a significant shift towards plant-based e...

GEA; strategic partner for meat substitutes

09 November 2021

Today, many consumers want to replace their meat products in a few meals or fully commit to a vegetarian or vegan diet. How can food manufacturers step into this fast-growing segment and make the most of their opportunit...

Feedback: 'Supermarkets continue to offer meat too cheaply'

02 November 2021

Dutch supermarkets are doing too little to drastically reduce their climate impact. In their communication they emphasise reducing CO2 emissions in their own shops and their transport, but 95% of emissions come from the ...

Jan Zandbergen Group builds new innovation centre

01 November 2021

On Tuesday 26 October, CEO Peter-Paul Zandbergen symbolically laid the first stone of a new food development centre. Jan Zandbergen Group 'Innovation that matters' - comprising Jan Zandbergen B.V., Diviande and Future Fo...

Juicier and healthier vegan meat due to heated soya-protein

25 October 2021

The production industry uses a standard method to extract proteins from soybeans. PhD student Yu Peng from Wageningen University altered this industrial process, making vegetarian meat juicier and healthier. Juicy veg...