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Van Geloven: Lots of cheese, good crust, little dust

A tasty snack is partly characterized by a nice crispy crust. But applying a good, even breadcrumb layer while limiting dust formation and waste is no easy task. Van Geloven Cuijk therefore purchased the latest CrumbMast..

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Meatable reaches milestone: from cell to sausage in eight days

26 May 2023

Meatable, a pioneer in cultured meat, has reached a major milestone. The company can now produce cultured pork sausages in just eight days - less than 5% of the time required for traditional meat production. This is a...

ADM and Air Protein lead the way with landless protein

25 May 2023

ADM, a global leader in sustainably produced food, and Air Protein, a pioneer in landless air-based food proteins, announced on 18 May 2023 that they have entered into a strategic development agreement. This agreement en...

New food technology with mushroom mycelium

24 May 2023

On May 9, 2023 a collaboration agreement between NIZO Food Research (The Netherlands) and Yaegaki Biotechnology (Japan) was signed on the joint research and development of alternative meat products using mushroom myceliu...

Grassa BV awarded €50.000,- for protein pilot

24 May 2023

The challenge on "upcycling of horticulture side streams" into valuable proteins, enzymes, and supplements reached an exciting conclusion during Foodvalley NL's Innovation Insights meeting. The challenge was organized by...

Consortium aims to enhance flavour and texture plant-based

22 May 2023

The Flavour and Texture consortium, a collaboration of research organizations and industry leaders in the food production chain, is focused on resolving flavour and texture issues in plant-based foods. Supported by the D...

Lantmännen unveils new wheat protein plant

19 May 2023

Lantmännen Biorefineries, a leading provider of sustainable agricultural products, proudly announces the official inauguration of its state-of-the-art production facility for wheat protein extraction. The new plant, loca...

Microbiological challenges plant-based alternatives

15 May 2023

Globally, the market for plant-based dairy and meat alternatives is growing. Little is known about the specific microbiological hazards for applications of plant-based ingredients in new product formulations. Predictive ...

Mosa Meat opens largest cultivated meat campus to date

10 May 2023

Mosa Meat, the leading name in the cultivated meat industry, has opened the world's largest scale-up facility for the production of beef grown directly from animal cells on Monday 8 May. The new facility, which is part o...

FAO: Meat, eggs, and milk crucial for healthy diets

10 May 2023

A new report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) highlights the importance of meat, eggs, and milk in providing essential nutrients that are difficult to obtain from plant-based foods. ...

The Dutch dare to be more plant-based

10 May 2023

The sixth edition of the Dutch Week Without Meat & Dairy took place from March 6-12, 2023. The results show that the annual campaign is a trusted basis for many Dutch people to dare to try new recipes and products. A...

Smart robots to make a salad

02 May 2023

Picking and packaging a bunch of grapes with a robot already requires a lot of technology. But it can get even more complicated: automatically preparing a ready-to-eat salad. Researchers from Wageningen University & ...

Meat sales in supermarkets fall 7 per cent

02 May 2023

Supermarkets sold seven per cent less meat in 2022 than the previous year, according to an analysis by Wakker Dier based on checkout data. Sales of fresh meat fell by nine per cent and those of processed meats by four pe...

5 partners work on affordable meat substitutes

25 April 2023

The REACT-EU development project 'GALATEA', focuses on investing in the development of innovative, affordable and juicy meat substitutes. The aim is to have an innovative prototype production line complete and operationa...

EFSA approves water lentil protein concentrate

21 April 2023

Rubisco Foods has received official confirmation from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) that its protein concentrate, extracted from water lentils, is food-safe. The company had applied for Novel Food status in 2...

Innovating for food transition: 'We could step it up a notch'

18 April 2023

Almost all major challenges of our time are linked to our food system; the nitrogen debate, the climate crisis, the biodiversity problem, our health, the energy transition. Things have to change, everyone agrees. That ca...