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Packaging: sustainable versus political gain

The European Commission is 'through with it': the EU's packaging waste policy has failed. That is why the EU is intervening with new legislation. Which is SO detailed that it is going to have a lot of impact on the food ..

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Optimising aroma and taste of meat substitutes

21 September 2022

The demand for meat, dairy and fish replacement products is growing steadily. Producers are investing heavily to improve their range. Aroma and taste are the main challenges, because vegetable proteins from soya or peas,...

New at HAS: Plant proteins workshop

14 September 2022

HAS green academy is organising the Plant proteins workshop for the first time on Thursday 24 November 2022. The reason for this is the increasing demand from both the food industry and consumers for products containing ...

Column Pieter Vos: Functional, fast, easy

12 September 2022

Food, water and air are primary necessities of life; we cannot exist without them. But there is more to food than its functional aspect. We regularly celebrate its sensory, emotional and cultural components. Eating and d...

Column Jos Hugense: Down-to-earthness

12 September 2022

In recent months, there has been some hesitation in the abundant stream of euphoric reports about growth and even greater growth in the market for vegetarian and vegan products. McDonalds withdrew its vegetarian burger f...

Learning, innovating and developing for a new market

12 September 2022

GEA supports startups, ingredient suppliers, and food processors in developing, scaling, and producing the nutritious new foods consumers are looking for. How do they do that? With years of expertise, specialised 'New...

Coding, labelling or inspecting meat substitutes?

12 September 2022

'Your success gives us pleasure'. At De Koningh they go out of their way to help you. With their reliable products and optimal service they make the difference every day. "For over 50 years small and large food companies...

Mycoprotein for optimal texture and taste

12 September 2022

Current meat replacements mainly use vegetable ingredients as a basis, such as soya, peas or wheat. The intrinsic product properties, including side effects and specific texture properties, are not always to the consumer...

New lactic acid bacteria change plant-based foods

05 September 2022

A new type of lactic acid bacteria, developed by researchers at DTU (Technical University of Denmark), can form natural butter flavor when grown in plant-based drinks such as soy and oat milk. Now researchers from DTU...

NTU develops fungi-based food product

02 September 2022

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a technique to cultivate a fungi-based food product that could serve as a healthier, better tasting, and greener alternative to p...

Fungi take over the food industry

29 August 2022

A retail report by product discovery and purchasing platform RangeMe has explored CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) trends in the second quarter of 2022. A key finding is that demand for mushrooms is rapidly increasing. The ...

Fonterra and DSM join forces on precision fermentation

26 August 2022

Fonterra and Royal DSM are establishing a new start-up company to accelerate the development and commercialisation of fermentation-derived proteins with dairy-like properties. The new start-up company will enable the ...

From fruit stones to tasty food

19 August 2022

Kern Tec GmbH has developed a range of technologies that turn the fruit stones that normally end up in the rubbish into tasty food. More than half a million tonnes of apricot, cherry, plum and peach stones are thrown awa...

Plant-based meat now cheaper on average than meat

15 August 2022

Meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruit, bread, petrol… everything has become more expensive due to inflation and high raw material prices. Everything, except plant-based meat alternatives. While meat prices have incr...

Research into usable side streams for insect cultivation

28 July 2022

An alliance of insect breeders, consultancies, natural capital managers and an animal feed manufacturer will be investigating low-value side streams. These raw materials can be processed into substrate: the nutrient basi...

The Dutch are willing to eat more insects

26 July 2022

Dutch people are very open to the idea of eating more insects. 1 out of 5 Dutch people (21%) have already eaten insects or insect-based food. This is shown in research commissioned by Ÿnsect. When the advantages in te...