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Red Band maker Cloetta waves gelatin goodbye

Cloetta, known for brands like Red Band, Venco, and Sportlife, is taking steps toward vegan products to reduce its carbon footprint. This shift aligns with the growing demand for plant-based options and the company's sus..

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Meat and Meat Substitutes Equally Satiating

17 January 2024

A few years ago, consumer research revealed that people quickly felt hungry again after consuming plant-based meat substitutes. This raised questions about their satiating effects compared to traditional meat. Liesbeth Z...

Italy Regulates Insect Flour for Human Consumption

16 January 2024

Italy has a clear message for consumers: know what you eat! On December 29, 2023, four regulations were published in the Italian Official Gazette, aiming to regulate the sale of products based on insect flour for human c...

IFF, Unilever and WUR Enhance Flavor of Meat Alternatives

16 January 2024

International flavor and fragrance producer IFF is joining forces with Unilever and Wageningen University and Research (WUR) to address flavor challenges in plant-based meats. In a four-year project, IFF and Unilever ...

Opportunities for Bread in Emerging Protein Trends

15 January 2024

Food development trends, arising from consumer needs, economic shifts, and societal changes, present both opportunities and challenges for the bakery sector. Whole grain bread, with its diverse health benefits, plays a c...

Beyond Meat Introduces Beyond Steak in the Netherlands

15 January 2024

Beyond Meat unveils Beyond Steak® for the first time in the Netherlands during the Horecava 2024. This launch follows the recent introduction of Beyond Chicken-Style products, extending the range committed to offering pl...

No New Guidelines for Vegetarian Labels in Belgium

08 January 2024

Belgium will not be introducing any new guidelines regarding the labeling of vegetarian products. This decision stems from a lack of consensus among stakeholders and political figures, as indicated by Federal Minister of...

Deceptive Claims in Protein-Rich Products

04 January 2024

Protein-rich foods are gaining popularity, but recent research by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) reveals a frequent lack of accurate information on packaging. Nearly half of the 54 examined p...

Dutch Companies collaborate on new meat substitutes

27 December 2023

With the growing global population, the demand for protein-rich food is on the rise, turning food security into an urgent issue. However, the traditional approach with animal products contributes to negative effects on t...

Protein Challenge Rewards 6 Innovative Food Concepts

18 December 2023

On Thursday, December 14, six entrepreneurs from North Holland and Flevoland were presented with a €10,000 check in recognition of their innovative contributions to the Protein Challenge. This initiative, organized by th...

Methylcellulose: Misleading or indispensable?

08 December 2023

In an era where food consciousness takes center stage, consumers aspire to embrace edibles adorned with a 'clean label': the fewer E-numbers or loaded ingredients adorning their food packages, the better. Yet, even in th...

Revolution in eating habits EU: Plant-based on the rise

08 December 2023

A recent pan-European survey, funded by the EU's Smart Protein project, sheds light on evolving dietary trends across the continent. Titled ‘Evolving appetites: an in-depth look at European attitudes towards plant-based ...

Italy Bans Lab-Grown Meat: Food Industry Impact

28 November 2023

Italy has become the first European Union country to ban the production and sale of lab-grown meat, commonly referred to as 'cultured meat'. This decision, driven by the Italian government's commitment to public health a...

Dalco Food Relocates from Oss to Oosterhout

25 November 2023

Dalco Food is set to move its operations from Oss to a facility in Oosterhout. This decision has sparked concerns among the workforce in Oss, where over 50 employees are faced with significant changes. The Oss production...

Posters Meat, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables and Dairy

21 November 2023

Through the trade magazine Voedingsindustrie we distribute the poster VLEES, VIS, FRUIT & VEGETABLES and DAIRY. On the posters you will find the structure of the various processing industries. Because of the great de...

Meat Matters says Keynote Speaker ICoMST 2023

20 November 2023

Meat production and consumption has transgressed into a sensitive, often controversial topic of discussion. Although there is a well-founded argument concerning environmental influence that requires change from various i...