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Foodprocessing 2021

There are numerous proposals to redirect the current system of food production and consumption towards healthier and more sustainable ones. What does this mean for the sector, from farm to fork? ...

Cleaning and disinfection 2020

Cleaning is not a cost, but an investment. Essential for a food-safe production process. It takes ti...

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Smart Industry: Automation, Digitisation and Robotics 2020

What are your wishes, desires and dreams for the future? Where do you see yourself and your company ...

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Meat substitutes and protein sources 2020

The food industry is at the start of a whole new journey of discovery: the search for 'new proteins'...

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Construction and Renovation | Cooling and freezing 2020

While some companies could hardly keep up with the new situation and consumer demand, others were vi...

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Food Safety 2020

Hygiene is the number one issue these weeks. The new measures are obvious to everyone by now: we was...

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Foodprocessing 2020

The food system must change. We have heard that often in recent years. But this corona crisis is hit...

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Sustainable Business 2020

The EU wants all companies to be climate neutral by 2050. To achieve this, corporate Europe will hav...

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Packaging 2020

How can the food sector move towards less plastic and more recyclable and recycled packaging? There ...

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