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Robotisation, digitisation, automation 2017

What every manufacturer ultimately wants is to make customised products with better quality and at lower costs. Recent figures reveal that the food industry is investing heavily in the enabling technologies such as big data processing, blockchain, the Internet of Things, adaptive robots and 3D printing. ...

Cleaning and disinfection 2017

In the food industry, cleaning is a specialism. You have to know what you’re talking about. Doing it...

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Innovation 2017

Did you know: 80 to 90 percent of all inventions fail? Samuel West, an American psychologist, gather...

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Food Safety 2017

Safe food’ and ‘save food’ are inextricably linked – at social, economic and political level. In lat...

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Engineering & Construction 2017

Do you have plans to renovate your company premises, alter your processing systems or build an exten...

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Special: Sleegers Technique

Anyone who buys carpaccio from a supermarket nowadays can safely assume that the tender meat has bee...

Food Processing 2017

While Trump causes unease in the global economy, the Middle East remains restless and Europe deals w...

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Packaging 2017

Package (verb): ‘put into a box or wrapping for sale or transport’, according to the definition in t...

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Sustainable Business Practices 2017

The Dutch parliament wants to achieve a safer, healthier and more sustainable food system. This obje...

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