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Automation in food 2015

The pace of change in the food industry is fast. Trends follow one another in quick succession and the consumer is becoming increasingly demanding. Therefore, food production must be even more hygienic, efficient, cost-effective and intelligent than before. That can only be achieved with the help of far-reaching automation, digitisation, robotisation, integration and collaboration. ...

To claim or not to claim 2015

‘Manufacturers are making a mockery of labelling rules’ was the headline of a recent press release b...

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Chilling & Freezing 2015

Refrigeration is an essential aspect of quality management in the entire food chain, and the system ...

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Weighing & Packaging 2015

Small packaging machines and small packaging volumes are the key trends of today. Extending the shel...

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Shelf management 2015

Although most suppliers are convinced of the importance of a good relationship with retailers, the p...

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Raw materials & Ingredients 2015

Clean label, reformulations, organic, allergen-free, sustainability: the food industry cannot afford...

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Sustainable Food Production 2015

The European Commission has set itself the goal of achieving 50% less food waste by 2020 and of stri...

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HR & Training 2014

The food industry is facing a shortage of technologists, and well-qualified operators are in high de...

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Hygiene & Cleaning 2014

A food manufacturer’s production process is always carefully designed down to the smallest detail, y...

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