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Packaging 2017

Package (verb): ‘put into a box or wrapping for sale or transport’, according to the definition in the Oxford English dictionary. If only things were that simple. Packaging is about shapes, the choice of materials and logistics, about labelling, food safety and marketing, about automation, intelligent sensors, preservation methods and convenience. ...

Sustainable Business Practices 2017

The Dutch parliament wants to achieve a safer, healthier and more sustainable food system. This obje...

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Hygiene, cleaning and disinfection 2016

Hygiene is subject to ever-tighter requirements. The government is becoming stricter and consumers a...

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Robotisation & Automation 2016

Big data, smart industry, IoT, cloud robotics, virtual and augmented reality – none of this is scien...

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Food safety 2016

Food safety is a common thread running through the entire food industry. Whether you’re a food manuf...

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Chilling & Freezing 2016

New food concepts and new suppliers are making an entrance, the topic of food waste is higher up on ...

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Quality in production 2016

The entire organisation plays a role in quality. It is becoming increasingly common for quality spec...

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Raw materials & Ingredients 2016

Everyone knows that eating less salt, less saturated fat and less sugar is better for their health. ...

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Packaging 2016

Global market research firm Mintel has identified six packaging trends for 2016: digital printing, t...

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