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‘True innovation is a collaborative effort’

The innovation climate in the Netherlands is under pressure. This is the main conclusion of the Dutch Innovation Monitor 2023 and the headline of a recent urgent appeal sent to the House of Representatives by FME, with s..

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IFFA 2019 – focus on packaging

11 January 2019

Packaging for foodstuffs, especially perishable products such as meat and sausages, calls for the highest standards in terms of packaging materials, machines and systems. In addition to traditional purposes, such as prot...

Meat export numbers fell in 2018

10 January 2019

In 2018 there were less positive figures compared to 2017, when the export value for the food sector increased by 6%. In 2018 (up to and including October), this percentage was modest (1.3%). Food exports to the EU were ...

No Fairytales active in 4 countries

10 January 2019

As of Monday 7 January 2019, the 45% vegetable tortillas of the Dutch company No Fairytales will be available throughout Denmark. Three Danish supermarket chains (Netto, Bilka and Føtex) will then start selling the colou...

The 7 food trends of 2019

07 January 2019

The new year has only just started and that is why IENS, the platform for searching and booking restaurants in Europe and a member of TheFork, presents The Dining Out Trends Report 2019 in collaboration with internationa...

VAT revenue grows to 50 billion

07 January 2019

On 1 January 2019, it was 50 years since VAT was introduced in the Netherlands. In 1969, the revenue from VAT amounted to 2.6 billion euro. In the meantime, this has risen to approximately 53 billion euro per year. After...

Global Animal Protein Outlook 2019

31 December 2019

Growth in global animal protein continues, but it is slowing. Uncertainty is a key theme for 2019. Uncertainty created by African swine fever, in trade, and with feed prices all contribute to the slowdown in production. ...

Prohibition of unanesthetized slaughter 2019

31 December 2019

Until now, unanesthetized slaughter was still allowed, purely for religious reasons. From 1 January 2019 this no longer applies. At the beginning of the new year there is a ban on unanesthetized slaughter in Flanders....

Food safety first priority NVWA

24 December 2018

In 2019, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) will devote 52% of its available supervisory capacity to food safety. This is stated in NVWA's annual plan for 2019, which was presented to the Lower H...

Change in NVWA rates 2019

24 December 2018

The fees charged by the Dutch Food and Product Authority (NVWA) to companies for inspections, re-inspections, system supervision, certification, sampling and analysis will change on January 1, 2019. The rates of the N...

Tackling bacteria in poultry sector

24 December 2018

The approach to Campylobacter and Salmonella in the poultry sector in the Netherlands has been successful. This is the conclusion of the Dutch association for the poultry processing industry; Nepluvi. The number of human...

Increase in the low VAT rate approved

21 December 2018

On 18 December, the Senate approved more than 60 tax measures for citizens and businesses. This means that tax rates will be lowered from next year onwards and tax credits (tax credits) will be increased, making work mor...

VanDrie Group staakt activiteiten Hasselt

21 December 2018

Op 14 december 2018 heeft de organisatie Animal Rights beelden openbaar gemaakt die zijn opgenomen bij VanDrie België te Hasselt. De beelden vertonen inbreuken op dierenwelzijn. VanDrie België neemt dierenwelzijn en het ...

Van Loon neemt Van de Raa over

21 December 2018

De van Loon Group bestaande uit 4 vleesverwerkende bedrijven: Meat Friends, Sleegers, Brandenburg en van Loon Vlees. Van Loon Group is een van de grotere vleesverwerkers in Nederland. Het bedrijf produceert worstjes, spa...

Vegetarische Slager en Unilever samen

20 December 2018

Unilever neemt De Vegetarische Slager over. Voor Unilever past de acquisitie naadloos in de strategie om het portfolio uit te breiden met plantaardige voedingsmiddelen die gezonder zijn en een lagere impact op het milieu...

Foodsector in NL groeit als kool

20 December 2018

De toegevoegde waarde van de Nederlandse foodsector groeit in 2018 naar verwachting met ruim 4,5 procent. In 2019 wordt een stijging van meer dan 2 procent verwacht. Deze groei is vooral te danken aan een stijgende binne...