Assortment of Maaslander completely vegetarian
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Assortment of Maaslander completely vegetarian

  • 01 March 2021

The entire Maaslander assortment will be completely vegetarian. Maaslander has also reached another milestone: it is the first player in the cheese category to switch to fully recyclable plastic packaging, which contains considerably less plastic. With all these initiatives, Maaslander shows that 'yellow' and 'green' go perfectly together.

Consumers increasingly consciously opt for a vegetarian diet. For example, the number of Dutch people who eat vegetarian food has grown by no less than 150 percent in the past two years. Maaslander is responding to these developments by making its entire range vegetarian. In these cheeses, the animal rennet has been replaced by microbial rennet, making the total Maaslander assortment 100 percent vegetarian.

Less plastic and more cheese in fully recyclable packaging

Maaslander is also making the packaging more sustainable; partly due to a thinner foil, 23% less plastic is now used per kilo of cheese. This results in a yearly saving of 9,200 kilos of plastic. The new packaging will be fully recyclable and will be recycled into new products, such as shampoo bottles, vacuum cleaner hoses and flower pots.

Source: Westland Kaas