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‘True innovation is a collaborative effort’

The innovation climate in the Netherlands is under pressure. This is the main conclusion of the Dutch Innovation Monitor 2023 and the headline of a recent urgent appeal sent to the House of Representatives by FME, with s..

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Schouw changes company structure

20 December 2018

In line with the growth ambition of Schouw Informatisering, Director/Owner John Schouw has announced that as of 1 January 2019 the daily management will be transferred to Steven Doesburg. By doing so, John Schouw creates...

Future slaughterhouse Sus Campiniae

19 December 2018

Belgian pig farming will suffer when Flemish Minister of Environment, Nature and Agriculture Joke Schauvliege (CD&V) refuses to grant a new permit to nv De Lokery, which operates the Sus Campiniae slaughterhouse in Oevel...

RCC: Eet-Geen-Dierendag Campaign misleading

11 December 2018

The Reclame Code Commissie (RCC) (Advertising Code Committee) has ruled that the central claim of the Eet-Geen-Dierendag (Don't eat animals day) campaign, that if nobody consumes meat for a day, 500,000 animals will be s...

Good Farming Balance Vion

07 December 2018

In October 2017, Vion introduced a premium ham for the top segment of the Italian market for dried hams under the Robusto brand name. This successful launch was followed in April 2018 by the premium ham also for the Span...

Start Blueberry Innovators

06 December 2018

Twelve ambitious blue berry growers from the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium have joined forces. Through their joint R&D company they want to accelerate and make innovations more suitable in the field of smart farmi...

Top 10 food trends for 2019

03 December 2018

On 15 November Whole Foods Market’s global buyers and experts revealed the most anticipated and innovative food trends for 2019 in their fourth annual trends predictions announcement. Pacific Rim flavors, eco-conscious p...

Launch start-up Fresh Fulfilment

03 December 2018

Hollander Barendrecht launches the start-up Fresh Fulfilment in response to new developments in food e-commerce and fresh food retail. The independent sister company offers room for innovation and experimentation, while ...

Gmyrek part of Group of Butchers

30 November 2018

Early October Hartmann Fleischwaren was added to the ranks of Group of Butchers and now it is the turn of Gmyrek Fleisch- und Wurstwaren. Group of Butchers was founded in 1997 by Nick Visser and Wilbert Wolfs and supp...

Opening Entrepreneurial Academy Food

26 November 2018

Staatssecretaris van Economische Zaken en Klimaat Mona Keijzer heeft maandag 26 november de Ondernemersacademie Food in Houten officieel geopend in aanwezigheid van initiators, deelnemers, partners en andere betrokkenen....

Artists and food issues

26 November 2018

ArtEZ Hogeschool for the Arts will organise the conference 'Food Friction' on 30 November, in Arnhem in Musis. There is a huge challenge to cope with the rapid changes in food production. With a selection of researchers ...

The advance of Robotics and Smart Industry

22 November 2018

Compared to other sectors, the food sector still has a relatively low robot density. But the sector is catching up. Big data technologies such as data analysis, data mining, and artificial intelligence are turning the ag...

PHT uses Augmented Reality

22 November 2018

PHT-Benelux laat zien hoe hygiëne volledig kan worden geïntegreerd in het operationele proces met behulp van innovatieve en hygiënische oplossingen van de merken ITEC Hygienetechnik en Foamico. PHT-Benelux biedt voor...

COV gaat circulair

22 November 2018

In de Glazen Zaal in Den Haag waar de COV - inmiddels twee jaar geleden – haar toekomstvisie lanceerde, vormde nu het sfeervolle decor voor het 2e Meat Café. Thema was dit jaar; ‘circulariteit: randvoorwaarde of selli...

Dutch meat consumption remains stable

21 November 2018

In 2017 bedraagt het totale verbruik van vlees en vleeswaren (op basis van karkasgewicht) per hoofd van de bevolking ongeveer 77 kg. Deze hoeveelheid is vrijwel gelijk aan de twee jaren daarvoor. Zo’n 36 kg van het ve...

Tetra Pak and Veolia partner up

20 November 2018

Tetra Pak has joined forces with global resource management company Veolia in a game-changing partnership that will enable all components of used beverage cartons collected within the European Union to be recycled by 202...