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Spirulinazia is still to come

A plate full of algae is not on the menu yet, spirulinazie is still some time away. However, algae are gaining little popularity as an alternative source of protein. It is expected that algae will become an indispensable..

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Poster Visindustrie

14 October 2019

Na het succes van de A1-poster met daarop de structuur van de Nederlandse vleesindustrie is het tijd voor de Nederlandse Visindustrie. Er verandert gedurende een jaar zoveel in Nederland door fusies en failliss...

Suiker Unie wins FNLI award 2019

14 October 2019

Suiker Unie won the FNLI Award 2019 on 10 October. For the first time, the Dutch Food Industry Federation (Federatie Nederlandse Levensmiddelenindustrie) presented this award to individuals or teams who work admirably to...

New field lab Smart Food Processing opened

02 October 2019

On Tuesday 1 October 2019, the field lab Smart Food Processing was opened at Food Tech Park in Helmond. Elly Blanksma-van den Heuvel, mayor of Helmond, performed the opening ceremony together with an impressive robot. In...

Man and robot work together in food processing

19 September 2019

On Tuesday 1 October 2019 the field lab Smart Food Processing will be opened at Food Tech Park in Helmond. The field lab is specifically aimed at food processing companies and aims to familiarize entrepreneurs with the (...

Start of experimental garden for recycled agriculture

13 September 2019

InsectoCycle starts with the experimental garden FeedBackFarm. They do this in cooperation with cheese and dairy farm Kuiper. The construction of the experimental garden has started and will be opened on 28 February. The...

Improvement of the structure of plant-based proteins

10 September 2019

An increased awareness of sustainability, concern over the climate and personal health are drivers for the replacement of animal proteins with plant-based proteins, and the development of new products. Challenging, since...

Shelf space for the food of the future at LIDL

10 September 2019

Burgers of tomato surpluses, bitterbals of circularly grown oyster mushrooms and muesli of saved peanuts. These and other sustainable products, coming from start-ups, were on the shelves of Lidl last summer. A next step ...

Share of meat substitutes continues to grow

03 September 2019

The number of meat substitutes sold in supermarkets has increased by 51 percent since 2017. This increase is at the expense of the sale of real meat. That's what research agency IRI reports. Since 2016, the number of veg...

Meet Jack and Bolscher start vegan jackfruit revolution

02 September 2019

Vegan startup Meet Jack and Bolscher 'meer dan vlees' are working together in the production and sale of vegan jackfruit products as of September 1st 2019. Meet Jack is an innovative food startup and has been working ...

Diviande introduces FiftyFifty, best of both worlds

02 September 2019

Under the brand name FiftyFifty, Diviande / Jan Zandbergen offers an innovative range of products, made up of 50% meat and 50% vegetables. FiftyFifty is a wonderful option for consumers seeking to strike the right balanc...

Chicken protein without chicken!

27 August 2019

A vegetable-based chicken protein based on a fungus can make the use of eggs in the food industry unnecessary. Within a few years FunGeneX, a subsidiary of BioscienZ, wants to launch the product on the market.  C...

ASN Bank World Award seeks smart ideas

21 August 2019

A dream, brilliant idea or concrete business plan? Starting entrepreneurs, with a smart idea for a better world, can sign up for the competition for sustainable start-ups in the Netherlands as of this week. The ASN Bank ...

Poster Meatindustry

16 August 2019

Every year, the professional magazine 'Voedingsindustrie' publishes a poster (A1) with the structure of the Dutch meat, meat products and convenience food industry. So much is changing in the Netherlands over the course ...

New method for blue energy

15 August 2019

Recently, researchers at Stanford University in America have developed a battery that can generate energy using freshwater and saltwater streams. This makes the research team the first to use a battery to generate 'blue ...

Tomorrow's food: Pills, powders and insects

15 August 2019

On Wednesday 10 July, De Studio, the new location of the NEMO Science Museum at Marineterrein Amsterdam, opened with the exhibition 'Voedsel van morgen' (Tomorrow's food). In this exhibition, NEMO, in collaboration with ...